Mental Illness, emotions and the mind

I have found that ones mental state whether strong or weak is determined from what your mind has gone through. That a mental illness is a result of particular emotions being in such a weak state that a mental illness or a personality disorder becomes an attachment to the thought process of the mind to stop the decline in the state of ones emotions. It keeps you at a low state emotionally but stops the decline of a person mind to dangerous levels that would be unbearable to live with. A person emotional growth primarily occurs early in life and mostly determined by those closest to the person and often dependant on. Mentally strong people being raised in ideal and loving circumstances that allowed for emotions to get strong over a long period of time down to people with a variety of disorders that have gone through less than ideal up bringing and onto being abused as children. How emotions are effected in a person is from thoughts from there mind and the mind gets its thoughts from what it is exposed to. The mind is our brain and it learns from what it is exposed to and try’s to solve life’s problems that we encounter naturally. It can only learn from what it is taught and depending on its strength will determine how well it is able to solve and learn and how we go through life.

That a humans emotions are part of our human instincts that give us a feeling if something or really a thought we are having is good or bad. This feeling we feel inside if we like something or not is our instincts trying to guide us through life in the best possible way by being attracted to the good feeling we feel from things. We should go to those good feelings as that is what makes us emotionally stronger.

Our mind is naturally learning and solving problems all the time and living a full life exposes our mind to new and interesting things which makes us stronger emotionally as we enjoy the feeling. Being bored and experiencing negative things in life gives us a bad feeling and makes us emotionally weaker. It makes our mind try to think through these low times and causes a cyclical negative thoughts to be had which damage us emotionally over and over and closer to a level emotionally where a disorder can take effect.

Emotions and the mind at birth are virtually blank with just our human instincts to rely on. That how we grow emotionally has to be learned from those we are dependant on and factors that relate to how we are mentally will be from our life experience. That we are all born the same emotionally and they are just that feeling of good or bad every time we go through something. How we are and what we believe is determined from what we experience in life and not from how we are born or any hereditary things. We can be like our parents because we have learned from them and its not a natural occurrence.

There is currently no reasons for mental illness or cure for mental illness the above is not established and we look for causes of mental illness in any area except for what we go through mentally and how it effects us emotionally. We known there is a correlation between being mentally ill and those who have been abused but there is much stronger correlations present. And that is that our whole mentally will correlate to what we have been through whether good or bad.

To fix someone with mental illness will require a strengthening of them emotionally and that will have to come from there own mind. Also this is difficult because a disorder has attached itself to there way of thought that often is negative in nature. Possibly working out ways to distract a disorder is the only way of repair and that means living a fuller and more active life if that’s at all possible.

The reason why it is obvious that a disorder attaches it self to ones mind and becomes a set way of thinking for some that isn’t logical is the similarities in people thoughts wheather man or woman and from any culture being the same while others with out any type of disorder having completely different thought process. Also those with the more extreme kind of disorders having children and these children all turning out the same emotionally often with many of the same mental illness.



In mental health the cause of mental illness is still not known to the human race. I guess PTSD is known as the name suggests. Its a disorder caused from the mind going through a major trauma that it couldn’t cope with. But this disorder should give us good insite into how other personality disorders come from as well. I guess what happens with PTSD is that the mind is witness to a major trauma and that trauma plays out in the mind over and over and effects the emotions of a person to the extent that there is danger for them with the mind living out this trauma over and over and a disorder occurs to protect the mind and emotions from becoming to damaged and making life to unbearable both mentally and emotionally.

People with this disorder will be able to tell you of what they went through mentally after the trauma and if research properly there would be some point depending on how strong they were emotionally in the first place where a disorder occurs and changes the thought process to include PTSD as part of how there mind thinks.

Other disorders also come from something our mind is not able to cope with and in each disorder it is basically telling us what that is and is a simple way to work out the cause of mental illness right across the board. Im no expert on all the symptoms of each disorder,  but the symptoms often give away what the actual problem was in the first place.

Depression is basically thinking negatively and lacking confidence in ones self. So when the mind thinks over and over about ones self in a negative way it effects your emotions and lowers self confidence until you get to a certain level and a disorder occurs. It appears then that you still think like this and even more often but its kind of a set way of thinking and your emotions don’t keep dropping to lower and lower levels from your continued depressed thought. The level you feel is by no way an acceptable level to be feeling but it doesn’t continue any more to slide at such a rate before you had the actual disorder depression. Before you had the disorder your thoughts would of been of constant depressed type things about your self that were going over and over in your mind lowering your emotional strength before you realized or it was determined by a doctor that you have depression. Some one without the constant depressed thought rolling around in there mind and is a happy person will not be able to get depression unless they go through a process where the mind continually thinks about basically a negative outlook general about ones self giving them a bad feeling inside.

Anxiety is basically worry about things to much. To get anxiety the mind has to go through a period of constant worry that is not sustainable to ones emotions until a disorder takes over and while the worry continues and possibly intensifies emotionally your emotions are protected by the disorder from dropping to levels far beyond what the disorder is able to make one feel like.

ADHD is basically not being able to think as there is problems in the way your mind has been taught and you lost confidence to solve lifes puzzles. Your emotions couldn’t handle the loss in confidence in your ability to think properly and a disorder occurred protecting you from what your going through with loss of condfidence, self-esteem, attention span and from being negatively affected from those around you.

And its the same for all disorders. Things happen in life that can affect ones mind to the point where constant thought about something occurs that effects your emotions negatively and a disorder occurs. Every disorder can be accounted for in this way. Its usually something to do with the mind being abused in some way through actions of another person but that a different blog and called abuse.

It also works the other way, when the mind is exposed to positive and new thoughts all the time it makes a person emotional stronger and there life is happy and enjoyable. This occurs when that person does good and has good people affecting them in a way that is positive.

The mind and emotions can only be affected from what they come into contact with or they simply wouldn’t know about it. You can’t think about things you don’t know about. How to reverse what has happened emotionally is also another blog and im sure possible but you need to know the cause if your going to fix the problem.



Currently there is no way to fix a mental illness and its still hazy on how you get mental illness. Its one of the most funded areas of government and we could be going backwards in our knowledge and research into this area as mental illness rates go up.

But I think if there was ever some hard core logic applied to the task we can find what ever answers there are possible without any other form of study and research. This is mentality we are talking about here and with all things mental there is nothing to see or touch so research as well can only be from an opinion preferably from someone knowledgable as possible on mental health who can analyse something with very high logic and compare from person to person where differences are pointed out and determined if logically process was used or pre-conceived ideas or beliefs . It sounds simple but it might be impossible.

The people who are in mental health don’t seem to be able to find the solutions that are having any impact and possibly some things taught with in mental health are not correct and undermining the fight to find answers about mental health. Everyone thinks there logical or they wouldn’t think that way if they thought they were not making sense.

This will sound about as arrogant as you possible can be, but I think i’m logical and can logically analyse the mind to determine how we are mentally and onto how you get mental illness and the possibilities of fixing mental illness. My first thought is that someone to agree with such finding who would have to be some what involved in mental health would require a change in what is already believed and that’s not easy to do with someone but at least its a good place to start. There are new discoveries being made all the time in all areas of life except mental health but those within mental health are taught what they know and nothing is experienced in the form of personal experience of being mentally ill. They can only apply what knowledge they have gained through learning and there are millions of people who have tried to solve the mental health pie all to nothing and maybe if the current approach was the way forward then some sort of tiny result that helps the problem would of been made by now.

So i’m going to try and write down a logical process of thought to how the mind works in a human and see where it can go. I will try and use only logic and knowledge from experience with nothing learned from others. There is no point to the exercise. I had an interest in how abuse in children is the main cause of mental illness that started from personal experience. I  entered the world of mental health at 43 and couldn’t believe what I saw.  There is nothing that makes sense to the whole system and it’s not something that is ever going to change and better I focus on something else.  Mentally I don’t think it is the best to focus to much on one thing or you just annoy yourself and everyone else to. There are heaps of things in the world that are not right or true and just what people believe in or have been taught and all of them are of no interest to me and I don’t mind what you believe in as long as it don’t hurt others.

I think its fair to say that where we a brought up will determine how we are culturally. That our mentality will reflect where we are from. You could be from another country and a billion years of ancestors from there and no matter where you were plonked at birth and raised you would know only that as your home. Your mentality would be governed by what you have been through. You will talk the language that you have been taught and you will believe in what you have learned. I think you could say logically that mentally you will reflect how you were raised and what you have learned. Other cultures even from where you originate will be completely foreign to you and some of their beliefs you wont even be aware of net alone feel the same way about. There are hundreds of different religions and ways to be brought up and all seem reasonable to them while you think it doesn’t make sense at all and they will feel the same about your culture. I think its fair to say that ones mentality is governed from what there mind or they have been through. That a human mind works very simple and that it reacts to what it is confronted with and adapts to those surrounds.

Only what experienced or learned will what we be aware of and our mind can only react to what it has encountered. Our mind can react in anyway depending on what it goes through and wont react to what it doesn’t know about or experience. I think it can be assumed even that given the same experience and teaching will result in a very similar out come mentally. There will be differences as there wont even be close to the exact experiences gone through by each person that cause us all to be very different but the end outcome will be our mentality coming from what our mind has been through.

If you have been exposed to aggression and violence you will be used to this and in some way will reflect how you deal with situations while if you have been exposed to patients and calmness you will reflect this. You may be a trained fighter and only ever feel that it  is a sport and it not be part of your mentality. Every little thing you have been exposed to will reflect on your mentality. But  it is scewed heavily to the age you were when you experienced or learned something. At a certain age you are able to use your brain to make opinions on what your brain encounters and that base knowledge you gained from the youngest of ages where learning was the major focus is the more engrained type knowledge and not from what you have been able to work out. Taught young enough you can believe anything and it become part of your knowledge base. Or possible you can be brainwashed into thinking anything. But its also the time we are getting most connected to our surrounds and family.

Personally myself and all my brothers and sister don’t have many beliefs as we were not taught them. We were not taught religion or to hate on it and my only opinions are from what I have had through my own thought and that’s not much. All my life I didn’t know about mental health or met anyone mentally ill and I knew nothing about it. But pretty much my mentality and how I am is what I have experienced with it being heavily scewed to my earliest days. Whilst I am very similar to my brothers and sisters as we had similar up bringings, I was the only one who was not blood related to our mother. I wasn’t loved the same and never had that connection the others do. She is my mother as that all ive ever known but emotionally it reflects how I was treated and there was nothing bad, but its something I have always been aware of.

Very slight differences in what we go through from the earliest of ages make big impacts on us for the rest of our lives. What we are learning in these earlier days before we can possibly remember are what is engrained in our mind as our mentality for the rest of our lives.

A lot of our emotional strength may come from the early interactions from our parents before we are even aware of what we have been through. But no matter what we have been through our emotions and mentality have to come from something that they have encountered or they simply can not be even aware of it and we all work the same, not including those with disabilities due to defects I guess.

I think its logical to say that mentality can only come from what experienced and that mentality reacts to what ever experienced. And that we all experience different type up bringing so we are all different.

But some people who are very similar mentally are people with personality disorders. When you have a personality disorder it seems like there is an attachment to your personality that is in a way a much more set way of thinking and those with personality disorders can act in very much the same way. Now this is not known so much but I learned it from personal experience that people raised by a parent of a particular personality disorder end up the same mentally.

Online I was in a support group for those who had been through narcissist abuse. I was able to help a few people out and for some reason decieded to check out some other support groups for those with mental illness. It was a group for depression and anxiety where people post what there thinking and others comment and try to support them. You can see that people with depression and anxiety are very similar and that a mental illness is clearly a disorder doing the thinking for them and not possible that people from all walks of life can be so similar in there thought.

But every so often there was a post always from a girl that was completely different and they were in real bother mentally with at least half a dozen mental illness that were completely different to the rest. They were something I could relate to and what I knew about and that was narcissist personality disorder. Basically they were in a bad way mentally and were looking for answers and psychiatry wasn’t able to help them. They would all write something very similar describing there situation to perfection in about 200 words and were super desperate to find out what was going on with there minds as they had got Major depression disorder on top of all the others, but this was too much for them. About twenty women I must of chatted on line to about them being narcissistically abused from day one and all conversations went the same way. It was like I was talking to the same person each time and they all had a similar lot of mental illnesses. Each one would find out what they needed and then be off and wouldn’t here from them again. They had all been through the same emotionally and all ended up the same with all the same illnesses. They were basically the nicest kindest people on the planet whilst having the most mental illnesses and they turned out that way from what they had been through. But emotionally they are treated like scum and are called black sheep and there emotions are weak and end up with all kinds of mental illness. They all lived good lives with families and jobs and had everything but no matter what they did they had all types of mental illness and couldn’t do anything more to fight it as all there life they had had to fight it. They were super strong and logical but from basically being hated and out cast from there parent they were emotionally weak and it caused them to all react the same and onto many mental illnesses.

It is where I first started to see that what you go through emotionally as the cause of your mental strength or weakness. Some people go through things emotionally and there not even aware of it and its not seen as abuse but certain things you go through emotionally as a child can make you weak and subseptable to mental illness later. Especially things like depression and anxiety and other disorders.

I ended up joining all the groups and the type of mental illness in them reflected mostly that they had been through long term abuse as a child and the type of abuse reflected in the personality disorder they had.

Now for me the world is out there researching mental illness and not researching the actual people with illness. They are looking at what they can see visually in the mind and there has never been an image taken of a mental illness nor of some ones mind.

Your mentality surely has to be what you have been through or its not possible for you to have such thought. There has never been any imagery taken of the mind and it simple doesn’t exist and that out mentality is our thoughts. We clearly also have emotions that when weak or if we have been abused cause certain mental illness and the rest or what we are trying to work out is the emotional abuse or things missed emotionally by children that cause mental illness when there young and onto later in life as well. There are disorders including common mental illness that have an effect on a childs emotions and there not able to grow strong and mental illness results.

If we are ever going to work this out and help them then its all bout trying to identify what you have been through and how to combat this later in life. Having maybe missed out emotionally certain things when we were at a given age changes us emotionally and can explain all sorts of disorders and illnesses. its not enough to be able to work out there was some issue with inconsistent parenting or some broad thing someone has been through or you wont be able to solve any mental illness. There needs to be people who know how emotions work and can work out what happened and then on to see if its possible that what happened emotionally can be substituted later in life so the person gets out of mental illness.

What people don’t realise is the increase in mental illness and how big this area is. If its not the biggest challenge we face as a human race it soon may well be.  I think I should say sorry if you read this. Im sure it was too all over the place to understand but if you got something out of it then great… Writing is my mental illness.



DEPRESSION, what is it, how did I get it, can I fix it ….why why why

When your trying to fix something that is difficult, it helps when you know all  about the problem.  But what is out there in terms of what depression is, how you get depression and how you beat depression is all a bit hazy to say the least. Basically we don’t even know how you get depression and that’s not a great starting point if your willing to try and beat depression.

I feel I know how you get depression but that is not going to give you enough confidence to believe me. Its different to anything that you may have learned as the causes of depression and you will have your own beliefs. Once you believe in something it is very hard for you to change your view or beliefs as that is what you have learned and that’s just how the human brain works. Your taught something and you generally believe in it. For example people in India believe the cow is sacred and something to do with it being a god and they don’t eat it. While people In the west don’t know what the hell there on about and think it is great to eat. People in India think this as that is what they have learned from others and the people who never learned this don’t even give it much thought as there been chowing down on cow all there lives and just see them in paddocks doing next to nothing with a blank look on there face.

So the first challenge for me to be able to help someone with depression is to be able to communicate information that you can relate to that outweighs your beliefs in areas of how you got depression and how you feel your depression works inside your mind. Like a trust that this person knows what he is talking about and the way forward may be at least consider this information due to it being relatable to my circumstances over what else I have heard or even what my current beliefs are on the issue.

I don’t have depression but I feel I know how it works. I’m sure I know how you get it but I cant say I know how you fix it. I can only assume I can possibly lead you on the right track to fix it as I know how you get it and how this disorder works in the minds of people and I’ve just worked out that certain things should be able to fix the problems you face.

Knowing how depression works means that I know this disorder doesn’t make it easy for you to try and get help to want to fix it. You don’t want depression as the thoughts it gives you from your mind don’t make you feel good about things and yourself, but are hesitant to part take in things or listen to advice about what might help. Firstly this may be because you feel that you are not understood and someone without depression doesn’t get what its like to have depression. And that for sure is true, unless you have it, people don’t understand that you are virtually not in control all the time of what you think in your mind and simply cant snap out of it. But also depression is like this thing. Its a mental disorder living in you mind that can take over your thoughts and like everything in this life it does not want you to get help as that may mean it is gone and doesn’t exist anymore.

Ive seen it many times where a person seems to be reaching out for help and when the help is there then the person disappears and is not willing. Its for sure something that you have to be determined to do and not let the depression disorder get in the way of your true thoughts of wanting to get well and live a good life mentally.  More than likely you were not looking for help in the first place and just wanted to talk to someone who understood what you were going through which is fair enough and how everyone is.

What I think someone with depression should be able to relate to though is that your not always in control of your thoughts and that you cant help that you feel low about your self and have confidence issues. And its not a situation where you can just snap out of it or go get help. Your more in a situation where you cant control your thoughts at time that make you feel low and try to manage the situation the best way you can and others cant understand why your thoughts are so negative. They might not even feel that negative and you feel that your thoughts are totally rational and the way you see things is correct. But I can tell you that this is the thoughts of depression that have taken over your real thoughts at times and depression is very negative and hurts your self esteem.

Try to understand those that don’t understand you. They cant possibly understand how you feel as its a disorder doing the thinking for you at times and this way of thinking is not a way how others think. When you are negative about something it doesn’t make you feel good emotionally. When your discussing depression with someone that might want to help your take on what your trying to describe is negative and hurts there emotions to hear such talk. They will try and get you to think about things from how they feel and you will think that they don’t understand you. And they don’t and will avoid you or avoid the talk of being negative as its something that people in general try and stay away as it doesn’t make them feel good inside and there always trying to stay positive and your depression is being TOXIC in effect to them.

I think people don’t understand someone with depression, but more over someone with depression doesn’t understand that this is a disorder that is an attachment of your real self and way of thinking and that its the disorder making you think like this and at times when your not feeling depressed is when that is the real you and that the disorder is distracted from your thoughts but waiting to take over again when your mind becomes idle.

The main thing someone should be able to relate to when discussing depression that seems to be virtually forgotten by professionals and literature is how you got it. People don’t get depression for no reason, there is always something in life that is not right and its this that plays on the mind of someone and eventually your mind spirals down and into depression. No one is happy and carefree in life and then gets hit with depression disorder. Life doesn’t work like that. Its when you become weak emotionally due to some sort of situation that your mind didn’t enjoy and you got bad feeling on your insides and this is your emotions making you feel bad trying to tell you that this kind of attack is not something you should be exposed to.

You should be able to relate to something in your life that made you feel emotionally weak and loose confidence. Someone caused you to think negative about your self and over time you ended up with depression. Your mind become confused and you were thinking negatively and like then same thing over and over and now your got depression. That your mind has been abused in some way.

You should be able to relate to this as that how you get depression. Your emotions get to a level of weakness where a disorder takes over as the human body tries to protect it self from going even further down emotionally. Emotions get effected from thoughts from the mind, If your mind encounters a situation where it continually is confronted with negativity or a person being put down then this type of thoughts spin around in the mind effecting you emotionally and making you weak. You drop confidence because the thoughts in your mind are negative about your self and your mental well being deteriates to low levels. Unless you got depression from before you remember you should really be able to relate to having been through something bad emotionally or for some a life of straight up mental pain. Mental abuse or any type of abuse especially when your a child and your emotions are trying to develop wil make you weak and onto mental illness depending on the type of abuse suffered.

People with other mental illness have all been through other types of abuse that effected them emotionally. You may have more than one mental illness yourself and that will be due to your mind enduring different types of abuse. It can be even psychical or sexual abuse, it doesn’t matter, it is all felt through the mind and your emotions get there messages from the mind and if there not got thoughts then you get emotionally weak.

People with schitzophenia have all been psychically abused,  sexual abused people all have borderline personality disorder and people with anxiety all have had there emotions put into a situation that they did not enjoy over and over that they worried about and now worry about ever thing. Emotions for everyone work the same and if your got mental illness then its because your been put through something in real life.

Understanding and being able to relate to what was the cause of getting depression and how you would of spiriled down to this depth emotionally is the key as it what going to be required to get out of depression. You need to get emotionally strong.  You need to know what are the things that make you weak and limit them in your life and you need to know what are the things to make you strong. The first starting point is to know that negative will make you feel bad and positive will make you feel good.

The next most important thing to know is that your emotions get there information from your mind and that negative thoughts onto negative cyclical thoughts hit your emotions over and over again and how depression works sometimes and that a way needs to be thought of how to limit the times when the mind does this to you.

I was going to go into how this is done but it is such a big topic and will leave it for another blog, but there is a lot of thought and determination that would go into getting out of depression. everyone has been through different stuff and each person has to get better in there own way. Understanding the why and how you get depression over time can give your mind the tools to be able to think along the lines of how you can reverse what has happened. Its not easy and what you been through was not easy, but the only way is positive and living with depression is always going to be the hardest thing you do and the easy way might be to fix it. I have some good ideas of some of the things that may help and all focus on the disorder and a life where there is no abuse and your mind can think of new things and be free….



Dogs are so much like people.

In the world today one of the challenges we face is to find out why people get mentally ill. We have no clue and its increasing despite the increase in money spent on it. The is no cure and to any mental illness and we may be completely off the mark as to where we are looking for the cause of mental illness.

I think mental illness is caused by emotional abuse of some type that effects the emotions of a person in a way and depending how, will eventuate in the resulting mental illness. We don’t know how emotions work in people and think the way someone turns out mentally for all sorts of reasons generally that have nothing to do with how we have been raised.

If we were to look at dogs, it seems to be a bit more known about them mentally than people. From what I have noticed in my life is that if you treat a dog good then it will be a good dog. My dad was great with dogs and both our dogs were great dogs. Neither of them ever showed any aggression to anyone or anything. They were always keen to play or go somewhere and would be always happy to see you and never knocked back any attension, love, a pat or a scratch. If you wanted to muck around and play then so did they. There were five kids and the dogs were always playing with us . There favourite was dad who feed them and treated them both as good as us. Basically what im trying to say is that they were treated good and turned out good.

Over the years i’ve seen thousands of dogs and all the ones treated good all turned out to be great dogs and I think we all know that dogs will always turn out good if they are well looked after.

A few years ago I got a big dog that I got from the country side and called her shaya. One of the reasons I got her was because my son at the age of 3 was scared of all animals and very careful in general. A cat sleeping under the steps would scare the hell out of him and I don’t know why but it gave me the idea to get a dog. My other boy was only 6 months old at the time.  Shaya was a cross breed and was bread to hunt pigs. Her father was a pig hunter and the owner said she was the best dog they had ever had and wouldn’t hurt anyone.  He was breed with a faster smaller dog as the breed was a bit slow for chasing down pigs. Coming from the city it was all very interesting that a family dog also hunted pigs on the side and the owner said that when the ute is packed and ready to go hunting she changes gear and becomes a pig killer and loves nothing more than hunting pigs. Shaya was never going to get the chance but despite being the most non aggressive animal I have ever seen she was attracted to cats and rabbits but didn’t know what to do with em besides chase em.

So we got shaya when about 10 weeks old and wasn’t long before the oldest boy wasn’t scared of animals anymore and they became best friends. But how she was with the six month old boy was quite amazing. I never really had to tell her to not be rough with the baby and as soon as she got near was careful not to even bump him. She just knew some how that he was too small to play. By the age of six months she was pretty much full grown and trained pretty well as well. She seemed to play as rough as my boy would play with her and just naturally stepped it up as he played harder. Your would see em in the cubby house and on the trampoline together all the time and with all the wrestling they did together my boy began to love the rough stuff and was always condfident around the rough kids despite never being rough with them. He would just want to get in even with older kids for a wrestle and as long as they were playing fair and no cheap shots then he could take whatever they dish out.

The youngest one liked to push out a poo over ten minutes first thing in the morning. You would get him out of bed and he would go over to where the dog would lay for him in a quiet part of the living room. Shaya would lie down and not move and he would crawl all over her pulling her fur, ears and what ever he could get hold of to make him push out his daily poo. Some how she just knew to go and lay down and not move while he climbed all over her. If it took an hour the dog would lay there still for that time.

I never walked her on a lead as she needed the exercise and to be running around fast sometimes as that what’s her breed needed to do. She was road trained and you could trust her around all kids, people and dogs. She got roughed up a few times in the dog park but thought it was fun for her and never retailiated. She had been introduced to other dogs early and a loving life style and that’s all she had running through her now. There a smart breed and the amount of training reflected how good she got. She needed at least one walk a day and that’s all she had on her mind until she got one. It was easier to take her for a walk than being stalked. She hated when you left and would show you how sad she is. She definetly had separation anxiety and for a good while through the day would destroy something.  And it was always something that i didn’t want destroyed and mostly required just one chomp. When you come home you knew straight away she had done something as she would give herself up.

One day I totally lost my rag with her for chewing the things I told her not to and got the hose and wet her for it while screaming at her. After that I couldn’t go near the hose without her disappearing. She loved the water and was her favourite thing to go down the river or the beach but the hose was her worst nightmare.

Overall shaya turned out just as she was treated. She reacted to everything in some way and is a great dog.   Basically shaya turned out exactly how she was treated. Every step of the way. And it seems like all dogs do.

But it works the other way to, dogs that get beaten are scared of people, dogs that don’t get introduced to other dogs don’t like other dogs. Certain dogs depending on there breed if they don’t get enough exercise and play they become depressed and other things wrong with them right down the way to being hosed with water always reflect how there been treated.

Mentally they need enough stimulation per day or you risk them not turning out well and being harder to manage than if there treated right. They wont give you all the happiness that you get from a dog treated well. And I think its possible to see that how you treat your dog will be the direct way that they turn out. But also on to how poorly you treat them will reflect how they turn out  and be like that for all there years. Basically abused dogs whether psychically or emotionally through boredom and not enough love end up not happy or basically with mental illness and not able to change. I think what they go through emotionally is how they end up and the things that there emotions need is enough love, attension, food, play and exercise so they are happy mentally and live a life of happiness.

So this is how a dogs emotions work and it seems like human have very similar emotions to that of dogs and for me work the same. They react to what ever is put in front of them to feel and that’s the only way they can. The same way as a well treated dog turns out hapy is the same for a human and the same way a mistreated child ends up the same way a mistreated dog. With problems mentally in life and not a happy carefree person that is strong and able to deal with what’s in front of them for the rest of there days.

Emotions are emotions and depending on the animal and how they are by nature that any mistreatment will see them react emotionally to deal with there lives they have given. Dogs work emotionally the same as children, they just want love and praise for the things they do and to not be left in any boredom type situations for too long or they become destressed emotional and problems with behaviour can appear.

It may seem like someone is treating another good but like a dog if there not putting in the effort in all areas like even exercise and play then there not being treated how they mentally need to be. Studying how a dog reacts to what they encounter in life should lead the way to how humans as well react to there surrounds and become like they have been treated and onto the cause of mental illness.

Done right you can get labradores which are hard to train as being guide dogs for the blind and all dogs seem to learn things like people when its done the right way. Shout and threaten a dog and they never train right and become scared of you, Encourage and praise an animal and feed and love them and they will do all most anything for you and provide you with undying love the same way we are built as humans. Don’t look after a dog or when there wild then they can become savage as well like humans. Mistreat a dog and they carry the scares for ever just like humans as well with becoming mentally ill. To think of someone or an animal as becoming something they were not bought up like is not really possible and when people work out the same way you can with dogs that how someone is treated will reflect on how they are emotionally all through there life. That the main person in a childs life is there parents and will have the greatest influence in there life and if treated right will make them strong enough to handle there life mentally. Also that not mentally stimulating a child the required amount could also result in mental illness onto the way you teach someone things is going to reflect how well they are trained or educated.

All things from birth are either learned from experience or taught to you. And its not possible to just become something you have not been through and experienced in life.  A mistreated dog will always show you that there is something wrong the same way a child will but we don’t listen to them when they show us abnormal behaviour and blame them for being bad which will never be the case.


“TOXIC PERSON”, What does that mean……..

Sometimes you here the word “toxic”. Maybe that a some one is toxic or what someone says is toxic. Most people kind of know it’s got something to do with that person being negatively annoying at maybe all the wrong times bringing down a situation in some way. And that’s kind of what a “toxic” person is. This is what I would describe as a positive view on this type of person which is always the way to go in general but understanding this word a little more is a good idea as it helps you to stay away from such people. It also can lessen the effect on you emotionally. Some things people can say can really up set a person and there is no need to be getting upset from some one who is “TOXIC”.

To me the word toxic person goes a little bit further than being negatively annoying. A toxic person is someone who hasn’t got what would be considered normal feelings for others. They don’t have the right amount of empathy in them to be able to take the feelings of others into account when saying what they say. There feelings can work in reverse in a way. Instead of feeling good about being nice to someone they get some level of satisfaction from negatively effecting someone.

They often upset people as you may disagree with there opinions or not understand there point of view. That’s because as a person you have what could be considered normal feelings and emotions and you know and feel that this opinion is wrong and different to what you would say in a situation. People can get annoyed by this type of person and argue the situation or it effects them for a period of time after the fact.

The reason why a toxic person can effect another person so much is how the brain of a normal person processes it thoughts. When you hear something that is of a toxic nature your brain takes in this as thought and you process this information in some way. Your emotions don’t like what they have been exposed to as they feel the thoughts from your brain. Your cant see there point of view and it can be in some way upsetting as you don’t enjoy having to process this type of thought and it makes you feel bad emotionally in some kind of way. You can get frustrated and angered in some way as a person has effected you in a negative way and that’s not acceptable to you as you wouldn’t do that to someone else. Most rational people would apoligise if they did or would be able to see reason if they are to hurt someone in a negative way but a toxic person seems to stand there ground and not be so apologetic.

But this doesn’t happen with a toxic person and no matter how wrong they may be, they are just not able to see it or show what you may see as the right amount of remorse for the situation. Often it maybe a back handed apology or getting the last word in as well which can just make things worse.

But the key and what can save you a lot of time wasted thinking about these kind of people is to understand them and not to listen to them. They don’t have the same feelings or emotions of a normal person. When they get no pleasure to themselves emotionally by being nice they wont have the same rational as you or me. They don’t see that they are saying something wrong as to them they feel good about what they said. They don’t feel the hurt from the other person perspective. If you try and rational with them you are pretty much wasting your time as they have different feeling and thoughts to you and wont be able to see it from your perspective.

You will be thinking of how that person has effected the other negatively and they are wrong to say such thing and all they will be able to think about is themselves and how it didn’t hurt them and not be able to see your point. You could ague till the cows come home and you wont get anywhere. You are arguing rational with someone who is not.

Trying to rationalise with someone or something said that is irrational is a waste of time and irrational to do so. Understanding that there is something wrong with them emotionally to make them have these backward type thoughts is the key. Understand that there is something wrong with them and that there words are not always going to be rational. That to take notice of someone toxic is irrational and to attempt to change that type of thought is impossible and irrational as well. You can only gravitate away from such people to lessen the effect there words have on you emotionally. See there view as being one from a person who isn’t normal in there way of thought and to take the minimal notice you can from them as they are not right in what they say. Give them the least amount of joyment from you being frustrated as you can will work the best. If you don’t take notice of toxic people or if you can be on a level where you understand that there not right emotionally and there views are not worth thinking about is the way to go. They don’t try to affect those people who don’t get effected and them selves will gravitate to those who are weaker emotionally and easier to effect negatively.  If you get put down don’t think about what has been said, it will do you no good. Think that is what someone would say if they where trying to get satisifaction from having someone else suffer emotionally and be glad your not like that and try to always encourage and praise others as it will make you and others feel better around you and that’s the goal. It might be your friend, your mum someone at work, just don’t let it effect you or waste your energy trying to change em, be happy that your got good feelings and emotions and protect them from being effected at all times


DEPRESSION. A completely different look at one of life’s mystery’s

Depression is a disorder a person can get and we don’t know why. We don’t know how you get it and we don’t know how to fix it. It makes sense that we don’t know how to fix something when we don’t know the cause of it. There is billions being spent on the fight against the increase in depression in society and there is no progress in stopping the increase in this disorder that leaves the person in a state of mental suffering that only the person going through the pain is able to know such suffering. Finding the cause of this disorder is the key to ever knowing how to stop it. There needs to be a complete step back in what is being looked at in the research and some logic injected into what could possibly be the cause of something that has become just as important or more important than anything the human race has been confronted with.

I think I know the cause of depression and I will go through some logical steps that one should go through if there is ever going to be an advancement in our knowledge and then on to the fixing of anyone with this disorder. I think if you go back to basics and completely start again as the only possible approach and disregard all known knowledge of this disorder as possibly not being correct as to date it is not providing any help in the cause of this disorder.

The place I started to gain a real in site into depression is from an online support group for people with depression and anxiety. The group had about 200,000 members in it and for me is a logical place to start with getting some form of new knowledge about this disorder.  Learning what there is to know about depression from those who have it I believe is the key to finding out the cause of depression. There is a mass of people that can be studied from there posts they have made and the comments other people with this disorder have also made, that if ever looked at and thought about enough will find the cause of how one gets depression. There is lots of these groups all with massive numbers that total into the millions able to be looked at. To do research with these kind of number in a life study of actual people would never be practical and take up more time than what could possibly be practical to even think about.

I don’t have depression and at the time when I first looked at these groups of people with depression I noticed lots of things that stick out from people with this disorder and a knowledge of depression eventually gained through those that have the disorder and not through any book that may or may not even be right. This is the first logical step that needs to be taken. Analyse those people with the disorder as they are the issue and see what can be made of them from the available information they have documented trying to get through there life with this disorder.

The first thing to note is the size of these groups, it shows how serious and big this problem is. Why are all these people going to these support groups is one question that is easy to figure out. They are going there for support and knowledge of depression that they have not been able to get from standard mental health practices or people like friends or family. It looks like people with depression are very frustrated that they are not being understood from others and find some solace in the groups of people that understand what they are going through.

The next thing that is really obvious to see that sticks out and hits you hard is how people with depression and anxiety don’t think like what would be considered normal or logical in there thoughts about life. When you got depression you have such a negative view on all things and how bad your life is and that others in the group agree with your negative thoughts and that no one is offering much help in trying to see things from a more positive or reasonable point of view. It seems like everyone in these groups is in agreeance in some way to any negative thought process that just rings of gloom in any thought they have in there life.

For me it showed how people with depression have a disorder that could only be something that makes people think in a negative manner and not the real thoughts of the individual as the similarities in what people were saying were just to similar from such a broad range of people from all over the world. You can see quite clearly that depression is some kind of disorder that changes the thoughts in your life to being negative and similar from person to person that are not what any person would think like with out the disorder. That possibly this is a disorder that is an attachment to the way one thinks and not the actual thought process of the person but the thought process of a disorder that has attached it self to the person way of thinking is what I could see from what people were writing about.

Thinking logically the question that needs to be thought of is how did this disorder that seems very similar to those who have it become part of there way of thinking. Finding the cause of depression would require one to look at what happened in the lead up to someone getting this negative way of thinking attached to its thought process and examine if there is a correlations from those who were able to give good information as to what there lives were like before they had depression. But most importantly is to look at the situation from what a person was going through mentally as a result of there life experienced as mental illness is from problems from the mind and the mind is really just what is going on in side our head in the way of thoughts.

It is pretty obvious and easy to see especially if you are aware of the possible reason for some one getting depression as there being some form of trauma or emotional abuse that they have been through and there is definetly not the feeling of people that have been through a good life with a loving family that provided them with a childhood full of nice experiences.

Whilst we don’t know the cause of depression we have some type of knowledge that there is a correlation of there being a greater likelihood of mental illness if you have been through some form of abuse. But also we know how it is important to think positively and have a clear mind and to experience things in life as being things that emotionally make us feel good inside. And we also have a bit of knowledge that being negative and having toxic people in our lives is going to bring us down in someway and feel bad and effect our happiness as people. I think the key to understanding the cause for depression and all mental illness is to expand on this basic type knowledge of how emotions work with in humans. How certain things can make us stronger and how some things make us weaker. And then on to the possibility of a disorder becoming present with in our minds when a certain level of low self esteem we are feeling as a result of what we are going through in our lives… Then also examining the difference to what a person with depression has gone through in there lives to someone who has had a good life all the way through and how strong they are emotionally. Looking into areas of psychology of the mind as to why some people negatively effect others and what a person who has endured a life of not ideal emotional up bringing and onto what there minds would of been through and other differences in how there life was.

We need to logically be able to think on a level that if someone in the life of someone causes there emotions to react negatively then there may be lots of other little differences that are experienced emotionally from someone who has not had toxic people in there life. That over time are some people due to others in there life able to getting emotionally weak and more chance of them becoming mentally ill as a result of what they have been through emotionally.

I could just feel from what I was reading in the support groups for depression that just reading such negative type posts with others agreeing as being toxic and giving me a feeling that I didn’t like and didn’t want to be exposed to such negative type posts and on to even these thoughts as being toxic or some negative out take of what would be considered rational way of thought. And this was just from a few minutes of reading comments from someone with depression. Is it possible that if we are exposed to much to even just negative or discouraging type thought in our life as possible causes for our emotions to develop in a manner that could mean a mental illness is possible.

I think emotions really need to be examined in how they work in finding a cause for depression. Are emotions effected by our environment that we live in and how do our emotions get effected. How is the way we think or the thoughts our brain has going to effect our emotions. Are our emotions just a way of experiencing the thought we have in our lives that is surely governed by what is around us.

There are people all around the world in these depression groups, men and women with nothing in common as far as culture or what they have done in life and all able to think the same shows there is a real possibility that this disorder thinks for a person in a set kind of a way. Just establishing that a disorder is not a persons actual way of thinking and a set way of thought from the actual depression disorder may provide some sort of new way to look at mental illness.

I think research has in general spent a massive amount of time looking for imbalances and things that could cause mental illness from a nature kind of stand point and nothing has been found. I think if there was something there then it would of shown up in a microscope in some way with what we are able to analyse these days and look into what emotions have been through as a possible cause to mental illnesses.

I looked at other types of mental illnesses other than depression and some of them had only victims of certain type of abuse with a disorder and was easy to see that what they had endured mentally was the likely cause of mental illness. Ask anyone who has no history of mental illness if they went though a life that corelates to being happy a  child and go into how likely a person gets depression as a result of having a happy childhood. Does a toxic parent or someone effect a person or how much that effects someone in there ability to be strong emotionally.  Look at depression from with in families. Is it more likely that sibling both have depression. The hereditary link for mental illness has been exhausted and nothing ever proven.  If something was heridatary I think that logically science would of found that link in the shaped of DNA passed down but there isn’t even images of what’s in a persons mind especially a mental illness being looked at visually.

It makes sense that if a parent has for example depression that they would teach there children from what they think and that is of a disorder that is negative, not encouraging and very limited in what you are open to experiences in your life and avoiding all types of life situations that might be how a child develops its emotional strength and is learning a way of thought that effects its emotions to the point of having depression all so.

We have some understanding of how “put down’s” don’t make us feel good. Is there more of a link between this in our lives compared to comments of encouragement and compliments being a cause for mental illness. Some people really cant handle being put down in any way while others don’t take any notice. Is there a level of mental or emotional strength where put downs or negative remarks begin to take a toll on a person thoughts process.

It seems like our brain is not able to process this kind of abuse and maybe our brain in general is not meant to experience such forms of information and just confuses the mind of a person. Do we have human instincts that make us gravitate to family or friends and take to heart from certain things from certain people which may just be toxic but hurt us emotionally even though we know there not true. Is there a bigger influence to what is the influence of a toxic person over someone who may be dependant on them. There are many things that could be the issue emotionally and the blog could go on forever I suppose.

I know about mental abuse and the effects it has on someone at a young age, I have seen it with my own eyes. Is there a type of parent that is seen as good but hurting a child emotionally and onto depression in there life. Is this the main thing being missed within current research as researchers are coming from a background where mental illness is not an issue and don’t understand what a mind goes though when going through some form of abuse as a child. Because they see a parent as the protector of children emotionally they cant even look into the likely hood of abuse being the issue that seem logical for there being issues when a child’s mind goes through tough times that they are not able to know any different to what they are experiencing.

With in the support groups there is definetly that feeling that a lot of people have experienced a terrible up bringing from parents that are not able to understand them emotionally. Is it time for people to step back and try to understand what someone goes through in there mind when things at home are not right. Is there a huge difference in playing happily and watching the wiggles to experiencing shouting and long periods of boredom because the parents are not able to be there for the kids on a level that may be needed. I can see that any type of problem is going to effect a child in some way and that it can only be mentally. If it can only be mentally then how much are problems able to hurt some one. Maybe a lot of things would not happen in the lives of people if there was a knowledge out there that it hurts the emotional strength of someone. I think there is on a lot of levels but it doesn’t go far enough to include the possibilitity of mental illness being the long term result and at present once you have a mental illness then you are stuck with it for ever.

But if we a humans are ever going to work out depression then we have to know how it is caused. A person may be able to help themselves if they actually knew why they had got it and maybe workout what they need to do to get emotionally stronger or stay away from toxic people etc as something that would be benifical.  But im sure over time as if the cause of depression was able to be worked out and understood that it would lead to people being able to work out ways or what’s needed for someone emotionally if they are ever able to fix there depression. As a human race it seems like we are able to solve almost anything as long as we know the cause and with normal health its like breakthoughs are made daily while mental health goes backwards with people in general not knowing anything at all about how we work emotionally and mentally which I guess in reality is our happiness in life and the thing we are all trying to achieve.




Human beings have emotions. Emotions are effected from the thoughts we have from our brain. The thoughts we have from our brain are from the experiences and what is taught to us through out our life. When we experience something in life we feel this in some way that to some small degree makes us stronger or weaker. If our life takes us on a journey where the thoughts we have are scewed in such a manner that our emotions get weak enough then a mental illness or disorder becomes possible. It may be the humans mind protecting it self from getting to weak emotionally. At the high end of those with mental illness are those who have gone through some form of abuse during those years of developing emotions causing negative and cyclical thoughts that they didn’t enjoy emotionally and caused them to be weak in some way emotionally where a mental illness or personality disorder became part of there mental being. At the high end of those that are mentally strong are people that have gone through experiences where there thoughts have been of fun, love and new experiences they enjoyed that have positively effected there emotions and made them mentally strong.

It sounds complicated. Put simply, your level of emotional strength reflects what your emotions have been through. Emotions are just human instincts that guide us though our lives by giving us feelings of what is good or bad inside trying to protect us and lead us down the path of what feels good or what gives us the most joy. Due to circumstances of life we do not all ways have a choice to evade situations where our emotions can be negatively effected from other people who we may be dependant also in some way.  Some people do not have an understanding that there actions effect others in negative ways due to issues in themselves emotionally from what they have been through often referred to as being toxic.

I first started to realise that mental illness comes from what your emotions have been through due to personal experience where I joined an online group for victims of a certain kind of abuse. Cutting a long story short, I ended up chatting with some people that had many different mental illnesses or disorders and they had all been through the same life from the start where one of there parents had NARCISSIST personality disorder (NPD). They were all the second child in the family and refered to as scapegoats. You could say they were abused emotionally from birth and the result is not very nice with what they go through mentally.  It seemed like they had all ended up quite similar or virtually identical to each other mentally as a result of them going through a similar life.

The reason why they were the second child is that someone with NPD abuses the first child in a different way and they end up becoming this same disorder as the parent. For me it was an introduction into a world I could barely believe to be true and not possible for anyone to believe exist unless you have experienced it for your self. I tried to explain it to others but no one gets even 2% into understanding how the world of narcissism works so I wont go on to much about it. But I had the experience of my kids at a young age suffering quite bad mentally and later even found the emotional abuse that they were going through as my partner had actually secretly filmed it. It was nothing even that bad and just a load of little things that were all just a bit odd in reality, but all things that would do you no good emotionally.

But this sparked a bit of an interest or obsession from with in me a while back that you basically are emotionally what you have been through life experience wise and how these emotions we have work with in us.  I joined other types of support groups for those with other types of disorders and it seemed like other mental illnesses had been through different kinds of abuse generally from that young age. Eventually after much more research from with in these support groups and a lot of logical type thinking about how the human brain works pieced together this puzzle of the mind that I think ends up with there being this direct correlation of what you go through mentally or emotionally will be the resultant strength of the person or disorders that may eventuate.

What I didn’t know was that with in mental health this was not really documented as being the reason for mental illness. It was more of that a certain percentage of people abused got mentally ill and the rest was some mystery of what ever anyone wanted to believe was how you got mentally ill. But from what I had noticed was that the percentage was closer to 100 and it didn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me that going through abuse as a child and how bad that would be on a child but also on developing emotions and what they would of been through mentally and onto them getting a mental disorder possible for say someone like myself to become mentally ill who had a good child hood and was mentally strong. I thought that there is no comparison possible to be made in what I had been through mentally to someone abused throughout there child hood and being dependant on that person at the same time.

I cant think of anything bad that happened as a child against a poor kid laying awake at night not being able to sleep due to having racing thoughts of some type of incidents he might of been witness to at the very least. Going through mental illness at a young age and not knowing why he is so troubled from the earliest of ages as that was the only life he knew is nothing I can relate to but I also thought it was definetly such a painful thought and reasonable to now have a personality disorder as a result.

After a while and lots of thoughts about this I felt as though the whole mental health thing made sense and was sure how human emotions worked and the cause of mental illness was some sort of situation where a persons emotions had been through experiences that ended up in them being weak as the cause of mental illness. Beside there not being a reason for mental illness documented in any certain way, there is also no cure for any type of mental illness and this would probably be a result of there not being a cause of mental illness. Then onto how is it possible that I felt I knew the cause and why did no one else in this industry have these ideas when it seems a bit obvious that abuse causes mental illness at a certain percentage at the very least. I’m not someone special and have no training in this area so I couldn’t see it possible that I worked out something others could not and looked for possible reasons in how it possible that there are probably millions of professionals all researching into possible causes of mental illness and none looking at some form of mental abuse being the reason. It is called mental health for a reason and its all got to be mental as the only rational I could think of. There was no image ever taken of someone with mental illness that come up different so maybe there is not this chemical or just unluckyness type situation where people got mentally ill.

The only explanation I could come up with is that to feel the intensity on the mind of what its like to go through abuse is something you have to go through or you just cant even relate to it. When the human mind cant relate to something then it tends to not be even able to think about it. Doctors or those looking into mental health research are all highly intelligent and well educated and not mentally ill, hence not from an abusive back ground, so there mental health knowledge is from what has been taught to them and not from any life experience. They are not taught that mental illness is a result of what someone has been through emotionally so they cant know it as a result I think is the only possible thing I can think of. Up until a couple of years ago I thought I knew a little about mental health but I really knew nothing. I hadn’t been exposed to any type abuse or persons with mental illness and my thoughts just started and ended with that some people are just crazy like most people. But because of personal circumstances and what my children will be exposed to I dove into an area where there are people who have been through and going through virtual hell and no sign despite what people think in general of there being any help for them or even understanding. And its not like there are just a few, there are millions with mental problems and billions being spent and no results of any progress being made in any direction, only increases in the numbers of people with mental illness. I don’t think anything will ever be worked out within mental health now. There is just to much teaching out there that are probably wrong and no one who can relate to those with mental illness. I know myself and how people are, once you believe one thing or you have been taught something its virtually impossible to change your opinion especially if you don’t experience it for yourself.



rrrrThis is how to fix a mental illness. Im not saying its possible to achieve the end goal. I think it is possible  to see the way to actually fix any disorder that exists though.  There are a lot of variable that need to be defined in a new way to even get an understanding of how to fix a mental illness.

The two most important concepts are emotions and thoughts. When you have a thought in your head you get a feeling inside. This is your emotions telling you if the thought you had is good or bad for you. If the feeling is good you get a strengthening of your emotions and a bad feeling will weaken your emotions. People who are strong emotionally are characterised with a life where they have had there thoughts being mostly positive. A good life from an early age develops a person emotions to be strong and able to handle occasional negative thoughts. On the flip side someone weak emotionally will be characterised with a life of too many negative thoughts weakening them emotionally with occasional positive thoughts providing relief from there suffering of feeling weak emotionally.

Possibly it is best explained by your childhood. Lets say that is from the age of 0 to 18years old. I had a good child hood. Im 44 now and every thought of my life as a child is a good thought. Sure there were moments or things that happened that would of effected me negatively but are so out weighed by the positive that its impossible for me remember them as bad times and only have good feelings of my childhood. Now put all these positive thoughts over my life time against a child who had a violent upbringing for example. Remembering things like laying in your bed scared out of your brain un able to sleep or even make sense of it all as the thoughts you have when your mind thinks about your past will be a constant negative feel you will have inside emotionally making you feel weak emotionally.

While your awake your brain is constantly thinking about something on some level. It would be millions of thoughts. I estimate up until the age of 42 my brain would of had 10 million positive thoughts versus half a million negative thoughts and I was very strong emotionally and basically never had a bad day in my life. Those negative thoughts were nothing super intense and I was way to strong emotionally for them to be an issue anyway. Reverse that equation with a child from a violent upbringing and magnify those negative thoughts with a 100 time magnitude and feel how a person emotions would of taken such a beating negatively that you would be emotionally so weak that allows for some type of mental illness or many to be encountered. Emotionally strong people don’t get mental illnesses, its only for people who have had negative thoughts on a level that weakened emotions to a certain level that a disorder presented itself as a way of protecting them against there own mind destroying themselves emotionally. Children who had violent upbringings often have various mental illness like ADHD, depression, anxiety and schitizophrenia amongst others. Simply put a human is not able to emotionally go through adversity as a child and develop strong emotions due to having negative thoughts of there life constantly making them emotionally weak. Emotions simply do not work like that. You go through something bad and it effects your emotions and that’s just how they work.

It doesn’t have to be something as serious as violence. Something as simple as a parent not being encouraging enough or a bit negative will cause an emotions in a child to be exposed constantly to something negative and making them weaker emotionally. Weaker emotions can spiral downward with constant negative thoughts they are easily had when there are negative things to think about of the past. A person may even be able to remember a childhood they didn’t enjoy and cant see that anything even bad happened to them in there childhood. Maybe they had depression from an early age and cant even know why. But the answer is simple always. For some reason your mind had negative thoughts on a level that made you emotionally weak to the point where you took on emotionally depression disorder. Now its hard not to have negative thoughts as the depression has these thoughts for you weather you like it or not and turning this around might be or seem like mission impossible.

But over the last little while due to a bit of bad luck you could say, i’ve had more negative thoughts about issues that my brain is not able to cope as there are a lot of negatives and emotionally I am getting weaker. Every negative thought im aware of and spend most of my days now trying to distract myself with things that don’t allow me to just think about all the negativity that im going through. Its nothing I can control and just put out of my mind, its just something i’ve got to go through and hope I get through it.

Without going into the whole long story, I was basically diagnosed with a delusion disorder where I believed my ex-partner is a malignant narcissist. You could say that there not the nicest thing to have a relationship with and can make up things that other people including psychiatrist believe and you end up on anti-psychotic medication that is compulsory and has a side effect of servere anxiety that gives you constant negative thoughts and worries in life where I have to literally try to spend most of my time distracting myself from negative thoughts, mainly about the medication that is hurting me emotionally so much.   Going from being strong emotionally straight into anxiety disorder is a hard jump to have to go through. Im having all these negative thoughts and worry’s about this ridiculous situation I find myself in instead of being able to go through the normal thought processes of my real life drama’s that I would of been able to cope with as I was strong enough emotionally.

Im able to feel this weakening of myself emotionally and basically have got to hang on and not get to emotionally weak before I get off this medication and able to repair myself emotionally. But its made me aware of how emotions work and I think they work the same for everyone.

But this is the key or the theorem in how to fix a mental illness.  For those with some sort of disorder are you able to somehow be able to stop your mind having thoughts that weaken your emotions and turn it all around and get strong emotionally. Im not sure how possible that is when you got some type of disorder in a way doing the negative thinking for you on top of being emotionally weak and a past that has your mind remembering bad times is not a way to get emotionally strong.

I guess I see a fairy tale type solution of being able to fix a mental illness of developing some sort of life style that has a positive direction and so interesting that your distracted from whatever mental illness on such a scale that doesn’t allow for your mental illness to do the thinking for you or for you to remember  things in the past that hurt you emotionally and get constant new positive thoughts from a lifestyle that some how miraculessly comes around that is of constant excitement and positivity while being able to un confuse your mind that has all these built up thoughts and remember such bad times that are impossible to forget as the overall theory to how you fix a mental illness or a disorder.  Not saying its possible but I guess anything along these lines is the way to at least feel better. For me its hang on to my hat time and try not to fall to hard.  Writing is a distraction for me and allows for me to think clearly and a break from the negative thoughts that is my new life that im desperately trying to avoid.



MENTAL HEALTH, the greatest misunderstood subject in history……

Its probably the most important subject there is and we as people have the least understanding about.  I can say I had not only a poor understanding of mental illness only 18 months ago, that I had a false understanding of everything about mental health would be a more accurate statement.

I thought like a lot of people out there that some people were crazy and there was this system that we had called mental health that fixed them. That I was just lucky that I was rational thinking and maybe drugs or just bad luck that some people were a little crazy and seemed to be no one I knew about. I probably thought that not being very logical in the way you thought was something to do with it and that even this was some pretty high thought process to know that.

But after 43 years I started to find out that all things to do with the mental health system have nothing to do with anything I had ever imagined or been lead to believe has anything to do with reality and was a case that I had been bought up in a way where I hadn’t been exposed to anything or anyone who had any issues with mental health and the information out there that we receive over time about the system, I thought was just correct but it doesn’t really reflect on the actual system at all.

I didn’t know that most people with mental illnesses had been abused as children. I didn’t know that people with mental illnesses were not crazy. I didn’t know that there was no cure for any mental illnesses and that we don’t even know how someone gets mentally ill. I didn’t know that someone with something as simple as depression has this illnesses for ever and couldn’t help how they got it and there is no way of getting rid of it in most cases.  That it is something serious and you go through life with this negative way of thinking about yourself and situations that you cant help and makes it all so painful. But the main thing I didn’t know about was how the professionals in this field don’t know a whole lot of these things also and it looks like we as humans are ever going to understand anything relevant about the whole of mental health possible for ever and ever.

It is so far off from what I have seen in a short time about mental health.  A more accurate way to describe mental health would be to say, “some people through no fault of there own go through some form of abuse and generally while there children and that abuse, often at the fault of there own parents or people they are dependant on causes them over time to go through things in there mind that no one is able to cope with. That certain mental illnesses come from being abused in a certain way”.

I would also describe the system by saying, “that despite there being a correlation that people who have been abused as having mental illness or personality disorders it isn’t reconized by most that this has anything to do with it and we are looking at every other possible avenue but this one as a cause of mental illness and see no reason to think that something mental could have anything to do with the how going through abuse could possibly effect ones thoughts as a child”.

Those two statements are about as kind as I could be and could have many more along these lines that describe what we call as mental health. It’s feels nearly criminal to not be able to know how you can get mentally ill in a system that I guess has the goal one day of being able to help someone get over a mental illness.

But how are people within mental health even able to know that forms of abuse generally from those someone is dependant on being the cause of mental illness. First to become a doctor you need to be at the top of the class to get into this field. That’s not going to happen if you are faced with adversity at home and being abused from a young age. You are going to be bought up well without the terrible thoughts that some people have got going through there head while there trying to learn. You going to only know about how you could think really clear and learn at a high level. So while it seems rational that a doctor being so well educated is going to be able to understand that of someone who has been through abuse, it is in reality probably the last thing that they have ever experienced and cant relate at all to being abused. Because they have never been abused then no doctor ever get mentally ill and any educated mind in this field doesn’t have any real life experience to what are the real issues of mental health and goes on to not understanding those people who are in its system that it runs.

They are called doctors and everyone in society has this belief in doctors from general doctors being able to fix just about anything these days and a system im sure works very well to fix issues that are not to do with the mind and have breakthrough after breakthrough in advances to the things they find with in research that they are able to visually see in there work. While mental health research does do the same research and looks for what it can find visually about the mind with no breakthroughs ever been seen in an area that by its very name mental, which means what in the mind and is never going to be found something visual but we continue to search as doctors and researches are not  able to understand that abuse causes mental illness as they cant relate to it.

If they were to ask the actual person with various mental illness what they went through mentally before they had mental illness they would all get the same response and the only response I have ever got from people with mental illness. If they were to ask things like what effect did it have on your thinking when you were being abused they would all be saying the same thing. No one would say that it wasn’t equivelant to going through the unimaginable or it didn’t bother them that someone they were dependant on for there lives was doing something that effected them either mentally or psychically that really played on there mind growing up and now have this mental illness as a result. There is no people out there with mental illness saying that they had a great up bringing and now have a mental illness. It doesn’t even make sense to have a mental illness with happy thoughts of your life banging around in your head and that’s called being emotionally strong when you do.

People with voices in there head or schitzophenia are always the result of being psychically abused and there is never a case of being caused from anything else. The effect it would have on your mind would be terrible and laying there at night as a child not feeling safe scared out of your mind is a rational thing the mind may do to have voices in your head.  Its even rational for this person to turn to drugs or alchohol, if if its going to give there mind a rest from the pain there been through. It doesn’t mean that’s what has caused the schitzophenia. Its just something that they tried to help them through there life mentally and hitting the psych ward after going through the worst  possible kinds of abuse and it not even being on the minds of those that are there to help would be the biggest kick in the teeth imaginable. People need to think, imagine what its lie when your a child to be scared out of you freaking mind while you lay there at night with the light off or trying to learn something in school while your mind is being pounded with bad experiences and that in 2 more hours you have to step back into this war zone with more bad news from your results at how your doing at school as it being possible for you to be that doctor you are or the good night slept that some of us can have.

The way the human mind works is that it learns from what it is taught and also through life experiences. When your not taught about how abuse causes mental illness and everything you have learned from life experiences as being from a fun childhood with happy memories its a bit hard to be able to think along these lines of the effect that abuse could be having on someone’s mind. When you don’t know about something and you haven’t been taught the brain or what we are able to think about isn’t able to understand and ignores the issue all together and thinks about the next thing. In this case it ignores the actual issue at heart and its a big one for most.

I would describe the system by saying “it is a place where abused people end up that we cant relate to and don’t see this as an issue, A place where abused people go and we try to hide them and ignore the fact that what there been through mentally could possibly be a reason for there mental illness. A place where we can prescribe them medications that can ease the pain with side effects that are not the best. ”

But from what I have seen to ever claim to understand how you get mental illness or an understanding of what people go through prior and also having these disorders on to there being any therapy that has any relevance in dealing with anything people have actually gone through isn’t something you could ever describe the system that I have seen. If you want any therapy that works, you write a blog to get your words out on paper and the thoughts out of your head. That’s the only system I have seen from where im from in Sydney australia



How to fix your mental illness. Here is a quick example for Depression

I will use depression as a simple example but the principle will be the same. When you need to fix something, the best way is often to know exactly what the problem is and then have a plan that fixes the problem. Also how you got the problem and what is needed so you don’t get this problem again.

Currently in mental health or in this example none of these questions can be answered and as a result there is no way to fix any mental illness. I’m not even sure there is a plan besides taking medication which does seem to work to a degree but doesn’t fix anything. I will try and answer all the problems hear that might give you some answers to help you try and fix your mental illness.

The problem is you have depression. So what is depression? Depression is a disorder that makes you think in a negative way about things in general. What will fix the problem? Remove the disorder from your personality by repairing your emotions? How did you get it? You got depression because your emotions were at a low level of strength that was declining and a disorder appeared as a backstop point that your emotions could not drop below to protect you from getting to weak emotionally. How do you not get this problem again? Keep emotionally strong and be aware of what are the things that can effect you positively and negatively.

This is a lot of things to digest from where you may be at. And if you have depression you might not be able to think in a completely rational manner that allows you to get the answers to all the problems thrown up here that will put you in the best positison for you to be able to fix your mental illness.

I will try and pile it all together into a succession of answers that may be different to your beliefs or what you know. They are all questions your brain probably wants to know and when you understand what the problems are more sometimes you can think up your own way to fix yourself which will be more suited to you than just a general look into how you fix mental illness. Understand that a brain can only solve your problems in life when it has enough information that is correct to use so it can have the required level of thought that will find an answer that you are capable of achieving. It may take a while even but I think it is best to look at fixing mental illness more from a stand point of you heading in the right direction mentally or your emotions getting gradually stronger until you reach the point that a disorder no longer needs to be part of your make-up.

It may-be one of the hardest things to understand that depression is a disorder that is this kind of set way of thinking that attaches itself to your personality and not the real you. That it occurred for a reason and that was to protect you from declining to far along a path you were heading emotionally that would of made you feel much worse that being in depression and life being harder than what you presently know it to be.

You may not be in a position to know or remember when you got depression but it would of been something to do with something that was effecting your emotions in a negative way. Your emotions get effected from messages it receives from your brain in the way of thoughts and that the thoughts you were having were negative and most likely cyclical effect where your emotions kept getting struck over and over from the negative thoughts and lowering the level of you emotionally until you reached a point where depression set in.

This point where depression sets in is like a stronger warning to you to repair your self emotionally that the usual small warning that your emotions are constantly giving you from each thought that you have with your brain that are guiding you on the best path through your life. Try to understand how this feeling you get inside when you experience something effects you with a positive or negative feel. This is your emotions that are purely reactionary to what they go through in your life and how the feeling of thinking the same negative thing feels in you is the best way I can describe emotions.

But also understand how getting to a point where you are thinking over and over about something that is making you feel bad is also stopping you from experiences positive things in your life as your brain is pre-occupied in its current thought that is going no where and only lowering you emotionally.  That to stop thinking the same thought is as easy as going and experiencing something else to get your mind from this same thought as a solution and not just trying not to think about an issue you have.  To understand that your brain is always going to think about something, and you need to expose yourself to things that will have you thinking about new and interesting things instead of negative things that may be present in your life.

There is generally something or even more likely someone that is effecting you and you need to find a solution so that doesn’t effect you and have you thinking about something said, that your brain goes over and over effecting you so much. Try and understand how certain things being said or that you experience just make your brain think about them because its not something you are able to solve in your mind because they may not be true or they are just words or opinions that have an negative effect on you causing you to think about them and experiencing prolong feelings of negativity and missing out on positive thought. Try to lead your life in a way where you think about positive things and things where your mind is able to have a thought and come up with an answer or something you are able to act on instead of just thinking about it or worrying about it. For some also straight up be aware if someone around you is basically a toxic person and constantly effecting you emotionally.

This might mean not being involved involved in your life or if that’s not possible then try to process there words in a different way that doesn’t effect you emotionally. It can help to know that the reasons you may be thinking about things and not able to get them out of your mind is because they are just ones opinions or thoughts on something that your brain isn’t able to rationalise and giving you this thoughts that you cant get out of your mind. That it cant rationalise it because they are not true and you need to think about something else and distract yourself from this in some way.

I think it is also important if you have depression disorder to understand it is an attachment disorder from your true personality that is what needs to be removed. And that it will be giving you negative thoughts when your brain is idle and not experiencing something in life. That the way to stop the disorder from effecting you emotionally is to distract it from being able to take over your thought process by doing more things in life, hence giving it less and less time to be in control of your life and more time experiencing other thing that will effect you in a positive way. They will virtually be anything that you experience that is not negative in nature that allows for you to be in a state of thought that you feel is positive. If you are able to go through a period or live a life where you don’t give you depression the opportunity to effect you emotionally and able to repair your emotions mainly through living a life where your brain mainly process thought that is new or positive is the way out of depression.

If you are able to experience this and see how repairing your emotions while limiting the time for negative thought gives you a feeling inside that is better than overthinking negative thoughts then this is also going to protect you from going back into depression.

Another factor with depression is confidence. Try to do things that give you more confidence and a big part of confidence is confidence in the way you think. You need to feel that the your way of thinking is going to fix the problem and that you do know what your doing and be able to re-assure yourself if doubt creeps in by way of knowing the process that you are going through and that is how emotions work and you are targeting them as it is the problem at hand. Also know that there are going to be lulls in your progression and that it is only natural to experience ups and downs and that you will come out of each down and not to worry about that or to take action and have a paln to distract yourself in times that you might get down.

To know certain things you are able to do if you are thinking poorly that always stop this. It might be something as simple as surfing the web or keeping busy cleaning something or taking care of the issue on your mind.

Another attitude to take into a process of fixing mental illness is to be able to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For example this might seem like an impossible task to do or you could look at it in the way that its just an easier life to live and staying in depression is the hard way to live life.

People often say to plan a lot of the day as well. This just gets you moving and not able to just think and not do things. Have a routine if that works for you and have a range of things that you can also do that take up a lot of your time and get you experiencing something new. Like going to the gym or cooking something new and fresh where you are able to go out and get what you need and spend some time cooking something and experiencing something you enjoy that wasn’t easy and made in a good state of mind with music on for example is something that comes to mind or watching shows that are funnier than maybe some current affair show that may have a negative spin on stories. It’s more up to the person. Possible the best idea is something that keeps you occupied and your brain active for long periods that you can immerse yourself in like a game or similar on a computer like the way you see people on there phones at every possible moment, see if there is something that just keeps you distracted when you have time to think if you are likely to fall into negative thought every time you have idle time. Or like me I write what is on my mind as I’ve now got way to much time on my hands and get bored and agitated when I got nothing to think about.

Lastly I think its important to know that we are all built emotionally the same and you have been through something where you have learned this negative way of thinking from possible someone that would of been best encouraging you instead of what happened and that you now have just got to repair the damage that was done and that its all mental. And that when something is all mental then its your brain that has to do the work and that is via your thoughts and your current way of thinking has been taught to you in a way that is not positive enough and you have to adjust it by yourself in order to head in the right direction and a negative way of thinking is not the way and positive thoughts are the more rational way of looking at things.

Hope that helps someone!




I’m not to sure if that title makes sense, so I will explain it a bit more. I’m a bit of a self proclaimed expert on personality disorders. I’ve talk to many and read thousands of posts in the closed support groups on face book. And if two or even ten people have the same disorder, they will all virtually think the same.  Male or female, young or old and doesn’t matter what country there from.  You as a person have a way of thinking and who you are. Then there is the disorder that has its own way of making you think and it cant be changed.

Its often posted in the groups “no body understand me” and everyone will comment that it is the case as well. Its not that people don’t understand you. They don’t understand the disorder that at times is making you think in a certain way that is nothing like the rest of us. Getting up set as no one understands, is like sticking up for the disorder and not even you. It not possible for someone to understand how this disorder is making you think if they have never had it.

About a year ago I first joined the support groups on facebook. If you have a mental illness check them out. They are massive and will find heaps of like minded people on there. My ex-partner was a bad type narcissist and I joined a group which is for victims and not for people with the disorder. I didn’t have any mental illness but there were plenty on there that did and after a little while I could see how some people were saying exactly the same thing.

I felt good still and was on there as support more than anything to help people get over there abuser. I didn’t know anything about mental illness before this but after a while I worked out a few things on how to stay mentally strong and could help people with anxiety and depression a bit. I didn’t know at the time that there was no cure for either and its a bit haisy in how you even get it, but on these support sights its very clear. It’s from the mental abuse 100% of the time.

I joined a depression and anxiety support group, which are even bigger than the narc groups and it was like everyone was the same. And then I would see a post that I could relate to and every time it was from a victim of narcissist abuse and they didn’t even know it. They had more the ten disorders from a life time of all kinds of abuse and they were all the same as well. They were needing help big time and they were good to help, but someone with depression or anxiety would go missing if you were going to help em.

It really stood out early to me as the posts in depression groups are so negative and not even close to being rational, and that its not really the person saying it, it was the disorder and could pretty much predict answers and how things would go with someone with depression or anxiety. I even joined some other groups and they all would think the same depending on the disorder.

As I worked out more and more how you get these disorders and how they are, I began to think of ways how to fix them. Well you can fix the person and the disorder will go, but you cant do anything with the actual disorder. It is like a set way of thinking and is  a complete waste of time to even try.

Its a long story but I ended up with anxiety from being in a mental hospital for 62 days as my ex partner had convinced the psychs that she was terrified of me. It was as bad as it gets and was struggling to even hold off the suicide thoughts which I had never had before. But I had helped fix a couple of anxiety disorders before and new exactly what to do. I assume it was easier for me than anyone else as I only had it for less than 2 months but I remember the difference in how I felt the minute I woke up and the anxiety was gone and instantly all the worry and thoughts I was having were gone as well.

Its clear to me how a disorder is like an addition to your thought process and not really you doing a lot of the thinking. I had keep telling my self that when I had anxiety and it was true 100%. Its not that big of a deal, but if there is ever going to be any recovery out of mental illness for people and it sure as hell doesn’t look like there will ever be that a big part of it will be understanding on the person to want to get rid of the disorder that isn’t really them


There is no cure for mental illness…. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO THEN… Depression

At the end of the day all the common mental illnesses and disorders within mental health have no cure. It’s hard to believe that its true. There are millions of people who work in psych and do they work there whole lives and fix no one.

I guess that’s a good starting point. If there is no one or no method that can fix mental illness then does that mean its impossible. There is also not much understanding of how you get mental illness. Is it possible that there are millions of doctors and researches that work there whole lives and not know how you get mentally ill and then cant fix it either. There is a chance that within mental health that something has been missed and its a big problem and will continue to be.

If you break down a process sometimes things become much clearer.  I will try and break down the human mind to see what sections are not understood using depression as an example.

Step 1. To have depression there must be some kind of decline in ones mental state over a period of time. Breaking down that statement even further. What can cause a decline in your emotional state.  During a decline in your mental state what is happening and at what point do you go from a decline in emotional state to having depression. To be able to fix something mentally is going to require complete understanding as there is nothing tangible to fix.

So you will be trying to fix something that doesn’t exist is the first hurdle that needs to be rationalised. That something is referred to as your emotions and they are what gives you a feeling inside of you if something is good or bad.  Your emotions receive there information from your thoughts and you think with your brain.  You cant fix your brain and your emotions only can react to the messages it receives from your thoughts. So it can only be your thoughts that can cause a decline in your mental state.

During a decline in your emotional state can then be worded as “what are your thoughts during a decline in your emotional state”.  Its probably not going to be positive thoughts causing you a decline in your mental state. So are negative thoughts causing you a decline in your own emotional state.

Now we get our thoughts from our brain. Our brain is what we use to think and to learn. It takes in all things that cross its path as ways to learn and to solve life’s problems basically.  So to have enough negative thoughts to cause a decline in your mental state the brain has received information that it processes as negative and is effecting you emotionally.

When the brain receives information and it is negative it has trouble trying to rationalise the information and solve it. A brain will always try and solve things for you but when the information it receives is not true and negative it simply tries over and over to solve it and you end up thinking the same thing over and over and your emotions get hit with every thought. So while you may of thought something negative, if your brain has tried to process this thought over and over, you may of effected your self emotionally 1000 times. If the information you received is negative or a put- down on your self then your brain is cycling that information that is negative about you over and over causing a decline in your emotional state.

Also if your brain is thinking the same thing over and over, it will be distracted from it thinking about things that could be making you emotionally stronger or positive signals your emotions could be getting

.Over time if your brain is continually processing this negative information all the time, you stop thinking about new things as your mind is cluttered up with negative thought and what the brain misses out on is its opportunity to fix its emotions with positive thought and you continue to decline emotionally. At a certain low level of emotional state causes to much of a strain on the mind and depression disorder kicks in and stops you from declining to far, but leaves you at this low level and set way of thinking.

Put-downs, mental abuse, negativity or what ever you want to call it are hard for the brain to process and if it crosses to much of it, it can cause your emotional state to drop and for your mind to be cluttered up leading to depression. To fix it then you need to focus on clearing the mind and having your brain send positive signals to your emotions until you reach an emotional state where our depression will disappear.

Big problem is that your depression wont let you do this. You will need to distract the disorder with continual activity and positive thought for an extended period while you get stronger. Fixing depression is possible. Many people have gone through depression and come out the other side. They just were not aware how they did it at the time. The would of been busy and there emotions received the posititvety they needed. They may of gotten out of there negative relationship or home and were able to recover, but it would of been something similar to this process as that’s how depression works and nothing will effect it, apart from getting emotionally stronger and uncluttering your mind




For a minute, just pretend your 2 yrs old, yep pretend your still pooping your pants…. Your not just learning what your parents are teaching you, you developing everything,your looking at stuff you have never seen before, your eating things you never tasted before, you smelling, hearing and there is stuff going on and around you and your little brain just takes a bit in from everything..

A simple trip to the local store will be an adventure for a 2 yr old…you might start off walking, holding mums hand, you see bus, car, car, truck, horn, tree, train go past, other kids, people talking, a dog, mums pointing out things so you learn words, few little road rules hear and there, careful of the doggy, look a flower, another bus goes past and your now saying baa, baa.

You worked out that if you see this big looking thing on the road and say baa, baa, mum thinks you great and gives you a cuddle. Walking along the footpath and your 2 yr old, you going to do all sorts of near accident things.. Your hearing careful, hurry up, don’t touch the dog, get your hand out of your mouth, . All simple little words of advice from your mum and you just taking little bits in as you can I guess….

Life more complex these days, and there is more to learn and less time to do it. People are more careful as well and don’t think as much for them selvers either these days. You go to kindy earlier, and by the time you hit 3yr old that 50 trips to the shops is not go to do the same job as the 300 or so you would of had 40 years ago. There was no kindy back then, there was only one car and that was at work with your dad

You had all day with your mum to cruise through and discover things at your own pace.. So what if a dog was cruising past, most people had one any way. You had a longer leash to discover and families where much tighter, More kids to play with and life had much more flow for a little child… There was “less don’t do this don’t do that”, there was more go play with billy and you learn things so much better from experience..
Im sure my dad knew exactly what he was doing when I stacked my bike a few times and lost the skin off my knees.. He was Australian road champion. It was the highlight of my 4 yr olds getting mended and back out with the other kids, and it was on the road at the end of the street. I knew those road rules by the age of 5 and was normal to be in the outdoors playing all the time. No computers or anything back then..

We lived near the beach and I was swimming day one of kindy 4 1/2, no swimming lessons, by 7 I was riding to the beach with the older kids, and they knew how to save you if you got into trouble… You played sport on the weekends, you played sport at home, you played till you dropped everyday and then you ate your dinner, if you liked it or not, it was all just too easy.. Shut you fingers in the draw, who cares, you only do it once and you work it out..

The point im trying to make is that life has changed and and these disorders like ADHD are multiplying.. but there is less time to learn things and more that needs to be learnt. Kids brains have not changed… Evolution takes millions of years.

There is no clue out there to what even causes ADHD and the like..A child’s brain learns a lot of things step by step, where if there are steps missed, then the brain simply wont be able to think about something it has never learned before, Young children are still developing emotionally, they can loose confidence in there ability to even think and ability to solve life’s little puzzles. They can loose attension span and fall behind, loose friends if they cant play properly, You can fall behind and no one is there to pick you up….A young child can be annoying and easily frustrated when he can’t do something right, Then we become frustrated and shorter with how we teach em, instead of the other way around..
This is a disorder, and people have got to live there lives like this. They don’t know the cause of it and there is no cure and its multiplying rapidily. It can be fixed though. My boy had it before the age of four, so I worked less and went back to basics. We grabbed the dog and went bush and explored. Out in the bush along the river there is time to think and talk. There was no phone to interupt and out there there is no wrong or stop, don’t do this… its all just fun and the ADHD was gone in weeks.

Lives are changing so fast, ADHD is increasing fast to, but little boys are still the same as they were 50 or 5000 years ago like our knowledge of this disorder


The way out of depression

If you have depression and are thinking if there is a way to beat it, then this may help. Think of your depression as a disorder and a set way of thinking and a separate entity to that of yourself. So there is you and there is depression disorder and the goal is to remove the depression disorder from you.

First try to understand that just before you got depression you would of been spiralling down emotionally or you were lacking confidence and had a low self-esteem. So you have to repair your self-esteem and confidence to a point where your depression disorder will go away. But this is going to be hard as your depression disorder is going to be holding you back and making you negative which is going to effect your confidence and self esteem and zap your emotional strength.

So how are you going to stop your depression effecting you if you are trying to get emotionally stronger. Think about the times when depression is not on your mind and it should revolve around the times when you were doing something and forgot about your depression for a given amount of time. Refer to this time as you were distracted from being depressed and what was it that distracted you to give you some moments of peace.

Now you need to work out a plan for example a period of a month where you have in place a set schedule of activity that will distract you from being in depressed thought. Now if you plan enough things where you are busy all day, then your mind or your brain will be able to experience lots of new thoughts that will give your emotions that good feeling they need to get stronger. Think about also how you can unclutter your mind from all the un-resolved issues that your brain will have or any cyclical thoughts.

It would also have to be a period where you are thinking a lot of positive thought and it may help to have positive thoughts even written down and for-sure be surrounded by good people and stay away from anyone at all toxic.

So if you were going to attempt to remove depression disorder from you and just be you again would require possibly a lot of preparation and new activities that you wont want to do or in the past you avoided these things. But assuming you work then a planned day might be something like getting straight out of bed and going to a gym class, then prepare a healthy breakfast and get ready for work. Clean up and spend extra time into yourself to look good. Have the radio or some feel good songs playing in the back ground. Go to work feeling positive and that none of the usual drama’s are going to get you down. Work a bit harder than usual and try to stay up beat and avoid any time to go back to letting your depression think for you. If you have a boring job, try to keep occupied by doing something as well as your work.

Do something for lunch and get supplies that you need for dinner and take plenty of time doing something good for dinner. You have lots of time to kill still where you are still needing to distract the disorder. Know what you are going to watch and have some back up feel good shows or other things you can do right up till you fall asleep, where it is going to be important that you fall asleep and not end up laying there trying to go to sleep and thinking. The first few days will be hard to keep occupied, so be really aware of a big effort the first few days and after that it will come easier and you will be feeling already a bit better which will motivate you even more.. Also think if its hard to stay motivated to keep doing things then look at the flip side of how much you were suffering when doing nothing and being in depressed thought as the alternative.

Try to engage with good people or friends a bit more and keep to being positive when thinking about your self. If you get emotionally stronger and distract your disorder then it will go. There is no other result that would be possible.



You will never get mental illness or personality disorders in a hereditary fashion. When you delve into the causes of mental illness, its actually impossible.  For something to be passed from generation to generation requires there to be something tangible to be passed on, but all things mental are not tangible. Mental illness are a result of what’s happened in ones life.

How can something be passed through generations like mental illness when there is nothing to be passed on.  Your mentality doesn’t possess any DNA. And if it did, then they have never been able to show it. There are probably a million people trying to find mental illness or doing some type of research where there seeking out answers to mental illness by looking for something tangible or psychical and nothing has ever been found.

But if you go onto faced book there are massive support groups of each mental illness or disorder and every one on there is a victim of abuse in one way or another. They all don’t know how they got mentally ill, but there all been abused. All the skitzophernia people have been subject to servere psychical violence and abuse and generally as children. All the Borderline personality disorder people have been subject to sexual abuse, most of the BI-POLAR people had been subject to sexual abuse at a younger age, all the children of narcissistic parent are narcissist for the first child or golden child and many mental disorders for the second child. Depression and anxiety all seems to come from some type of abuse from with in the family and ADHD even all comes to young children in less than ideal parenting arrangement or from issue that the parent have.

I’ve talked to thousands of people in the support group and every person with a certain disorder all had a similar style of abuse they have been through and vice versa that the type of abuse resulted in the same disorder and there is no body saying they had a good childhood and now have a mental illness… Even people with 5 or ten mental illness or disorders all have been abused in all the different ways that result in those illnesses. I have been in mental institutions and everyone in there were all abused as children as well..

So what going on where everyone is being abused that has mental illness, there are no known link or anything ever found that would ever lead anyone to believe that mental illness is hereditary, the word mental is saying that its all in the mind, certain abuse definitely causes certain mental illness and logic tells you that someone who has had a good up bringing and not a bad memory as a child will not be able to replicate an illness as someone who has been through ten different forms of hell as a child. Seriously they would be like a happy mentally ill person not able to recall any negative in there life. That doesn’t even make sense as a possibility of happening.

Mental illness and disorders are caused by emotions being strained to a certain point that causes mental illness and that is often from what is being suffer from with in the family unit to children in the form of psychical, sexually, mental abuse or a combination of the three and when research targets this area then we get one step closer to finding the cause of mental illness and taking our first step ever in the right direction to working out ways to fix some mental illness and maybe even stopping a little bit of child abuse.



Im a self proclaimed expert on disorders. Well im not that big of an expert in reality, but i think im the first person ever to understand how they work and will explain in detail,,,,” basic depression disorder” and what you need to do to fix this PAIN IN THE ARSE disorder and move on with your life. As i understand this disorder, this concept of HOW TO FIX might not be possible, and will require the inner person to shine through and not the DISORDER to try and annalyse this information…
The things that you need to do to get rid of depression are.
1. Understand “HOW THE BRAIN WORKS” and sends signals to your emotions. How a brain processes mental abuse.
2. Understand HUMAN INSTINCTS are what they are trying to do.
3. Understand that you need to be feeling a certain low level of emotional strength before DEPRESSION DISORDER takes effect.
4. Understand that depression disorder is a disorder that is an ATTACHMENT to your way of thinking and not anything to do with your real self.
5. That you cant CHANGE the disorder, you can only DISTRACT it while you repair your emotions
6. what are the things that can repair your emotions
7. what are the things that lower your emotions
8. Understand how you went into depression, think reverse the processes and the reasons for going into depression are now gone or when removed, you could attempt this process
This is my first draft and there are a thousand ways of doing all this, but here is the concept and replace whatever sections with something similar relevenat to your life. This is just for depression disorder, but similar processes for any disorder, but what happened or the abuse suffered will vary greatly for each disorder. Also understand there is a reason why a blue print for getting out of depression disorder has never been written about, and thats because this stuff is extremely hard to understand and virtually all your learned knowledge about depression has to be thrown out. I mean pre-concived ideas of depression that are not factual and thats the whole lot in my book. Also removing beliefs from your brain is nearly impossible unless you understand something and can work out for your self how it works and be having those it moments where you understand things and not believe in things… really hard to get past this sort of thing, buit all this is completly new and i havent seen any material that i can say is relevent to this process. Remember there is a reason why they dont know how you get depression and how to get rid of it. AND THAT IS BECAUSE THEY DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS AT ALL…..GOOD LUCK IN EVEN UNDERSTANDING THIS. IT WAS A MIRACLE times TEN TO WORK OUT THIS, BUT NOT ONE THING WILL BE DISPROVEN HERE OUT OF HUNDREDS OF NEW FINDINGS… maybe reading this half a dozen times will be of greatest benifit…….

1. HOW THE BRAIN WORKS…… This is super duper important everything you read here should somehow reflect on how the brain processes information. While a brain is something you can examine with the right technology and disorders or anything mental can’t be seen, touched or examined, try to zone in on how it is your brain is the focus and all there is to focus on.
Every time you have a thought, you get a feeling from your emotions…. it will be a good or bad feeling of some degree. Good feelings are what is going to make you stronger. Bad feelings are what makes you weaker. The SAME thought gets a feeling from your emotions everytime you have that thought. You think the same thing a hundred times and you are battering your emotions with this FEELING. Thats great if its something positive, but you not depressed if you feeling great all the time. Its going to be something negative and generally thoughts of yourself or something that will be making you loose confidence slowly every time you think about this one thing. Or list of negative things.
Also start to get to understand that you brain, your mind, you thoughts or what ever the heck you thinking about in your head can only squeeze so much in there before it it all CLUTTERED UP or tangled. How a cluttered mind will avoid new experiences as it will not want to add new thoughts to an already confused way of thinking……… And there is not room for new thoughts. Start to understand that to UNTANGLE and SOLVE old thoughts in the head is a process you need to undertake and more to the point learn how to unclutter your mind to make room for you brain to start thinking new thoughts that you are going to have to be positive in nature, so your emotions can start feeling good and start repairing.
Understand and this is a key element of recovery, that there are TWO types of thoughts the brain can have.
1. where you have a question that is put to your brain that requires thought and then an ANSWER is attained and that answer will stop your brain trying to SOLVE this thought in your MIND.. examples are, a calculation, decieding on your dinner and all things you think about and then do. Your brain needs more and more of these types of thoughts to give you an increased clarity of thought and an unscrabbling of your mind….. Also do this so you believe it…. Try to cyclical thought 100 plus 100, you get the answer and you CAN’T just keep thinking about this question your brain has SOLVED. And i mean actually try it and then try it with some other things you are strong in knowledge of. Try to worry about something you have already taken care of making dinner, going to the gym, paying back money owed or millions of things. You worry when you NOT doing things.. But also feel this general concept of………….. there is always going to be worrying in everyones life and most of your worries are taken care of, going to be taken care of in time and that worrying isnt doing anything and will go away when you do the job that is of concern… OR it will get done when you do it and you have CONFIDENCE that you will do it……… if you keep worrying then ITS YOUR BRAIN TELLING YOU “its time to prioritise this and get it out of your mind”
2. … WHERE YOUR BRAIN IS TRYING TO SOLVE SOMETHING THAT THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER TO AND IS THIS CLUTTERING UP YOUR MIND.. There are many examples of this but the ones that really hurt you are put downs and people confusing you. If someone puts you down, you BRAIN can only think about it and not find an ANSWER and move onto its next problem to solve . Its fine if you strong emotionally as you will just see it as a put down and not truth and thats the brains answer and you move on.
Being aware of what you are thinking about and what that does to your emotions is the key and then trying to CUT this thought FROM YOUR MIND or those people from who you listen to. Reconize and know what things are ABUSE and know that there not true.. Even to the stage of reconising them straight away and thinking why this person is trying to hurt you, what are they getting out of it and that there is something wrong with them. That its there opinion and why are they giving you opinions that are not helpful and making you think and clutter up your mind…… And then getting your mind to think to its self that its just abuse and not true and move away from this kind of person as the answer. Also not to rationalise with this type of person as you are trying to rationalise something that is not true and hence will probably go no where…
An extreme example of i can think about is where TWO parents where calling there teen daughter a FAT CUNT. After everyone telling her to not take notice, to do more exersize and trying to discuss her weight, i gave her an answer that helped her. I said “that just abuse, there is something wrong with your parents to say that to you and there just trying to put you down for some reason as it takes there mind off there issues” She replied “im not even fat” and i replied” emily, it would be worse if you actually were. They keep saying this as its what hurts you, not that its TRUE. It will go round and round in your mind that type of abuse and is why you have depression and anxiety……. What there really saying is that there got issues and hurting you is there way of dealing with them and if there to stupid to be giving you an opinion that actually matters.”
Also just simple things in life like saying for ages you have something that needs doing and not doing it. Or stupid questions like “why are we here”, “i wonder if this person likes me”,”is god true.” Try not to have too many thoughts that there is no answer to and just stuff you thinking about all the time.

Remember thinking the same thing over and over is hitting you emotions with each thought in a negative way will make you feel BAD. And also that the same thought is using nearly no brain power as its just going round and round and that your brain is virtually switched off and learning nothing but what is going round in your mind which there isnt an answer to.. Also that it is missing out on all the new thoughts it could be having and chances of feeling good through new experiences, fun things and positive thoughts.

2. HUMAN INSTINCTS is just how people are… The reason we get this good feeling inside when we do certain things is that its our emotions telling us that this is good and do things like this… Its our human instincts trying to draw us into what is good for us and the bad feeling when we do or think things is our human instincts trying to tell us not to go there, or this is not true…… sending us a warning to not go there………
We are also drawn to people close to us like parents, partners and friends. That its completly normal that we listen and learn from them. Its just how we are… BUT human instincts were developed many millions of years ago, before anyone close to us was doing us any harm and have not developed to be able to cope with people who we are drawn to, doing us harm. So its up to the person to be aware of there human instincts are taking notice of abuse which is normal, but you got to now counter that by being aware that some opinions or people are doing me harm and making me feel bad…. Remember that a millions of years ago when we developed into what we would still be now was when things were very simple… We probably didnt even talk more than a few grunts and signals to this rapidly changing enviroment moving a way faster than ever before while our knowledge of depression is vertually going backwards and depression and mental illness are increasing at an increasing rate.

3. What i mean by “A certian low level of emotional strength before depression disorder takes effect” is that things would of been on the downward spiral with your confidence, your cyclical negative thought, self esteem and life in general and that once you reach a certain low level and that you are continuing to drop and getting continued negative messages from your brain is when you got depression…… You dont get it if everything is rosey in your life and you havent a worry in the world. Its very often straight up abuse and things like being taught things negative and you mind just being in overdrive of confused thoughts that are making you feel bad.

So i feel it is important if you are going to fix something to at least know why you got it. You may believe you always had it, you mum may have told you THIS AND THAT, but depression disorder can only be attained when a perons mental state reaches a certain low level of confidence and bad feeling that depression kicks in so you dont continue to spiral to a never ending low level…. Its possible and i can only see depression as this certain low level that kicks in as a set way type of thought process, to save you going even lower than this and like a warning to the person to fix themselves emotionally OR further mental illness WILL ARISE or breaking emotionally.

4. Everyone with depression thinks the same. Or have you ever noticed how you feel like NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU and everyone with depression understands you… There is a good reason for that and that is due to you having a disorder that thinks not like a normal person and you are trying to tell a normal person at times the thoughts of a disorder that they have no knowledge about and you feel like there not getting you or not there for you.. Like you dont understand that a disorder is in some capacity taking over your thought process, they dont understand its way of thinking as they dont think like a disorder and cant relate to you thoughts… If they were to listen to the distress you are in, is going to only hurt them emotionally and nothing they are going to be able to say will be relevant to helping you… They dont understand or do you that its the disorder making you think these thoughts and not your true self.

5. Trying to CHANGE the depression disorder is completly useless. You can hit it with medications to lessen it and not something i know about. But i have not seen how the disorder changes to much from the time you get it to somewhere down the track. People learn to live with it better and get used to it and have ways to DISTRACT themselves from having the depression be on there mind, but i feel as though its a set disorder that cant be altered so much and its the changing of the person beneath the disordered that is being altered.

Distracting the disorder is a really high level concept. And by that i mean, somehow you need to organize your life so that there is no time for your DEPRERSSION DISORDER to take over the thought process. You need to be busy all day and fall asleep without thinking for a while so you dont allow the disorder to be able to take over the thought process. I did it by playing online poker and listening to podcast all day and working for about a month……. You just have to do anything to keep your mind from having time to think the disordered thought pattern and hurting you emotionally…. Like a plan day of activities and keeping your mind from thinking negative, lots of new things. A more reasonable approach than poker may be getting up and doing some exercise, surfing the net, cooking a new breakfast, going to work, having some cool music that makes you happy, cooking off a reciepe for dinner, kids doing some cleaning, watching a funny movie and crashing out under no pressure to sleep, like with a podcast on or something…. Just having something there to do at all times to not allow you to get down for an extended period of time… Always trying to achieve and feel good about you and everything around you. You will feel the change when you go from having the disorder to when its gone. It was 2 in the morning when i woke up and text my friend and told him i was out of anxiety disorder and could feel the difference right away. And then from then on i continued to get stronger emotionally as i knew how to do that.
Do what ever makes you feel distracted.. if drugs help than use them, if medication helps then use that and reduce it. if playing play station all day works or a long bush walk then do that, but have your life set up with back up plans on how to distract the disorder while you get emotionally stronger.

6. Here is a list of THINGS THAT MAKE ME STRONGER EMOTIONALLY…. It will be different for everyone
-hard work, working hard, exercise
-extended play with the kids with focus on them and them being happy out exploring in nature playing games and learning stuff
-clearing your head from any tangled thought
-helping others
-walking along thinking positive thoughts
-learning new things and discovering nature type stuff, being good to animals
-chatting in a friendly enviroment
-Thinking about good times and anyone who has done you good or is a good person
-cooking cleaning,gardening, blogging, writting
-putting yourself in spots you feel confident about
-music, singing, dancing, laughing

–worry, cyclical thought, boredom, uncertainty,
-hope(this is a personal one i think)
-returning fire with abuse


A different view of depression

This is just a different outlook, its not important either way really…. But are mental illness/disorders our enemy??????????????????????…. I will uses depression as the example for simplicity.

Most people will agree that they have depression from some type of abuse they have gone through… depression usually sets in when emotions have been strained and you head all cluttered and over thinking, cyclical thinking and your on a down ward spiral. You emotions are getting repeated negative thoughts from the brain and you are not feeling good.. Emotions are trying to tell us something, but no one is getting the picture here possibly.. When you get a good feeling inside, that means you should do more of this, when you get a bad feeling inside you want to stay away from this kind of activity.


If you cyclical thinking things that are negative, then you basically pounding your emotions over and over and at a certain point you pick up depression and it seems like you stay at this level.. It is quite a low level, but you were heading to this level and even far below it the way things were going… Depression disorder stepped in and saved you from going to far down emotionally, and held you at this other low point, and it is out lack of understanding of disorders and emotions that is the problem and not the disorder itself…

Emotions are there to steer us in the right direction and when they get to strained, they send out this strong warning to repair your self.. Only problem is we don’t know how to fix our selfs. Depression is a warning that you were getting to low emotionally, losing confidence and negative in your thought process, and not experiencing life the way you need to.





Yesterday, I was in a meeting, with a psychiatrist, a psych nurse and a legal person. There was a delay and legal person told how a nurse in England had killed 18 babies on a new born ward. The psychiatrist said “psychopath”. I looked up and said, definetly not a psychopath, She will be a malignant narcissist(MN). I Know what they are as I spent 6 years with one, and the last 12 months battling and hope one day my boys are safe.

A MN is an extreme form of psychopath Narcissist. Its like a disorder that completely takes over them and they become this evil pathological lier, that need the suffering of others to fell good about themselves. The suffering is like a drug to them and they become unwell when they don’t have a regular supply of suffering. There main goal is to have a partner that they can constantly mentally abuse and make there life hell until there children are old enough to suffer from the mental abuse and they virtually try to destroy there own childs minds to feed there own frail ego… There no real trouble even and you cant put up with them for long and you just move on like a girlfriend that doesn’t work out.

Except when there are kids involved and then you have to fight until the very end, while they try to destroy you and your reputation so they can abuse there own.  And its a non stop type abuse, with no happiness, just suffering from an early age.

Lucy will be the oldest sibling in the family, and through abuse from the same disorder in one of her parent she turned MN. I checked her images on google, she is one for sure, also I looked through some of her interviews she has done over the years and it confirmed it even more.  When the disorder takes over them, they stop all emotion and brain development and just stay the same. There more read expressions on faces and look for reactions from then on and don’t have an understanding of whats really going on. They just do what’s required so to best avoid detection and people seeing them as different

Whilst she is only a suspect, if the psych can understand MN, they should see straight through the lies and manipulation there about to be consumed by… First she will start off moving the blame to others, she will be avoidant of any questions that implicate her, she will be super confident at the start but once pressed on things she will not be able to answer, she will break down is to an academy award winning tear show(crocodile tears ). you will be sure she is innocent,

B            ut if you want to confirm that she is an MN, just try and get an answer that can have feeling or emotions in them, where the answer is not of very basic thought process that she would of be able to remember over the years. Like what do you think the parents would be feeling… it will be just sad or devastated,  and cant expand on these type of  words…She will try and run the conversation to avoid these areas and change the topic or deflect onto someone else.  Try and find an interest even she has, check the parent, one of them will have the exact disorder. And it will be the one that seems the normal one.. Keep pressing and within minutes they will go into a narcissistic rage and there whole life will start to unravel right in front of you as one lie after another

It would be common for the other parent to have various mental disorders, like depression etc, from going through the mental abuse, but they both wont be MN. Also if there is a younger sibling, they will have a heap of mental illness, none of them bad, and will be the nicest person you could ever meet.

They abuse the kids differently, the first is the golden child and will be dependant on the parent and personality will break, brainwashed with rubbish, bored with no activities and kinda reverse taught,  while the second is the scapegoat or the black sheep, and there just treated like scum there whole life and head so messed up that they provide a long lasting suffering for the parent to enjoy and even abused by the older sibling. They get it from birth and never know any different.. Its never violence as there totally a non-violent disorder.






Simone Green job offer..

To your mindset, as agreed i will provide invoiced payment for service 40hr @ $35 plus super, insurance paid into nominate account,. This is the length of the trail period to evaluate suitability for further employment options based on the quality  and quantity of work, also the effort made to change mindset into a real and proven state nearer women.

To the real you or your natural emotions i would like you to show you have control to start a process and learn the landscape with a view to be soon able to make informed decisions based on real proven states and not on personal belief. I would like there to be a focus on the overall goal of this new venture, with a personal or extra responsibilty away from others in involved in the main beginning of what may be anything from short term to long term and an undetermined size as the future is not known.

The other and short term focus that must be just above 50% until that goal is achieved. That is my two children. As with the long term goal the short term focus, practices will be governed with in the boundaries of current law, along with the respect to the natural state of human emotions.

The base of the something unknown must be firm and hurting or effecting others in a negative state emotional will not be part of the culture i can be part of. True, fact or proven will always stay that and what is belief or never proven will always be that and the difference right or wrong. People are a product of life experience and nothing can change that, but if belief and what is real conflict one mind strength, comprise others and effect decisions could effect women children and man, then obviously that cant be encouraged or surpressed.

Emotionally im offering this to your emotions as that is my current way of making decisions and its not my mindset. I personally based on our only interaction do not see a women who is able to finish reading the offer. Forcing proven and emotional fact will harden belief and surpress  emotions even further and can only provide that material as further knowledge and mindset occurs through natural life experience

From a summarised look into this philosophy , it has interests at heart, and not males attempts to bring down women as the stronger mind, but it is not possible or will emotions behave this way, but is the best attempt a way of being long term happy, and mostly an attempt to desribe real emotions without real certainty. This is where the strongest mind, possibly honest and trusting person and highest emotional intelligence will come from and i will do anything to support and progress thinks person and am offering the highest spot at present and any role below is always a given.

Don’t assume my mind state as a factor in your decisions, i can expose myself or give thought, but its strong and has correct knowledge that is to rise up to and pass and not to bring down. There are many factors that for you are unknown and required further knowledge to the get further knowledge to progress on top of it being most certain and not possible short term to understand the real problem and possible dangerouus mindset or disorders psych and narcissist and i will need to provide guidence

Initial options of paths to take are limited due to numbers and a focus which links in with knowledge and documenting is the raising of capital. There are so many options in an unknown market and see a figure 1 million to allow for staff to move to 10 and increase in hourly rate off $200 p/h as the only long term survival path with services and unlimited opportunity to pick from. Inital projects see as a starting point and are ready to start.

  1. 5 simple to document and mass problem world wide is a new disorder from the the creation of fake content on the writers that is aimed at the readers in different parts of the world  India, Pakistan, Phillipines victoms of abuse, Australian Women
  2. establishing a list of possible ways to sell or ways to communicate with business research and hit short term goals and be finacial
  3. Produce the illistration of how mental illness works and possible ADHD proof and int a seveloped thought process and in to real learned mind and near zero solving of any mind and brain not being a possible part of mind
  4. How the notral state of man and woman progress through life and the pecking order there is emotionally as real immortance
  5. Look into if society is mans attempt to be the stronger mind, and possible narcissistic motived
  6. Large scale child and sexaul abuse hidden and covered
  7. Psych and neuro  being fake indusrtys, with effects and misinformation and etc
  8. Child therapy, into a child or emotions of a child can not be bad and therapy or ways to change child mind set
  9. Ways to know fake mind set and fake material and emotional abuse and manipulation work
  10. A map or way to structure , add and link to enable access and not restrict further advances in mind                                                                                                                          I will leave up for 24 hours to comment on any uncertainties you have, I do not think its a good idea to expose intent from disordered minds and encourage, any process that get me as usual my want and that is you. I hope you listen to you inner and the prospect of working with you is personally something i look forward to and otherwise it was good to see a women still trying, and something i thought was past.
  11. Its my home in Newtown, a downgrade for you, visually its not , but there no fake fucks here, i think you will get strong and that happy ness, fast and i know how it goes with certainty, because emotions act with certainty, and yeah, i know more, and i know what you have to do and all that, as i done it, and i can handle the emotion and encourage any open or way of solving problems and abuse with all kinds of human behavor is fine, but the work or output is what i’m about. A drive for output . my edit is bad, my grammar and structure also and i tried, that was what ,emotions wanted you to see..  and theres more.

About me

I’m not into talking about myself, that’s weak arse shit. I give the stats like you always do, I’m 45, male, tall, shinny, bald. I tell you about my life and that’s who am. Same as any other human that ever walked the planet. I am what i am,  I’m healthy, never been sick much, i seem to even heal fast, eat what i like and dont get fat, no allegies, no infections ever, i’m unfit and never had good fitness, but the 2 2 1/2 years i done nothing and that needs to be addressed. Work had keeped me fit enough till then despite the fags always being there on a low to mid range. I used to drink a fair bit when i was young and slowly reduced and havent had a drink in 2 years now. I look forward to that, had a gambling habit that ended 15 yrs ago, Did drugs on a party level when young, but never had issues. Normal, lucky arse bloke, and i guess, thank you. Very much.. No random or swap life opportunities from this bloke.. That’s the last place i ever been. If you don’t make it from what i had gifted to me you would have to basically just try to fail, far a long time with force to go over the people trying to guide you.

My Dad, what can i say, he is a great man, good bloke, never seen him do wrong, funny guy. He is so nice it ouzzes out of him there is so much of it and you see it when no one is watching even. He is his own man, he does things his own way, all man, no women. He had me, went to england with his wife of 6 months who was backpacking as she wanted to go home with post natal depression. He got a job picked up 35 parking tickets and tried his best until he had to take me back to Australia to his mum, my Nan could help as my mum was fucked and there was no medication or understanding yet.

He married again to my step mum, who had 2 girls and a boy already from 2 marriages and they bought a nice house in a dead end street in a nice area all before my first moment i can ever recall. I always knew she was my step mum, i always called her mum, my older brother and sister always called him John, my sister 6 months younger than me always called him Dad. She tried John as an adult but went back to Dad without knowing it. They had a child my little brother and till i was 18 we were and all i ever known is a family of 7.

He was a tradie, so monday to friday he was gone when we woke and back early afternoon around the time school finished. He was around other than that, doing his thing and was just there never wasn’t, like magic when needed. Mum ran the house and was given complete control and full support and all resourses she needed to do that job. Dad was a passanger, he knew his role, he never needed help with it and never fucked it up. There was only one thing i can see he ever had a real problem with and would step in, and that was if you on about shit or even thinking about messing with someone else then you were in the wrong fucking life was where he was at for a given.

That shit just wasnt much a problem, as we went like that to so besides the times when it did come up, yes i remember tham well as there the times i remember my dad as he was just to stealth otherwise. We all take after him, we all think the same of him, but he had it all under control so he could do his thing and that was to do what ever he was doing. It wasn’t sitting down or getting flustered, nagging or that, he was in the garage at the front building, or in the yard with the dog, doing stuff with us. He was stealthest dad ever.

He was a softy, a big softy, full beard to cover the ackney he had as a boy and hair that went back from day one and its still the same, now silver. Was never long, the beard was never manicured or even thought of. He must of had some routine to keep it with in this small range, but i cant see how he even would of known what he looked like, no way he was at the barbers on the sneak or you see a difference, but he had a way of pulling off the perfect mand beard and hair somehow. He always had it, and every other person ive ave seen has a beard and hair cut that look gay, compared to my dads. You see the clear cuts to peoples beard or something in the hair, a style or attempt at something that draws notice or stuble, too short or too long, something where attempt was made for beauty, where dad had the pefect beard for a real purpose colour the lot. We all think he was just the best dad and nicest bloke and good looking if you that way.

I haven’t got the color or the hair to even look like that, i tried the beard and it aint even a beard to what i know and it always been from a 30 yr old and from pics, he was 23 and rolling with a full man look that never changed, Hairy chest, hair kicking about on the back but not alot and hair all over , The arse balls and that region we dont know and never wondered as he didnt show us. Yep, cant say i know how big the old fella’s old fella is and i ‘m good. He did letnit be known that he could take a piss in our toilet from the hall way though a few times. Afew times he would say, what about this, and he be in the hall way and you could hear it hitting the toilet water from a good two meters away, and when i had kids i done it in the public toilets and they were impressed from a meter. Impressed but they wont have the 2.5 meter as we measured it noise that he nailed it memory of Dad standing there twice. He might of cleaned it up who know’s, we just know about how he nailed it and i tried and i t is impossible for me.

Dad was at feeding the dog with all the noises and one more was at ten times, the dog loved us and worshipped Dad, he riding the wave ski and she be trying to go out in the waves and keep getting washed back in and dogs dont have that long eye sight as she be just looking out to see and would be just focused on who ever till she realise the wrong person, and she just go back to spot and hope, best dog ever this little dog, bit fat from dad not being able to stop giving his own dinner to her. Our dog wouldn’t even take food from us, cause she wanted the bloody noise with it. There was no front or back security and she was free to roam. She would some times walk to school and just go back home when near, It was before the days of picking up poop, and she never pooped in our yard once. Up the street 4 or more houses for a poop and nieghbours never said a word. I assumed Dad had something to do with it, but it seemed like the dog knew the go.

Fox terrier cross, same size as a basket ball she could keep on the end of her nose and we were good coccer player when little from playing fair dinkum soccer with the dog,  She hd the ball on her nose at top speed and she had it most of the time, Never touched the soccer ball, or chased anything. She got in the bird cage twice and ate a parrot, i do not now how or why, but there where feather and it was her, cause she was acting like she done it, and we dint know about the dead bird. We were at, shit the dog has done something she is reretting doing, what has she done. What ever the punishment, it worked, she was never hit though, i can guarantee that. She got hit buy a car in 1980, and wewere all there with her where she lay in pain waiting for dad to sort things out and he said it’s $750 to put her down and we can’t afford it and we have to really want to keep her and go with out for a while and we felt like we saved that dogs life. It was me and my sister that keep the dog alive, The dog came back shaven and shaking and layed there for ever it felt, but the fur grew back and recovery must of happened as she made it to being too old to go on, and then another dog, big and just the best dog ever again who did the full term, top dog, fat again from dad, and could chase and catch a ball until exhausted, and find it always to give another effort and till the day she died never gave anything but committement to that ball possible a million times

That ball go over the fence and you thought end of game and go back inside, she just sit where it went over till you went and got it. You could only ignore her for so long and she never budged, you just get it in the end or you just got a dog sitting there waiting in the same position, not lying down, sitting up showing how good she can sit and still as they had no tricks or stuff they got taught, there was no walking the dog, the dogs were part of the family. Put a lead on her and she think your up to something, there was no lead, no fence, no lost dogs, no tricks they could do, They wouldnt come in the house until it was dark. They would stand at the door and be there for that moment when dad decieded it was dark. That was the minute it was dark, never before, never wait 2 minutes and it was straight on the mat. We had happy dogs, it seemed like they weren’t trained and just knew the go, but when there in love with there owner so much, there at what can i do to impress. She show how good she go on the mat with out being told and be looking aound to show that is how you come in and go straight to the mat and im here ready to be pat and cuddled. Use me as a pillow, i wont move, she never sat on her mat while we ignored her, That was never a thought

We always going down the coast in the summer, and jesus christ the dog went into panic mode, and you hadnt even started packing the car. She knew everytime, you try and hide it and she was at 100%, and we end up driving off and she on the edge of the road, and she go next door where the nieghbours would give her food once a day and it was no trouble and she eat it and go back to our home. And was there when we come back, happiest moment of her life everytime. Mzn this dog was mobed we had missed her, and never thought about it, but it would of been tough, but you didnt see it, and it only effect her when you packing

But in our eyes, he did nothing, bought us nothing, what did we want. If we wanted something we had pocket money and we save up and buy it. There was no thought of asking dad for anything or mum, You were at how long you save for. If it was thirty weeks you get it done. I never wanted anything, i would save every cent for the easter show and cracker night from pocket money. But looking back, we had the magic tranpoline present every year, the top bogey board present before anyone else that was a mistake but justified with amount of use over time, when computer came out everyone had tape player games and we had the disk drive commodore 128 while the rest had commodore 64, He coached the soccer team, boys and girls basketball team and the coach of the Illawarra, we were all self taught swimmers in our eyes, none of us have ever the thought of being treated different, the steps will go in a fight for that, at for certain, he did not treat me or brother better. Older sister had a horse, she really wanted it and got it.

He was there at the squillion family things, no winging, about nothing, i remember fighting for a while as NBA basketball was on at midnight on fridays, and he allowed that over mum and she wasnt happy and i could see it, and at the time, it felt like it was interupting her wine session and sitting on the lounge eating tim tams, doing facials, reading New ideas and womens weeklys and she always saying that was her treat and banging on us if we complaining.. She would say, yeah, im the big bad step mother always picking on you, and she be defending her tim tams and weekly magazines with her life against us kids but at the time, we thought she was getting the free ride, even watching these mid day shows, young and the resless, days of out or live and the bold and the beautiful as there half hour left when we come home from school,  was like she had it easy and we come home and watch that half hour and read her mags and think she only ironing so it dont look like she doing nothing when she really just watching TV.

My reationship with mum was something that seemed just normal, i knew she treated me different, i never got to if it was worse. She never actually did anything different. I can only say she was a good mum, the blood love was not there as a feel, i had an overload from nan and pop who i was with around half of the time, but no matter what stage of my life i never at any thing other than good mum. Nan was always there fir the bad mum storey, she give me extra, mum wasnt happy, i thought mum was light on the food, and we clashed, evil eyes from her, my grades were high and she backed the other kids on there higher effort and as a kid it was so obvious, but it my whole childhood, and upto looking back, i aint ever been at nothing but good mum and i always been at mum is the fucking one, fuck the rest, and how i get that ideal when i had only one fucking mum and it with no doubt. She was a good mumand that all i fucking seen that how, The rest was the doubt.

I went into the tank and i bought up everything my mind has stored and it all went her fricken way, and the bits that didnt hurt me anyway, and all the maybes all the all most positives all went to her and i was left with a childhood were my worst three things were 1) as a three year old nearly 4 innocent kiss on my sister 7 yr old boob, meant nothing, never even felt anything and looked or thought of my sister anything but a good sister, but it was there, it was always there 2) she was tucking my shirt in as a six year old and it was a slight ruffin up, her nail dug in, just opened me up and that nothing to do with it, i felt the ruffing, and when that the worst, you remeber it, the excuses and all that make it nothing to me and its nothing but im down to nothing to choose from, but i felt it and not in my mind as to me it was not anything, it only 2nd on my emotions i felt at the time, and it no 2, no doubt, and 3) is slight feel but i think wrong and always did, when she found a cup of piss in me and my brothers room and she asked my brother and he said it was mine and she confronted me with drink this in my room and i said what is it. Vinegar and just seemed to go away, but i not thinking ever for a minute if she at fair dinkim she cant work that one out or go about it like that, she looking to see my reaction was ignoring little brother, who we all knew was getting the easy run and we were all knowing she not even tryig to be real with him and you know when family are telling the truth, like even as kids, you know who is who, unless you just refuse to look and its a certainty. The rest even the couple of bare bum smacks, are zero, if you deserve em, they no problemwith in the range any way i had

Dad, squeaky all the way from 5, and mum as well and didn’t have a negative to this day about the man she left when i was 18 and gone, He was just too nice and a man for her, and that is why. I met my real mum, same last name as dad still and she never married or had a boyfriend again and said Dad was the best person she ever met and never made contact cause he done his best and she couldn’t interupt his new life. When she died her side of the family had one message, and that was how good a woman she was and fought hard through the pain of losing me after the post natal was gone and she did a lot of study and got a few degrees and was the kindest and smartest woman but they knew the battle she had and never said it and was a tough life. What i seen and from the rest of the family is my bald head her brothers and sisters do seem like the best nicest people, and there kids to who are my age with lovely familys, good looking teen kids, from top draw model looking mums, man, i dont know em but you not have hotter cousins than me

Dad went off once, and it was when me older brother stuck up fpr me over mum, and it touched his only problem area and my brother was a man and i think a black belt and you aint got time to muster up the courage to use that shit and it was a short spell of anger and Dad was at give it your best boy cause it will not do a thing and drove him into a corner and he was covering up and Dad showed no psychical aggression and we were jumping around with the excitement at seeing Dad just destroy me brother and he never claimed to be the man, we always knew and we had the proof, Nothing every went wrong, it never felt like he was a pussy, it felt strong all the way, but when you seen how it goes in real life and the biggest softy dad man is comig after you if you got a gun pointed at him and you better pull quick or what ever he got he is backing over what you got.

Dad and his stick it

Strong all the way from my dad as a child, mentally he never let down the family, he built shit, he did stuff, he show only kindness, strength, protection, avilability, encouragemnet, no smoking, drinking, gambling, filled our heads with nothing but the best of watching him. I never much rang or the last person i call when in trouble, I heard he is fucked now and i kind of new it would end up that way as he went for some woman who seemed lovely with a few issues, like depression and yappy nagging tiny mum who’s kids had just gone, Obsessive compulsive would be her disorder and a full bang on about herself and her way with a constant open repititive go at dad for shit that dont mean a thing and everyone liked her and drove a man to nice to stop helping her with her filth and he loose it and twice send him up to his sisters, where he get well and he come back to help her and she drive him back to the last i heard mental hospital.

I havent heard from him, i assumed he cut me off when my partner or mother of boys asked if he be present, in case i got angry when i visit the kids. That the best thing i seen a man do, He was conned again, this time by the very best, buti can live with that as a dad, i bar the cunt to if he belt or even drain the life out of a woman and there would be no Dad as reference, i would be no Dad. Obviously it aint a thing and you cant imagine it even, but this fucking my dad a cunt, but his my Dad so i love him to me is just not even close to my thinking, I’m at well i’m a Dad, and he aint one of us, he is a piece of shit, not dad, he is your piece of shit Dad if you need to through in a dad for refence and toatleast reflect the person or what evr his disorder he is that. For me, he nothing and why your fucked up to..

Heaps of people have good dads, and it be a draw at the top, with a faultless stong display of manenship and these blokes are the men of the world, everyone of them are gold and they are all i ever want to be, nobodies who get no nothing and there families dont even know how good they are. Blokes doing there thing, and i dont seem to see as many coming through the ranks, the beards look like something on a face trying to say something, like this proves im a man, cause i got a beard like others, and most dudes i know are good dudes with beard, but i just see the beard, you dont see the beardwith Dad..


Pop different, With Pop, i got the best Pop and he does go ahead of the top, And i will back him, and win, you dont beat my Pop, he did raise my Dad, there nothing alike. I spent more time with Pop that Dad, so i see both as equal infleuce, but Pop, he come from the shit and rose, He came from a different era, he not like me or Dad who had a perfect up bringing, he had the shit, ended it and then fucking went perfect from beginning to the very last day.

Man, this is where i ‘m at with my Pop, he taught me to play golf when 12 and i was at the golfy a lot till 19 and he drank with a mob a blokes in a section of the bar every day, he was there 3.30 till around 5.15for 20 straight when i got there and every one of them on numerous accasions had to tell me how good a bloke he was, It was common and it was nothing, In my head, i was like, dude, i know, he is my Pop but i didnt think all this best bloke ever, all i thought was Pop, no best bloke, when they say it, it felt like i didnt have a problem or doubt with there opininion, i never gave it the thought, and i bail as they want to go on and i knew all there shit, They wered thinking, cause he dont go on about shit that i might not be aware, but i get the action Pop, there getting the Man having a well deserved beer at the end of the day, they aint even seen the man.

It was a set sort of crew, even young blokes to retired, but they were the crew, you in this crew or your not, you dont ask, you just are and you dont hang if your not, its just the way. You have you sections and there no problems and everyone getting along, it would just work, There were even arseholes that would sit by emselves, and they part of the seen, and you hear people shouting out and there in the conversations but you just found your place and you knew where people were. It never happened as Pop didn’t miss a day, but a regular missing a day, and word would go out to find out what the fuck is going on.

I didnt think it was wrong even to drink Beer, i thought it was the more you drank the better you were. I hit 18 and finished school and now i could start pounding the schooners, after a hard day of fuckall was the bit where i differed, I would hang with the crew, but not while Pop there as i hadnt earnt those strips, i was a proud kid or what ever, but Pop never got down on me or that, but he new me properly, not just me or what im about. I wouldnt of thought i could, i cauld stang it with the big boys, and me best mate, also was more at the leader ship role, I could do 20 but was a good night, 12 may 15 was fine, 5 or 6 and more like nothing but some blokes where doing 20 and working jobs and they looked fit, smoke the golf ball, never rough funny as fuck every time didnt have the family life, and stories of being roasted but not from them, was just the word, dogy barstards were accuretly known and referred and accepted, they just fucking leave it when they drinking and no cunt would be even worried of them trying it on,  Blokes who were not trusted were cool, but dont trust em, dont go hanging with the blokes that go mad on the piss and shovel the fuckers out before they do something and then they cant drink at the golfy, You could cheat and blokes call you a cheating barstard, and it was there hello, It was a fully informed place, from top to bottom and no troubles. A bloke half cripled was the bar man, a stickler and he was in on every part of the conversations as well, moving word around and making sure the beers were flowing and as it slowed he work and be sinking and his shift was over. That shit is not a thing now, and drink driving killed that quick, but i only seen the drink bring out the best in blokes, None of this drink was the cause.


I would like to hire”NUMERCO UNO” #1

Image result for jeff bezosTwo of these blokes, i know, its not 3 out of 3, But 2 out of 3 aint bad.. Bozo, he bald as beaver, still smiling.. Old billy boy, even bit messy hair looks better like that, glasses on he is seeing good to.. I feel for billy a bit. Im 45 and nothing poppin up in my head of the bloke before him, who he took the title off, as the richest dude on the plude..

I am aware that bozo got him, but really, billy stopped trying when bozo was a nozo.. Inside he hurting, thats not a victory where he just found that bit extra, where he just had kept going when everyone else sad stop, he never just pounded the direction with out knowing why even, he not gone to battle and bill was there looking Bozo, like he the man and it just has to be someone and who better than bozo . This was not the war in my mind.

I am 2 out of 3 from certainty that these jokers are not what i need.. Mail man vs not interested gatesy wont feel good inside, and every one admiring him for it.. Might be a while back as now, but around the last time i tuned in, and bozo was on tellibeing popped up by some dingaling, as the numero unoko 150 bill, bill been lighting on fire helping someone, i cant remember even who, but if this actually is real i will fuck the black hole, big banb the 43 virgins just still waiting, god knows what for,  tap the lord on the cross, the shepards, the nuns who missed the fathers 40yrs straight nobbin little boys whith the big door shut, and the animals on the boat, I cant say more than that and keep it real mannnn..

Stupid ding dong dad never feed me much of that sort of knowledge and but i believe it over all the rich dudes having a quenching thirsty while bill makes em proise to release the funds around die day, and to cherry it up, leave one dude a dollar… I google it,, bet no one even blinked..

Image result for bill gates given awayImage result for bill gates given awayImage result for bill giving away his moneyImage result for bill gates giving money to charity

Ok forget that this is a little bit of bull shit tucket in a corner.. THATS ME…. This is full on news for ages and you cant even find the end… I dont even ever try… Psychopathy is not my thing. But just the last week, i had to, and each time, i go to write a simple little thing, it goes off like this stupid article..

Im tripling down on the honesty it seems.. I actual know that it wont be enough though, and of course it will remain true.. WHY I KNOW,,, (i say in 7 lines), g::i got to say other thing”””” ok,, forgot,,,,honesty,,,,, no ,,i was about to say….. ARE YOU READY TO HEAR… My idea, which i need, As the heading says…. My idea,, and after a lot of fails,, not just a idea from the magic well, but i was going to write a small blog, 20 mins, and try to get some serious tried and true boppers who know business to help me with my problem… But i saw the first picture on google images and side fucken tracked into this blog of piss and shit..AND I WILL FINISH THE CUNT TOO… This my friends , and you are my friend if you reached this far, is my therapy session.. You and also if i even read my writting, is not “”im a crazy dude”””,, My written english is and always will be this bloody level, also, i write my thoughts…. and by that i mean i slow down my mind,, so i am thinking technichally, but a three second thought, takes a while to at typing speed.. Its how i made all my disoveries to.. Most probably.. Big factor… Its my emotions just wanting to let out a bit of frustration, there very annoyed at there life, they want to be strong, and just not even hadle one bit of supression..

I to am not perfect, i have different problems thats all, and maybe a numero onuo can help me,,, Why not, think about you own mind or mindset…. Some things you are good at,,, why,,,, cause you learned and got good… And we all the same …. i not evn interested in running shit, but 20 years of a lot of guys, running into walls, and they be walking through that shit, and i may go back and give it a try…

But it isnt an natural emotion to want to do that, i was really psyched to just blurt out what was needed and i get a pile of piss… And because i realy a cunt, or not progressing with me problem really, i will drive this one hard to just be  cunt.. ..

i dont actually slag off cunts, like bill and bozo, it just happen on the spot, and it true, so fuck em… but i could say  worse even about my good self….

And bill,, actually is a cunty tunt cunt,,,,, windowsis the fuckest thing ever,, its a fucken computer,, how can it fucken go wrong akl ways for me… its this cruel cunt bill, and some how he cant get an indexing system that is even logical, and fuck me…. i fixing nothing ever,  and three times this month.. it alway was once a year, but three times i spend a 49 hr session cause permissions not staying true,, It takes me that long to ring a bloke, pick who ever, everyone can fix and it dont happen to them, and i go to war to beat this computer everytime i loose, and even the expert is like, re format, and fuck , i could of to,, or be shown..And i owe him some dollars,,  but its 5 in the cunting morning


This is classic Psychopath


I don’t read much, the english books for the finals at school i might of, but i think i watched movies on the books and all these study guide related things on what the books were about. I’m not sure, i only remember the thinkness of the books, never reading them, i never counted them as being read, but surely i must of.  I remember always starting books, I remember getting ready to read, but decieding to sleep, i remember reading and not really concentrating and having to read the page again often, I remember opening up with the book mark and thinking i must of put it the wrong spot. Nearly all ways it just not a book im interested in. I knew if i was focused and not like just reading i could understand, and it pitted out quite young. I pretty sure though i had read something understood it and the faied attenpts after that were all nothing and not a worry.

I thought i was a john Grisham fan if i had a favourite author, but im pretty sure i seen a few of his movies, and now clue even where i would of picked up his book. It’s all just things that pop up at the moment that are nothing and just life that is sort of proof of all the things i have discovered.

The reading was never an issue, i could always read, its simple. But some books i dont even see as being an interest to read. I thought about how nice it will be when i have the time to read some books even, and its just from the odd observation really of others reading. I assumed people reading on the toilet was to relax or it took long time so they read for something to do. Can be much other reason. I need to go and i go, and its not ever anything. Another story why other can’t.

But it popped into my head that i had 4 books i am certain i read, so there is the reality i can focus and read , whilst at the same time, i feel like anything subjective seems to be not able to be on my mind. And i read them all in days, not fact based books, but i did see quick all books i to do with daily life. Long John Daly was a good book, and the thre Girl with the golden tatoo book. Three books, banged em out in a week and the bloke died which i thought was asham and he hasnt got any more. I understood this one, and its probably the only book that even reflects what psychopaths are likewhen i think back. The resr and everything psychopath, i at what a crock of shit. Thats not even anything to do with it..

There was also this knowledge of this article and i crossed it off as a thing long time ago but i remembered the story and thought nothing of the fact a bloke accidently found out he is a psychopath going through scans, and i just googled it for a look, I know it actually didn’t happen, due to chemicals, or the brain or anyother scan showing up a psychopath, so to be relevamt, i will go through the article and tell the bull shit and manipulation, and if ise the real motives and how this article reads when you have exact knowledge of psychopaths.

So ive never even read what a psychopath is and the interesting part was there was something that made sense and i will just go with it, as there was no manipulitive thought and the things are truth based and no reason to say it… Both are the same diagnosis, but neither get diagnosis and only part of mental health by the definition in the book.

ADHD from a different angle may help.

I like to stress, that when you know the answer it can seem all to simple, but the fact of the matter was getting a few pieces of the puzzle from life experience to even have an interest had it already at winning lotto on consecutive weeks and i wish it was the case that 40,000 words that are just on point with proof  and then avenues that contine to just harden the proof was a done deal  and ADHD, and mental health was some silicon valley growth area was right in front of me, and the end of one of the biggest efforts in history had all sorts of happy ending has entered my mind.

This is a way that may help to get ADHD information to market and fixing a hundred thousand little kids would be the best thing i can imagine and how cruel to not help anyone and have it. Im going to.  Here is another way to look at ADHD..

STEP 1… The world and humans has never seen any sign of freak occurance. Why and how would it be a thing. How does somthing develop when there is no incentive and instead assume it like all the other billions of things and what purpose does ADHD have  and why do kids around the age of 4 get it.

There is heavy correlatoon for around the lower socio class and that points straight to why and not to current effect of ingoring it. Also forget that diagnosis is more common for a 1000% increase in a disorder as its very skewed behavioral disorder and things were harder back in the day, but all so life was simpler and this rapidly changing world is having the effect of  ADHD spiking, and progress spiking to.  It’s still step one and this is just logic .

Step 2. Stay logic as there never been any other occurance, in life and what is the purpose of this disorder. It must have a role that it fills when there is not ideal life circumstances as a obvious cause, and life circumstances would have no effect in who gets ADHD, nature doesnt discriminate, and focus on this are of where the 4 year olds are. As harsh as it sounds, there are straight up good and bad areas , and you start to disect a study of who gets ADHD, and you will stregthen the socio factors as an indicator.

Im 45, and from public schooling, family oriented, working class, not city, but next step and there was no ADHD 40 years ago, Then i moved to the city and it was in the top 10% range and in 20 years i didnt see or know about ADHD, then moved to a very family orinated little neck of the woods and besides my own child, around 5000 kids without ADHD is not possible when its at 15% . And when the task is to find out why, then forget the child, they are 4 and does the parent have an inflence over behavior. Its logic and there isnt movement yet and with an overall understanding of the landscape, your at a zone that now has certainty and focus…

Step 3… Is there something around the age of 4 that occurs and focus on this region and there is your answer… When you remove all the bull shit, and stick to simple facts your at the answer basically. Call it 1.5 billion and a trillion dollar problem and no one will look at what happens at the age of 4.   Thats the disorder, so dont look else where…

Step 4.. If your a parent, if your a human, one thing that you dont remember is the first 4 years of your life. No body does unless there a wierd thing happen. Personally up to the age of 6 even was the bigger things, or where good and bad feeling were felt. No one remembers learning to speak and colours, cars, trains diggers etc, and my child is right on this age now. He a smart little boy, but until this age he is not stringing 2 or three thoughts together in a row to solve fuck all. He is a one trick pony of thinking. And little kids can focus like no other humans on one thing basically. There sponges and soaking up every little thing and because you 30 for example and know lots more, and all a little learns is easy stuff in your eyes, if you give it a even half decent think, you are a learning machine and this first 3.5-4 years is the max learn you will be at. The lot comes from zero, Forget obvious stuff like a train, you learning wind, noises, smells and sitting. or SHITTING..

Step 5… A child then begins to solve things. There is a clear and distinct occurance that is known. Thing like, a child can find mum in shop can happen, and reading, pack away toys get more out and build, arguing and its the big time now..

Your at a stage in life where your thinking ability starts to increase and you can solve things a bit more and start to concentrate and get attention span and focus on kids through this age and like mine who i even have video of and you see, that thinking stops for some people trying to start the longer thinking machine, and all new experiences take time to master is a very resonable state to be in and very logical…

When your thought stops, when it stutters for too long, when you lose confidence and things go bad, there is ADHD, Forget the random disorder hocus pocus thinking, Keep it hard logic, your a kid and you cant think, you are at big problem… And kids before they get ADHD every one of them will be in a state of zero confidence, and not thinking and ADHD then is able to occur. AD ATTENTION DEFICIT AD.. sure is not ideal but it is up from the zero, and ADHD, is basically a trigger or short thoughts that show as attention deficicit.. It is a trigger to continue thoughts and not another NO for a kid who cant concentrate…. And things have changed, toxic people have risen, busy lives, more learning , instability, weaker minds, you name it, everything is more and more NO for a kid these days. There are other things as well, but its ADHD and not the world development problems…

And yes other blogs have the real proof, but lets try 10 things just to see if this may hold.. When there is fake knowledge, everything real wont work at the first step everytime. So the ADHD book and most experts say is somthing, but it just no logic, reason, or works at all and keep neuro that brain and claiming the breakthrough, but the second there is no logic, it just a complete fall down, and PAST ADHD knowledge is good for proving this ADHD and the name is actually the most spot on and when first called that, was for a reason and the closest to ADHD being discovered that moved to zero, and my no knowledge was a big thing.  ADHD is a book on study behavior that is great and really really true.. Then there is the lead up to ADHD that isnt there, the parent section as kids cant teach themselves or think for themselves.

Of course when there is no cause, there is no understanding, there is no therapy, i assume, there is drugs for children and notice behavior and diagnosis.. Which is great when numbers get large to count them all, so you can then be the biggest problem in the world. And there is no logic chase… Lets just stab at ten things to see if they hold

NUMBER 1) well emotions develop from thinking… Is there other mental illnesses that tend to occur for those with ADHD….yes yes yes.. you are near 100% dep/anx/ptsd… There ocd, odd/dyx If you thought otherwise… why….not i disagree….why..

Number 2) So if this is true, then adhd neuro will be at zero… Bingo bambo bongo… Trillions down the gurgular, they not sure what there looking for… Tough job… looking for something that has no reason for even looking at that..

NUMBER 3) when you cant think long, learning hard and its not really possible to keep up with ADHD. Its just nightmare after nightmare,

number 4) Its well known, adderall for ADHD is Meth. Ritalin is speed/cocaine.. Its just a a really a theme, of a process that needed to stick to fact or logic to work out, And what can you say when ADHD medication is METH. I dont care personally, its called focus,  directing that focus would be then more benifit, whilst young it can be used with other therapy to remove ADHD.. logic focus —increase– attension span

Number 5)People of poor socio economic background will have various problems, especially in teaching little children

Number 6)I did get lucky, but i basically encouraged thought. A child 6 and under is able to be normal and fixed if you like, Parent is the only factor. That has been done, I would say up to ten is just a matter of increasing the intensity, but parent and other disorders are in play and its not proven,

Number 7) Its a personality disorder like all others so the brain isn’t our thinker… Its a shock and but, no one ever discovered the brain to be able to do any thinking. There has never been any indication it can and the picture of a head and arrow to brain with the word, will cause that effect.

Number8)The AD triggers the H stands for hyperactivity.. When your say 5, running around or being Hyper will do what? Yes, allow the sensors to trigger thought… Then you got a chance. The disorder has all the elements needed to be fuctional, and it straight up fits in the mind model that just never fails..

Number 9) Some Psychiatrist will not diagnose ADHD, Some will blame the parent.  parent doesnt take responsibity, will report psych and its a career decision.

Number 10)

Maybe, its worth a lot of money….

It wasn’t what i consider a factor, but of course it has to be and its a great reason anyway if you need incentive to fix a problem or solve an issue that needs fixing if there is money to be made. The stuff i worked out maybe worth a bit so i am keen to find a way that might set my family up and others. But i am also wanting to be effective in some mental illness related problems.

I will chop out the mountains of personal stuff and keep it simple and i had got to a point over a year ago now that i knew how people get mentally ill and it was already very much part of the number of reasons that were being the main ways you get mental illness.

I and the whole little world that i knew, seemed to not have the concerns with mental illness that the rest of the world seemed to be having and basically up untill 2 years ago, i didnt really have much knowledge about mental illness other than what everyone knows.  I had worked in a prison even and done a few shifted in ward criminals who were mentally ill and i still really didnt or care what the story was and i just had the everyday thoughts about mental illness.

But after a fair bit of work and this is not even my opinion, it is fact and not hidden even that Mental illness is basically a series of disorders and personality disorders that is quiet high in persentage and numbers, and there isn’t really any ideas, or ways to recover from any of it and the numbers are heading up and its not that sure of the numbers but its just not what you expect on any level.

And it wasn’t say a thing that was just an issue where i ‘m from, it was the same all over and what i had worked out from really just learning a lot of general stuff from big groups of different types of mentally ill people was more than what was being understood and no matter which way i looked at it, it was just that i understood the cause of mental illness and the industry didn’t at al, and over the years there were similar thoughts, but i was at stone cold proof that just couldn’t be even argued. Whilst at the same time, i couldn’t just think that professionals and research all over was just missing something like this and being this discoverer of really insane amount of effort with no result a really possible was not really going to be something and i kept progressing and working things out.

I basically had some kind of knowledge that was correct and it enabled me with more and more learning to progress in an area where ther has been no progression what so ever in history really. I didn’t know and know one even talks about it that the cause is not known and there is no thereapy and mental health is just these areas.. As well as the area of medication, that also is not any secret or something i worked out, but common knowledge and that the medication doesnt fix the mental illness, but is reduces the suffering in various ways and amounts and is really needed as the suffering is high..

Over time i just progressed and did not have an understanding of what i was trying to achieve, i just kept working things out. I would just get knowledge from groups of mentally ill people and could answer there posts and i just got more knowledge that i could apply to other knowledge and would then go further. I would always type what i was actually thinking and there is a record the whole way of trying to work out mental health related things. There is books worth, and it was always just sent or saved and i haven’t looked at any of it but date and time is always there and i can prove everything that i worked out and even how i deducted the thought and its not just like a proof, its just proof, no opininion or doubt, its straight up a puzzle that never misses and you cant even find a hole in it.

Also it actually makes sense and there isnt any strange occurances and in life there never even has been any thing weird happen. But it is not the case that you can go to research of a disorder and even tell them or show the proof, like on some level you would expect and is just a situation i’m not that really wanting to know about.

The group is a lot about just not having information that doesnt help me, but to get it to be used and in an effective way.. And also to progress is how i see it.  Its something that happened and i always been the solver or mathematical minded person, but the documentation and presentation, english skills and grammar are a reflection of the things im good at. I’m just not interested ever in this stuff and im not able to do it.  So getting people to understand and know the landscape and then do the documentation and then also have like a group effect of something, that is needed and i see there is monetary gain and cant see how pushing  proof on someone is going to work and its just my idea how to sort out this proplem.. i was Just thinking even one mental illness and then the rest will just be given as your now then just able to have people want to go through all the things that i did and then its just done or something other than what it is… ADHD is kind of the biggest problem these days, and i think even able to be understood easiest.  I feel its just pin point but research is focused on something that isnt possible so it is hard to say to a professional, that this is it and that is not it i seen as the first problem, amougst others and if you can believe it, my life at the moment…

I starting this group with these people

Its just a group, people i picked off my friends list, and will see where it goes. If you interested or if you leave or invite people who you think might be interested is all good and im just seeing where it goes or if i pick up something that i need to consider. Everyone is a good person, from what i know and maybe i add some more. I just see how it goes to start of the idea and not sure myself other than i worked out some things that could be opportunity for me or even others.


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