HOPE—sounds like it all i got, but its weekends you..

I will always have hope, but it hurts when you drop your guard just a little when it comes to this sort of disorder


Today i had that feeling of hope running through my body today, It had been a while since id had this feeling, but i remembered it well. I get it when i try something that i hope will better my situation by rely on someone or organisation and it comes to nothing, today i had this weakness type feel even before everyone has ignored me. It all  started when i seen a post from this kid on facebook.””im going to be on a current affair” He is not a friend but someone i had met in the mental institution. He is 19 and a type of non-violent psychopath in a vegitative state. They had him diagnosed as Bi-Polar and the first day he come into my room  and just sat down. Deep voice that never changed and said Im Jarod im Bi-polar and im really smart and have an iq of 142. He told me some other things about how good he is as well. I gave him a number pattern that about 99% of people wouldn’t get and he got it. They kicked him out and every time i looked up he was staring through the window of the door at me like a zombie. The next morning about 4 o clock you could hear this voice all through the ward and after a bit i jumped out of bed and and thought “i know that monotone type sound” hes a bloody malignant narcissist the same as my ex-partner” and he was. His mum was on this current affair show saying that the hospital turned him away. At the end of it she said “when i visited jarod in hospital he was banging his head on the concrete and frothing at the mouth and the nurse said No he is not he is sleep” All complete bull shit. The real reason was that his mum found out that i knew he was a malignant narcissist and she got scared and got him out. The reason he is a vegetable is from the abuse from her, but i didn’t give a shit, i sent in my story to the show as well. I wrote that there is serious problems down there, i was there for 62 days, i have no history of mental illness or violence and my psycho ex put me in there and said she was terrified of me. They believed it and wouldn’t let me out, destroyed my business and diagnosed me with a delusion disorder of malignant narcissism (doesn’t exist) and i have proof that she is, but these doctors wouldn’t take a look. I’ve attached just one video for now as most of em have her in them or my older boy and for now i better not show em. This is my little one, sweetest little boy ever, scared shitless of his mother and taken so she can abuse him. Haven’t seen him in 9 months and not even a report of his well being. Malignant’s don’t have feelings so i wont be getting one either. Anyhow i have about 1000 videos and 200,000 pictures she took in secret of how they abuse. Its all brain washing and images of the kids suffering. So basically i am the only person ever to see the abuse process. This disorder is secretive and would never risk getting caught but i got these by accident. With in icloud there is also a secret icloud, there you can put things and it bypasses the usual one that can be shared. She would then send them via team viewer straight to her parents in germany so they could see them getting abused. They have the disorder to. Before she left she hacked the computer i think and linked her cloud onto my computer and found out i could see the latest photos she was taking. I could see the boys were terrified and she cut access straight away. I know she has hard drives of something she never showed me, She must of deleted the secret library and i had just smashed my phone. I used a data recovery tool to get the pictures off it i needed and ended up recovering all her shit to by chance. I thought that will get me the boys back but as of yet it aint that easy. Anyhow being diagnosed with a delusion and have about 300 gigs of her own proof is about the dumbest thing i ever saw. I will give you a indication of how long 62 days is.. Attempted suicide will get out the next day. So i told the tv show and also about this suicide to juice up my case a bit more and maybe, possibly(hope) that will get my boys back. This type of psycho works like this. Once exposed as in others know, they will drop the kids even (she has nothing but hate for them anyway) and will relocate. Writting in to the tv show is not something i really want and nothing of it yet, but i will do anything to get em safe. I also tried with other organizations and when you do something that gives you hope it is such a week emotion compared to the hightened state im in that you feel sick nearly. I know its just a day but i remembered it from the start when i was telling my story and no one would or could believe it and all this child protection stuff i thought was in place is not.

Meet my boy,  He is about two months old. To most this is odd, certainly impossible to justify. To a malignant the abuse starts early and its never physical. The hot air and noise will scare the living shit out of a two month old, But when a baby feels air, it causes a reflex action to hold there breathe, The second child is abused sadistically. There is about ten of these with the hairdryer. She was doing it every day to him. Malignant do the same thing over and over. Everyday feels like the same when your with one.

Author: Linking up the mind emotions abuse illness and recovery

Sydney Australia, My blog is about what i have learned and been through emotionally when you loose you kids to a disorder that goes way beyond the realms of what is possible to believe. It looks into what comes after psychopathy and to a place i consider the end. It is a fight that doesn't end until the kids are safe and loosing is not an option. I blog so people can understand how certain disorders cause wide spread suffering and mental illness to many. I write constantly to get the emotion and thought out of my system. Bottling up what im going through is not an option. I come from a world where there was no suffering and no understanding of mental illness and the spectrum of psychopathy into a world of child abuse, manipulation and broken people that cause suffering and they enjoy it. I blog about abuse, i blog about the system, i blog about the evidence i have , i blog about psychopathy type disorders, i blog about how abuse causes mental illness and current methods of recovery being irrelevant. I encourage comment and conversation and a raised awareness to my two boys who are going through what is considered the worst know abuse known to man. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIS ABUSE. The one known evil. It doesn't tell the truth ever, it doesn't believe its doing anything wrong, but waits till doors are shut and goes about it, then comes out like all people who abuse children. Like nothing happened. What people dont seem to ever understand is that psychopaths don't walk around with a big sign pointing out there crimes. They never did. You cant spot em, you wont even know someone that knows one. But everyone knows more than one. They are everywhere they just blend in. But i know how to spot em, its easy and it has nothing to do with there look or there eyes

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