Mental Abuse —-but is it wrong

Its brutal but is it illegal


Forget being subjective, or your opinion or even mine, is there an actual breaking of the law that is either punishable or something that requires action to be taken where the kids are bought to safety

Well i guess its debatable, things that come to mind are, its not against the law to deny a father any access or update from his children for 11 months, its not against the law to brain wash a you child(by that i mean i can show on video the brain washing), Its not against the law to steal money over a five year period(our situation was that she set up the accounts so that child care was paid in full and the rebate and family allowance went into a personal account that i had no access to $80000). A hospital can not order treatment of a mental illness, the system is set up so a person has to want and get the help. Is it breaking the law to steal a car that in the eyes of the law is joint possession(forging signiture maybe), its not a crime to ask for possession of a car in exchange for a visit with a child, I’m sure its a crime to put a fake AVO on someone but proving she lied is not practical. Is it a crime to turn family and friends against you, it is a crime slander someone but she does it in a special kind of way that leaves all interpretation up to the individual. She never gave an incident of anything that happened, she just expresses concerns about mood, sleep. paranoya, mental illness, her safety,child  maintance, changes uncontrolable behavior, not working, which are all bull shit, but is it slander when you make it look like your concerned, Being able to breakdown and cry at any moment, when discussing this is not a crime, manipulating people is too hard to prove, cant prove all the times she poisoned me with food. It maybe a crime and report to a hospital that you threatened to kill her, but how am i going to prove that, You are allowed to phone friends and try to turn them against me, Would be hard to prove a smear campain. Reporting anomously that part of a sauna roof is too close to the boundry fence at your own house is definetly not against the law, Filming mass amount of strange stuff secretly is not against the law. Basically you can do what ever you want to someone as long as there is no law breaking. You can do what ever you want with children as long as someone doesn’t see or there are no marks. Basically you can make someone life a living hell in the right condition and there ain’t a thing anyone can do about it. I could go on here with similar stuff for ever.

The things i try to base everything around because people just cant fathom that she is this disorder are the video and photos she took when no body was watching. Is this a crime, or something that authorities should take action.

My big ticket it seems, is that a hair dryer is being used on a child at about two month old. That get a variety of reactions from, call the police, call family service, to thats cruel, odd , what is she doing that for, , its all unexplainable stuff, but also one person said its done in a loving manner.  Its definetly ass assault to put a hair dryer on a new born i would think, No mind would ever say that it is allowed.

Another video that would be assault on some level is putting a used nappy into a baby face repeatedly and filming it. I guess no one will ever say, yeah that allowed, but in the video that before Jacob was 1 yr old he was such a happy kid, you can even see he likes it.

Mental abuse is against the law of a child, It is clear its brainwashing, it was done in private with the camera on. There were positive re-inforcements by way of a full mouth full of chocolate, but the problem here people don;t have a understanding of brain washing, and other thing similar. Its like a policy that makes it illegal, but no body in the past would of filmed the selves doing it. no body would believe the bad effect from this kind of stuff.

Its not a crime to not help you child if he is in distress, nor is it to play the piano, same song when he is crying at the same time.

So here is my predicament, if there is no crime is anybody ever going to look into this situation. As a collective of information there can be no doubt, but that would require someone to care enough or some type of media coverage. I feel i’m trying to go down that road one day… Now is that a crime to do that

Author: Linking up the mind emotions abuse illness and recovery

Sydney Australia, My blog is about what i have learned and been through emotionally when you loose you kids to a disorder that goes way beyond the realms of what is possible to believe. It looks into what comes after psychopathy and to a place i consider the end. It is a fight that doesn't end until the kids are safe and loosing is not an option. I blog so people can understand how certain disorders cause wide spread suffering and mental illness to many. I write constantly to get the emotion and thought out of my system. Bottling up what im going through is not an option. I come from a world where there was no suffering and no understanding of mental illness and the spectrum of psychopathy into a world of child abuse, manipulation and broken people that cause suffering and they enjoy it. I blog about abuse, i blog about the system, i blog about the evidence i have , i blog about psychopathy type disorders, i blog about how abuse causes mental illness and current methods of recovery being irrelevant. I encourage comment and conversation and a raised awareness to my two boys who are going through what is considered the worst know abuse known to man. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIS ABUSE. The one known evil. It doesn't tell the truth ever, it doesn't believe its doing anything wrong, but waits till doors are shut and goes about it, then comes out like all people who abuse children. Like nothing happened. What people dont seem to ever understand is that psychopaths don't walk around with a big sign pointing out there crimes. They never did. You cant spot em, you wont even know someone that knows one. But everyone knows more than one. They are everywhere they just blend in. But i know how to spot em, its easy and it has nothing to do with there look or there eyes

2 thoughts on “Mental Abuse —-but is it wrong”

  1. Get rehab. If you ain’t a Meth addict, go back to the psych ward. Pretty simple stuff… You don’t have a drug problem, but you lost your license driving under the influence of drugs. You don’t have a drug problem, it was just this one time with the prostitutes who need to do it to get through their day, they’re ok but because now you’re a discharged mental health expert? You don’t have a drug problem, you just cut the back off your shed to make it not watertight or closed so your gear would be safe? You don’t have a drug problem, but you wanted to cut through the structural bottom of the car you now protest about looking for something that didn’t exist, until I stopped you? You don’t have a drug problem, but after your ‘family’ came to clean up your mess, you insanely abused the people who thought it’d make sense for a bloke to not have a crack pipe on his kitchen bench when his missus came back with his kids. You don’t have a drug problem, but you’ve got nothing else left to suggest that you don’t? Get help…


    1. I just seen your reply. I didn’t read it all but im sure I know what it says. im not returning your abuse with the same old return shit and just take care of your own. I aint interested In defending myself to you. there is nothing I could say to change your mind anyway.. I kinda haven’t had nothing to do with you for a year and you still hounding me. Just forget it. I BEEN ABUSED FAR WORSE than anything you could say and im not interested in you guys anymore. I lost that battle long ago. Whats your plan to just sneak about following my stuff calling me a drug addict all your life and me only caring what is still real.. Do you really think someone changes there spots when they become a drug addict anyway like this. Just chill, I aint in the cicles you run and not interested in your dribbling the same old abuse… who the fuck writes about the tough times there going through while on drugs any way


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