A simple way to look at it is with dogs.. We all have a grasp of how dogs are. Good dog,a good owner. My dog is breed to hunts wild pigs. She is good size she is really strong, fast, intelligent. She is the most gentle loving animal you could meet. She is great with kids and will not bite. You come up to me and say, Mate you dog just bit my daughter in the playground. I will be able to look you in the eye and say, if there is a shred of evidence in that being true, I will give you my house, my car, if I owned a 100 million dollar business I would give you that too. Even if the child was hitting her with a stick and forcing her hand in the dogs mouth the dog would not even apply jaw pressure. Its just how she is with how she been raised i a way that will not have her be agressive

Try and get her to change something instinctively like dont go after a rabbit running around, your will have more chance of binking the lotto 1000 times in a row. Dogs are born in a certain way where they are going to act like that. It how nature has made them. They do not have the same intelligence and there emotions will not act the same as our. They will act in a similar design, probably far simpler but they will act in a way to protect from danger. If she was wild she may be a lot more territorial, and aggressive, basically she will develop to her enviroment, she will never stand on the side of a hill like a goat as there not like that but will find a place somewhere that will suit a dog.  If she was mistreated in anyway like I kicked the crap out of her when she was doing something wrong over and over, it would be a different story. She would act like a dog for the rest of its life like someone kicked the crap out of her.  It will be equilivant to a human having a disorder. A dog simply cant take it emotionally have the shit kicked out of it and then being locked in a yard and fed  and dependant on the person kicking her .. For the rest of her life she will be scared. A dog emmotions knows if it is going to survive than it need to take a scared stance and pity might be had, also to protect and be ready for the next kicking, if a dog emotions worked to retailiate againgst there abuser, then they would of been killed long ago….

If she was left in the yard ignored she would act like a dog ignored. It will be hard to train her as her mind will not be able to react, There  are long days to be stuck in a yard and a dog need a run around, Most dogs just cant sit in a yard for days on end and then expect them to magically train em selve, they will have to emotionally change to the mind numbering bored life you have made for her. Most dogs are built to run about and they need it to have there head right and develop, they need encouragement to learn to do as told, some praise for being a good dog and effection. You do that and you will have a good dog.. You will never see a dog who has been raised good take on the characteristics of an abused dog and when you dog and when you do, as it will be from what the owner told you, and you can believe the owner as you know him and he is a great guy and maybe he even does volunteer work for the wild life foundation and you trust him more than you do your self, if that dog is scared of its owner and other people then either he has abused the dog or someone is sneaking in the yard and doing it. They are your two options. It is up to you what you want to believe.

Basically my point is that your emotions are only going to reaction to what they have been put through and when that is not even knowledge or in consideration as being fact, then in trying to fight or do anything to help in this area, your going to be taking a stab at a problem with out looking at the issues. You are basically not going to come up with the right answer as often as if you would if you had the correct information.

But that focus loss right there at the start, blocks the next part of understand the human mind. We are not dogs, we need more thana walk and a lot more learning and mental stimulation. Just because you were never physically abused doesnt mean you been emotionally encouraged the right way. Just being bored and left alone and not encouraged to think and all of this will have an effect as well on there mentally. Its part of the way we are.   We get mental stimulation from using our mind and seeing and felling different things,  We  mind to think so when there is a problem we are able to deal with it in a logical manner and divert any issues that may arise.   Throw in confidence and self esteem awareness and keep analysing everything as you emotions reacting to every little situation  in life.

When looking at mental illness in genaral and the bigger picture ,  there need to be some focus on the actual issue … Step 1 someone shows signs of a certain mental illness.  Sso a knowledge base would be around that there is probability that he has gone through this sort of stuff.. So a treatment over time can be develop were those things that happened to this kid can get addessed  in a manner designed appropriate, where understand is shown to the abused child and what he is saying is able to be under by health worke. The will be trained and knowlable on how disorder  act and the enotional responses of that child. Mental health is basically about mental illness and the people who abuse to give the mental illness.

If someone was ever to claim that there is something wrong with there parent, the knowledge of disorders is so low that the parent will get asked, and the parent will no and make up some story and the doctors who sees the kid as not being very nice and a bit of a ratbag shoves him back into the abuse  and the kid on any level was seen to be understood and hurts the situation even more. Myself, as my partner is a malignant narcissist, phones the hospital and says im out to get her and they believe it. They dont know that its impossible to be having narcissistic delusions, they dont have a clue that the whole ward is full of  narcissist abused children..  But understanding the abuse and the disorder and the illness will have to match up in recovery or attempts in recory  if recovery doesnt work.. One mental illness may have a dramatic effect on using your brain while the other one need to be repaired emotionally.  It all lines up how a person emotions work..

When you knowledge base is effected at the start of understanding a bigger picture it continues all the way down the line and for me right to the very end. At present there is no cure or treatment for any mental illness. The however many quad drillions spent is doing nothing.. Well its going backwards at an increasing rate, but that’s just an opinion based on what I see, but more I can only see it being able to progress backwards.
Mental illness are the same all over the world, everyone is born as a person and they develop in a way emotionally how they are treated emotionally. Myself, I am 44 and all my life I have acted and felt basically in a way that reflects my upbringing. I am one of 5 children and the only one who is a step child to my mother. I look completely different to all my brothers and sister, complete different intelligence but we all ended up the same.
To work out this simple concept that your emotions can only be from what they have been exposed to now seems logical and just makes sense. It seems like an easy thing to work out. I would put it more in the category of nearly impossible to work out and only out and to even think about this concept was nothing that entered my head for 43 years and was not derived from a thought I had, a belief, It came about from working to get my boys back harder than anyone has worked in history on any project. I was working harder with the clearest mindset I would say possible and metal but more over emotional strength at levels that no one will understand. I also only has focus on this, the rest of life was wiped right down to not opening a letter, I didn’t know what day it was, I would start without thought when I woke up and continue till I fell asleep when ever that happened. Some 12 hrs, often 2 days later and there was no effort to do it, no burn out. I understood what to do to be stronger emotionally and keep opening up my mind capabilities to do this. I began tro understand how my emotions worked to be as strong as I desired to keep fighting for my boys

check out more about shaya, she is with a friend now and i dont think he will give her back, she has lost a bit of her training and is a dominate female, but hangs out with 2 other dogs and my mate has three kids. She sleeps in there bed at night and have access to the whole house nearly all day, there is someone always around and misse going down the river and a few things, but doesnt have to go through her owner not being home half the day and focused on the getting the kids..

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