ABOUT THE BLOGS—-its complicated

These videos and pictures, also sound recording and lots of other things are all from her(the person or disorder), she secretly filmed all this, and by chance I recovered it via delete data recovery. Its shows her abusing the kids malignantly and she was sharing it with her disordered mother, There are aound 100,000 picks and 1000 videos. Its all the same thing and while you will not have anything like this yourself, its all malignant child abuse that destroys your mind and there is no come back
This is not her fault, she can not act any other way, it is a disorder, that cant be fixed and things could go bad for the boys if the disorder feels threatened, More than likely she will disappear with out warning
Read the next blog, you can see Nathan doesn’t look right and certain thing you wont be able to work out whats the reason but it is as bad as it can be. Its not capable that you areable to understand what this disorder is. It is the only thing classed as evil. It has been much worse that I can put forward here. Also I know you couldn’t of picked it, She was my partner, so think I ws sucked in the most.. But its called manipulation and there is eery chance she can do it better than anyone in the world
A lot of the things in this blog, you will find that you are not able to understand. This is about a disorder that is not capable of being understood. It takes years to adjust you level of thinking to be even able to comprehend it and that is if you live with it and have been abused by it. I am not crazy, you are not stupid. It’s the end of what is possible in the mind, the one EVIL and PREDATORIAL.

I am not against the person, I will not refer to the disorder as that, it is my best attempt to try and get the boys safe before there a disorder as well. NO CHILD CAN COPE WITH HOW SHE IS, ITS IMPOSSIBLE. If Nathan is with her for too long he will become malignant..100% that is the situation.. If you say that its not right you are saying that the most
extreme form of child abuse is acceptable.
The disorder and hence her are not possible to offend. Its why she has a disorder, it is to protect her ego from the abuse that she suffered as a little girl at the hands of her mother. Abuse causes mental illness and disorders and this is the most extreme you can get. The only way you can offend is psychiatric treatment or imprisonment as she is addicted to sufferi ng of to feed her ego like a drug.
me and you are only in her life if she can use you for her benefit.. She has no anything for the kids, for me, for you, her mother, no one.. There is zero emotions.. No jealously, she hates everyone the sa
None of this is made up and while I try to restrict as much of my children being on line its, better than if there disordered and never have a life… Do not express your thoughts if they entail my children being put through hell. Its not able to be understood, you just have to see there is something wrong and leave it at that. Its not your fault that’s its not possible to understand and if you really think im wrong I can personalize as much proof as humanly possible to look at
Also if you know the person and are thinking, but but but… go and see if a conversation is possible where she has 1%understanding of others, emotions, tell me one of her interests, a tv show.. 99 % of te converstation she cant do… ask her if there has been an incident she can recall about all the stuff she goes on about me… its how they manipulate and she cant give details, she cant even make things up
Its save Nathan and Jacob or they will be vegetables… There is no doubt

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