When you  know what causes and how mental illnesses works, it makes it possible to the fix them. Basically mental illness is caused by the brain reacting to something (usually some form of abuse) thinking over and over again where the person gradually feels worse and worse where a disorder then takes over the way of thinking not allowing the continual decline. Mental illness can stop the forever decline. Problem is the level that it leaves you is such a difficult low spot often and no way of working out a way to back to recovery.

There are so many disorders out there, that I haven’t looked into or even aware of them all, but dep/anx/add/adhd/ skitz, borderline, psychopathy, narcissist are all caused by certain types of abuse and its as simple as that. This is mental illness and by that it means mental. There is no other reasons. Is not heritadary, or a lottery out there to see if you get mental illness and to prove this there a number of simple theories that I cant really prove. But more to the point that they cant be disproved and all work in together to all make sense. The current framework that basically shows that there is no level of even real knowledge into causes and recovery from mental illness.

Its a big topic and it will take a long time to explain. I am just going to blog in order at 2000 words at a time and hopefully, something understandable in around 20,000 words will come of it.  I don’t expect anything to come of it. There are already so many theories and pre-concived ideas out there and no im not a doctor. I’m someone who has been through a lot and worked it all out over the period of about a year and virtually used no references in my research. They are all wrong and would not of helped one bit. They would of actually hurt, and my very limited knowledge from a couple of years ago needed to be forgotten to get any where.

Im not ready to make any claims that I know how to fix any mental illness, but certain illness in ideal conditions can be fixed 100%. Not sure how realistic it is to undertake any process to fix any mental illness, but I know what is required.

It really was a miracle of sorts to go through all the things I did to understand how these mental disorders are caused and how they work. Even to the point that it was never going to get worked out. I also used drugs to open up my mind and for longer continued thought or to be able to think for days on end about what I was discovering. I also am very intelligent in a mathematical type brain way of thinking and that was the key to working it all out.

How the brain learns and process information it receives is the only consideration in how mental illness are caused and it will be also how to fix them also. When the brain learn bad ways to process information and also receives information that it can not process in the form of abuse mainly then it causes emotions to strain.

The brain can only process what information it learns and how it learns it. The first disorders that can arise are in young children in the form of ADHD.  This is where the brain is not taught right and cant think properly and often gets to much negative information, instead of being encouraged right and a little child’s emotions struggle as it tries to work things out that it hasn’t been taught correctly and the brain starts to switch off and lose attension. The cries out for help in the form of bad behaviour are met with more negative teachings and a disorder takes over to handle the lowering of there emotions.

Its something I fixed in my own child when he was a three year old. He was being taught very poorly by his mother who is the end of all disorders and a type of psychopath who was teaching a reverse way of learning. Its called Malignant narcissist and is the first disorder I learnt and the hardest of all to comprehend. Working backwards and onto lesser disorders was made easier as I had this extreme knowledge of how disorders work.

Disorders are disorders. They are virtually fixed and cant be changed. You can inprove yourself, but you cant change how a disorder is. I tried that and it was met with exactly 0 % improvement or change. Focusing on how to remove a disorder and how disorders get there and what is needed to remove them is the way to remove them. And its basically reversing what ever process if its possible to determine that caused the disorder to get there and then continuing on this line until there gone. Ive done it with ADHD, anxiety and people have come out of depression, but maybe unsure of the process that they used.

When I was younger I played a lot of online poker, and some people with depression and anxiety were able to come out of mental illness and I never gave it any thought, but now I understand what happened with them. And its basically the model that should be followed to get out of all mental illnesses.

Poker to most people is a gambling game, but it is far from that. It is a game of skill where the people that are the smartest and study the hardest are the ones that succeed. instead of there depression or anxiety disorders being able to think all day, was replaced with thinking about poker all day. A poker is a special way of thinking.  People used to play many games at once and requires a many decisions to be made. It is basically distracts your disorders from thinking the same old thoughts and you become engulfed in learning new things. You train your brain to think and make a decision over and over. There is no time to dwell on any one thing before another decision needs to be made. It was also a big community of people learning and communicating and people were making lots of money doing this.  Dorky kids with issues became rich popular kids with money to burn. There confidence grew as they made more and more money after time kids with extreme anxiety and depression had recovered with out even trying.

The poker land scape is not like that any more and is nearly impossible no, but the same philosophy can be applied to other things to fight mental illness. For example a job that you enjoy and are learning intensively or being aware of the need to learn and process information in this quick way and not cyclical thought information that is generally being thought in a cyclical nature, because it is not true or there is no answer. And that is what abuse does. It is not true, your brain can’t process it .

So what is abuse. Abuse CAN BE PHYSICAL, SEXUAL OR MENTAL. But it all effects you mentally. The physical and sexual abuse is something im not familiar with. The disorder my ex-partner has is even non-violent, but it produces the most mental illnesses.  After talking to many people with mental illnesses, there is a real correlation in the type of abuse to the type of disorders that you get. And the type of abuse will have the brain in thought differently depending what has happened. Borderline and bi-polar are nearly all from sexual abuse, while skitzophenia is nearly all from a history of physical abuse. Its all from when they are children as well.

And the rest of disorders are from children as well that have had less than ideal childhoods. Sure there is a heap of mental illness you get latter in life, but the beginings are generally got when you are growing emotionally through your years you are with your parents.

To make this claim that abuse causes mental illness is met with a lot of haste. Many people claim that it runs in the family. But I can tell you now for certain, that if your mother for example has depression or anxiety and much sympathy for suffers with these disorders, but what are you going to be taught growing up as a child. You are going to be taught the thoughts of these disorders. You are going to not be encouraged to do things, Everything is negative and cyclical thinking by nature and you will miss out on so many things as people with these disorders don’t live normal lives.  You will learn negative and not be encouraged to do things and again causing that strain on your emotions to a low level where disorders hit.





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