I’m going to write about how I think emotions. What they are, how they work and the things that make you stronger, as well as weaker.

Emotions are that feeling we get inside of us every time we experience something. It seems like they are guiding us through our life. When you get a good feeling inside it also seems to make you stronger. But how does this feeling come about.

Everything we experience in life has to go through our mind first, so something in your mind gets triggered into giving you some feeling of what you have just processed by your brain. That sensation is trying to guide us through our life and is contributing to our way of thinking.

Each time we have A thought we feel something inside of us and that feeling registors with our brain and promotes the mind to want to have this type of thought again so you get that good feeling in yourself and back to your brain again. In a perfect world you would just do things that make you feel good all day long and life would be great.

But our mind or our brain does not have a choice in what it thinks about. It thinks about and tries to solve everything that it comes across. Everything it is able to relate to. So I guess the key is to expose yourself to as many things that allow your mind to be able to have good thought and back to giving you a good feeling. Or to minimise the exposure to things that give your mind a thought where the feeling is not something you enjoy.

So how is it that we continually experience feeling that we don’t enjoy and then on to that making us emotionally weaker when our emotions are clearly trying to keep us away from these things. There must be something inside of us that also leads us into paths that our emotions are trying to keep us away from.

Do our human instincts lead us into areas that do not feel good to give our mind a more challenging experience of thought looking for increased good sensations through our body by trying to fix something we may see as broken. Using the mind to see something broken and then to fix it gives a person a good feeling inside. Do we gravitate to the wrong kind of situations at times so we can fix them. Or do our human instinct naturally gravitate to certain people like our family or a partner as a position of safety, whether it is or isn’t what our emotions are telling us. Fixing someone would give you possibly the best feeling inside yourself and do we chase this feeling at times. I can say that I fixed my son from what would of been ADHD and by far was the best feeling I have ever felt inside myself and made me emotionally stronger as well.

Do we instinctively gravitate to our own family despite what feelings we are receiving from our emotions inside. Are our human instincts stronger than what our emotions are trying to tell us or when confronted with a toxic person from with in, do we sometimes gravitate to them as we may want to help them or fix them. Is it because we feel we are dependant on some people within and we are trying to simply fix our own over all situation with our brain that is trying to solve all problems that it encounters and is really striving for that positive feeling inside while it may seem like it is gravitating to a negative feeling it is experiencing over and over again, feeling emotionally weaker and on to one day mental illness

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