The way out of depression

If you have depression and are thinking if there is a way to beat it, then this may help. Think of your depression as a disorder and a set way of thinking and a separate entity to that of yourself. So there is you and there is depression disorder and the goal is to remove the depression disorder from you.

First try to understand that just before you got depression you would of been spiralling down emotionally or you were lacking confidence and had a low self-esteem. So you have to repair your self-esteem and confidence to a point where your depression disorder will go away. But this is going to be hard as your depression disorder is going to be holding you back and making you negative which is going to effect your confidence and self esteem and zap your emotional strength.

So how are you going to stop your depression effecting you if you are trying to get emotionally stronger. Think about the times when depression is not on your mind and it should revolve around the times when you were doing something and forgot about your depression for a given amount of time. Refer to this time as you were distracted from being depressed and what was it that distracted you to give you some moments of peace.

Now you need to work out a plan for example a period of a month where you have in place a set schedule of activity that will distract you from being in depressed thought. Now if you plan enough things where you are busy all day, then your mind or your brain will be able to experience lots of new thoughts that will give your emotions that good feeling they need to get stronger. Think about also how you can unclutter your mind from all the un-resolved issues that your brain will have or any cyclical thoughts.

It would also have to be a period where you are thinking a lot of positive thought and it may help to have positive thoughts even written down and for-sure be surrounded by good people and stay away from anyone at all toxic.

So if you were going to attempt to remove depression disorder from you and just be you again would require possibly a lot of preparation and new activities that you wont want to do or in the past you avoided these things. But assuming you work then a planned day might be something like getting straight out of bed and going to a gym class, then prepare a healthy breakfast and get ready for work. Clean up and spend extra time into yourself to look good. Have the radio or some feel good songs playing in the back ground. Go to work feeling positive and that none of the usual drama’s are going to get you down. Work a bit harder than usual and try to stay up beat and avoid any time to go back to letting your depression think for you. If you have a boring job, try to keep occupied by doing something as well as your work.

Do something for lunch and get supplies that you need for dinner and take plenty of time doing something good for dinner. You have lots of time to kill still where you are still needing to distract the disorder. Know what you are going to watch and have some back up feel good shows or other things you can do right up till you fall asleep, where it is going to be important that you fall asleep and not end up laying there trying to go to sleep and thinking. The first few days will be hard to keep occupied, so be really aware of a big effort the first few days and after that it will come easier and you will be feeling already a bit better which will motivate you even more.. Also think if its hard to stay motivated to keep doing things then look at the flip side of how much you were suffering when doing nothing and being in depressed thought as the alternative.

Try to engage with good people or friends a bit more and keep to being positive when thinking about your self. If you get emotionally stronger and distract your disorder then it will go. There is no other result that would be possible.


Author: Linking up the mind emotions abuse illness and recovery

Sydney Australia, My blog is about what i have learned and been through emotionally when you loose you kids to a disorder that goes way beyond the realms of what is possible to believe. It looks into what comes after psychopathy and to a place i consider the end. It is a fight that doesn't end until the kids are safe and loosing is not an option. I blog so people can understand how certain disorders cause wide spread suffering and mental illness to many. I write constantly to get the emotion and thought out of my system. Bottling up what im going through is not an option. I come from a world where there was no suffering and no understanding of mental illness and the spectrum of psychopathy into a world of child abuse, manipulation and broken people that cause suffering and they enjoy it. I blog about abuse, i blog about the system, i blog about the evidence i have , i blog about psychopathy type disorders, i blog about how abuse causes mental illness and current methods of recovery being irrelevant. I encourage comment and conversation and a raised awareness to my two boys who are going through what is considered the worst know abuse known to man. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIS ABUSE. The one known evil. It doesn't tell the truth ever, it doesn't believe its doing anything wrong, but waits till doors are shut and goes about it, then comes out like all people who abuse children. Like nothing happened. What people dont seem to ever understand is that psychopaths don't walk around with a big sign pointing out there crimes. They never did. You cant spot em, you wont even know someone that knows one. But everyone knows more than one. They are everywhere they just blend in. But i know how to spot em, its easy and it has nothing to do with there look or there eyes

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