Become “mental abuse” PROOF

By “mental abuse proof”, I mean that you develop a way so that when someone puts you down it doesn’t effect you. I just call it abuse. Within mental health especially depression often the person has gone through tough times mentally and been subject to mental abuse. Its more than likely the reason they have depression.

When you become educated on what is abuse, then the way your mind processes this type of information becomes much clearer. When some one close to you has the tendancy to put you down, its only natural that you take it to heart. But a lot of the damage it causes to you emotionally has to do with how your brain process this type of information and how you react to it.

Put downs are like some ones negative opinion of you. There nothing factual, but they hurt some people. Your brain tries to process this false information and it cant make sense of it. It tries over and over and gives you the feeling that you cant stop thinking about what that person said. It is just your brain trying to make sense of the information it is receiving.

When you know what’s abuse and what’s not abuse, it stops your brain trying to process this information as something factual and gives you a better chance of not taking any notice of it. You just know its abuse, and when you just know its some-one having a crack at you, the words become less important and don’t sting as much. You also are not so anxious when around this toxic type of person.

When you know that its just a put down, you become also less concerned at the content of what was being said and start to see what is wrong with the person singing out the put down. If you are not taking any notice of this type in-wanted advice and your not reacting to it and giving off body language of what is wrong with this person, the put downs die off pretty quick. These type of toxic people only target those people that are going to react or even listen to them. There none to keen on having there dribbling abuse words ignored and looked down on. Its the reason there putting you down in the first place.

There got there own issues and to ignore them they focus on other people and paste you in a light that is compatable to there low way of communicating and it makes them feel better about them selves for a small period of time. When you get good at ignoring it, it wont bother you at all and you wont even bother responding, you will just move more and more away from these type of people and closer to others that don’t want to effect you in a negative way.

It also allows your confidents to  grow as you are not under this cloud of negative thought that rolls around in your head. If you wanted some ones advice you would of asked for it in the first place as well. Non toxic people don’t go around giving there opionion on the actions of others. It will get you a smack in the head from some.


  1. Your entire blog is based on giving your opinions on the actions of others.

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Just having opinions doesn’t make a person toxic. Basically, you seem to be saying that the only way a person can be ‘non-toxic’ is to have no opinions (or to keep opinions to yourself) — that’s a bit narrow-minded.

    Having a blog actually opens yourself up to opinions, whether you want them or not, unfortunately.

    Sorry if my truthful comment has seemingly upset you, but that’s the way this goes. Saying that — I won’t be back. I truly hope you find your way out of this because where you are is not a good place. The problem is you ignoring things. Everyone else has the problem, it’s not you. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m actually very concerned — but you won’t see it as that, you never will.


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