There is no cure for mental illness…. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO THEN… Depression

At the end of the day all the common mental illnesses and disorders within mental health have no cure. It’s hard to believe that its true. There are millions of people who work in psych and do they work there whole lives and fix no one.

I guess that’s a good starting point. If there is no one or no method that can fix mental illness then does that mean its impossible. There is also not much understanding of how you get mental illness. Is it possible that there are millions of doctors and researches that work there whole lives and not know how you get mentally ill and then cant fix it either. There is a chance that within mental health that something has been missed and its a big problem and will continue to be.

If you break down a process sometimes things become much clearer.  I will try and break down the human mind to see what sections are not understood using depression as an example.

Step 1. To have depression there must be some kind of decline in ones mental state over a period of time. Breaking down that statement even further. What can cause a decline in your emotional state.  During a decline in your mental state what is happening and at what point do you go from a decline in emotional state to having depression. To be able to fix something mentally is going to require complete understanding as there is nothing tangible to fix.

So you will be trying to fix something that doesn’t exist is the first hurdle that needs to be rationalised. That something is referred to as your emotions and they are what gives you a feeling inside of you if something is good or bad.  Your emotions receive there information from your thoughts and you think with your brain.  You cant fix your brain and your emotions only can react to the messages it receives from your thoughts. So it can only be your thoughts that can cause a decline in your mental state.

During a decline in your emotional state can then be worded as “what are your thoughts during a decline in your emotional state”.  Its probably not going to be positive thoughts causing you a decline in your mental state. So are negative thoughts causing you a decline in your own emotional state.

Now we get our thoughts from our brain. Our brain is what we use to think and to learn. It takes in all things that cross its path as ways to learn and to solve life’s problems basically.  So to have enough negative thoughts to cause a decline in your mental state the brain has received information that it processes as negative and is effecting you emotionally.

When the brain receives information and it is negative it has trouble trying to rationalise the information and solve it. A brain will always try and solve things for you but when the information it receives is not true and negative it simply tries over and over to solve it and you end up thinking the same thing over and over and your emotions get hit with every thought. So while you may of thought something negative, if your brain has tried to process this thought over and over, you may of effected your self emotionally 1000 times. If the information you received is negative or a put- down on your self then your brain is cycling that information that is negative about you over and over causing a decline in your emotional state.

Also if your brain is thinking the same thing over and over, it will be distracted from it thinking about things that could be making you emotionally stronger or positive signals your emotions could be getting

.Over time if your brain is continually processing this negative information all the time, you stop thinking about new things as your mind is cluttered up with negative thought and what the brain misses out on is its opportunity to fix its emotions with positive thought and you continue to decline emotionally. At a certain low level of emotional state causes to much of a strain on the mind and depression disorder kicks in and stops you from declining to far, but leaves you at this low level and set way of thinking.

Put-downs, mental abuse, negativity or what ever you want to call it are hard for the brain to process and if it crosses to much of it, it can cause your emotional state to drop and for your mind to be cluttered up leading to depression. To fix it then you need to focus on clearing the mind and having your brain send positive signals to your emotions until you reach an emotional state where our depression will disappear.

Big problem is that your depression wont let you do this. You will need to distract the disorder with continual activity and positive thought for an extended period while you get stronger. Fixing depression is possible. Many people have gone through depression and come out the other side. They just were not aware how they did it at the time. The would of been busy and there emotions received the posititvety they needed. They may of gotten out of there negative relationship or home and were able to recover, but it would of been something similar to this process as that’s how depression works and nothing will effect it, apart from getting emotionally stronger and uncluttering your mind



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