Is it possible that psychiatry can understand that abuse causes mental ilness

Ive been through a series of incidents and don’t think its possible psychiatry or your therapist for those with mental illness understand that abuse (more to the point, child abuse) causes mental illness.

When you haven’t been through abuse I don’t think it’s possible you can understand what people have been through and will ignore the fact. I think its because the way a brain can think and learn. To learn something it is often a step by step process. By that I mean to understand something, often you need to understand something else first or your brain wont be able to understand and will have the tendency to switch off and ignore it all.

The easiest way to describe this effect is with mathematics, if you cant count you can’t do addition, if you can’t do addition you cant do multiplication, then on to algebra and many more, but there would of been times when you were sitting in class learning something and not been able to do something. Its not because you were not smart enough it was because there was something along the way you didn’t understand that you needed to work out the next piece of the puzzle. Your brain just hasn’t a chance to even think when you are not even understanding the question and you tend to switch off all together and not even try. If you don’t go back and learn this step it might even effect you for a long time and why some people fall way behind and down the bottom of class.

A lot of things i’m not good at or not interested in, I cant work out and I never think about them either but abuse and mental illness is something I understand and it wasn’t always that way. My first 42 years I had no idea about either and I just assumed I knew things, but in reality never had even thought about it and hadn’t even got to the thought that I hadn’t a clue about it, when the subject came up from time to time I would be just switching off.

But through personal circumstance I ended up in support groups on facebook for victims of abuse and then went on to join some groups with different mental illnesses like depression, borderline, bi-polar, schizophrenia and others. I had none of these disorders but I was learning about abuse and mental illness and this was the best place to learn I found.

After a while of chatting with lots of different people it was pretty evident in that the way you were abused as a child was the mental illness that you ended up with and the more abused the more form of mental illness the person had and it was like 100%. I didn’t know this was such a haisy area of mental health and there are about 1000 reasons why people get mentally ill, but I had only seen the one.

As I started to understand the whole thing more and more I found it hard to believe something as extreme as child abuse on the mind and what that person would of been through mentally causing the same effect as something totally random or some of the beliefs out there on what causes mental illness.

The first group I had joined was for victims of narcissistic abuse and these groups are quiet large and until I figured out my ex-partners disorder had certainly never heard of it. But the group is full of people with the same story how there partner had abused them and then turned the tables on that person and destroyed there reputation with lies and when the person tried to defend them selves and explain this disorder no one would listen and take the side of the abuser and im talking family member included amoungst those who would cross the floor.

Its known in the groups that people are not capable of understanding this disorder unless you have been through the abuse for an extended period of time.  Everyone had tried to explain their situation to those friends and family but none of them could ever understand there situation at all and was a complete waste of time.

My ex-partner went a bit further than that and claimed I was mentally ill and she was terrified of me and I ended up in a psych hospital. I was even diagnosed with a delusion disorder even though I have loads of proof of the disorder and they wouldn’t let me out for 62 days as they thought I was a threat to her. I had no history of mental illnesses or violence in 44 years and nearly the whole ward was full of people who where abused as children from this same disordered parents. In effect protecting those people who are causing the mental illness and not understanding there main group of people with mental illness.

With in mental health though its not established how abuse causes mental illness and there are a 1000 theories that all get consideration for being the cause and millions of people are researching anything but abuse causing mental illness. I think it is because how the brain in a human works. Most people in mental health are not mentally ill and haven’t been through abuse and not capable of understanding that abuse causes mental illness and are not considering it as a reason for mental illness despite the numbers. When you haven’t been abused you have actually learnt the opposite during your life and think parents are there to protect there children and there good childhood and there happy memory’s are so far off that of a child who grew up in complete hell and no-one has been able to understand what they had been through and save them from there childhood. But as therapist as well who are all we have to help the mentally ill are not even able to relate to what there been through and is another kick in the teeth for someone who has had a bad child hood, who is now living with mental illness and then the only help out there isn’t able to relate to them is a tough life to live.



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