There is NO mental health democracy in AUSTRALIA

I’m a quiet bloke, never been or caused trouble to any one in 44 years. The one time I need help was when I realised that there was something wrong with my partner and since have got to know the mental health system for all the wrong reasons. It may as well be called the “we support abuse system”. Its what people really on by experts as we don’t know about mental health. Im sure they do a good job but with me they messed it up and there is no recourse of action I can take and am left high and dry.

My ex-partner has a disorder that puts the kids in danger and I didn’t know what it was and she would never get help for it. But when I presented to mental health they told me I have a delusion disorder and forced me to stay in hospital and receive treatment. Its not a delusion as I went through the abuse for 8 years and can prove it with psychical evidence and I don’t have any other thing with it. I’ve not caused any issues and still don’t.

Anyway so it doesn’t look like they hold you against your will there is a mental health tribunal that you must go to as an involuntary patient and that’s a complete load of shit. They only take notice of what your doctor has to recommend and no body has ever been discharged that way. I end up staying in there for 62 days with nothing wrong and walk out of there a bit of a mess from the medication I was on that gave me bad anxiety and impotence. I couldn’t even express that I was not right as the last thing I wanted was more time in there. So I get out and get off the medication. I loose all my customers from work and am left stranded financially but after a couple of months i get over the anxiety that had me even suicidal and try and put things together again.

I hadn’t caused any dramas and no one heard a peep out of me but they admitted me again and of course I still think my partner is this disorder so they put me back on similar medication and this time on a CTO which means I have to stay on the medication or they will put me back on the ward and give it to me anyway. So after 14 days I get out and the anxiety hits me even harder this time, but at least im not suicidal, but can barely work and to tell you the truth im sick of being abused by the hospital and just want rid of them.

SO it takes a while to see the doctor again and as if he is going to just over turn what some other doctor has said. Im sure his heart will not be that invested in the case,  I have to go and get a second opinion that is going to take a while and keep receiving treatment in the mean time.

So I look at avenues to sue for medical negligence and I would have to get another psych to want to document that the first psych was negligent in my treatment and that fairy tale stuff if that’s going to happen. Even if he over turns the diagnosis it still doesn’t matter and I cant even lodge the claim in the courts for medical negligence.

I never bothered a fly, get locked up, put on meds, locked up again, force put on med, have he life and work destroyed, have to just allow the kids to be abused by a disorder and there is no re-course or even appeal against what they can do to you because there the experts. The experts don’t even understand what causes mental illness and how to fix any of it. There whole wards are full of narcissistic abused patients and they don’t consider that being abused could be the cause and if you complain about being abused they lock you up and think you are delusional.

Im left with a diagnosis that I have proof im not, on medication that makes my life a living hell and cant get off it, haven’t effected anyone and there is not a thing that I can do about it but to write a blog. I would hate to be a victim of child abuse in a system that allows it.

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