How you get ‘ANXIETY’

There are two main ways you get anxiety. I also know a third way and that is how I got it and what I have now. Its a not very fun illness and is the second time I have had it. You may say how can you get it twice as there is no real cure for anxiety if your in the anxiety game.

I got anxiety as a side effect from the medication I was mis-prescribed aand got it that way. I was forced to take anti-psychotics due to what they thought was a delusion disorder. There was no delusion and they were taking the word of someone who said she was terrified of me. Its a different type of disorder that becomes terrified of someone when they try to get them help for there disorder. It called manipulation and a long story but I’m 44 and had no mental illness until I took these anti-psychotics and got anxiety.

Life is not very fun with anxiety like I have it, the first time round I was suicidal and worrying about every little thing and was the most restless person on the planet I think. I got it the second time the same as the first time and still have it now. I usually write about mental health and depression as I understood that lllness more and how you get it and how you get rid of it, but I worked out how you get anxiety the main two ways.

I don’t know if it can be classes as proper anxiety as it a side effect from medication and went away when the medication wore off the first time but for sure it was a bad anxiety that I’ve experienced and still experiencing. I can tell you that when I came out of anxiety disorder I knew immediately it was gone and text some people in relief at 2 in the morning when I woke up on the sofa. I can tell you how you can get rid of it but im not sure its that possible as its about how you think and its not easy to change that but I see the two main ways that you get anxiety are from the following.

The first way is from some form of abuse whether psychical or mental abuse where you went back into an unpleasant environment that your emotions were giving you a feeling inside that was negative and you continued to expose yourself in this environment. Generally that is when you got it bad at home and over and over you go back into an abuseive environment you are not enjoying and you become more and more anxious at the very thought of it. Your brain thinks over and over about the unpleasant situation and the constant repeative worry about something puts a strain on your emotions and you develop a disorder called anxiety.

The other way is that you are taught to be anxious by someone, I guess your parent as that who teaches you thing when your growing up. Instead of beig encouraged to do things you are always told to not or to be careful or this and that will happen from a young age and you develop this worry about everything kind of attitude and end up not doing all the fun things out there and experiencing life for yourself. Your kind of taught to worry about things in your mind instead of just doing things and experiencing them and you develop anxiety, from again too much worrying and a weakening of your emotions by the over thinking process.

At this low level of emotional strength and high repeative thought process you emotions become to strained and you develop the disorder anxiety where you stay in this more constant type worry even if the issue that caused you anxiety is gone. Often adults can get it as well from being in an abusive relationship and there emotios not wanting to be in that environment and sometimes not that easy to get out of that situation due to financial pressures or just that you are a two forgiving of a person. Or they may get it from going into a state of constant worry about everything in life due to just the pressures of day to day activities.

Look out for blogs in the next few days about how you get rid of anxiety. Im sure you have been told before to not worry and it will be along those lies but I will think of ways not to worry and wont just tell you not to. I know that not possible when you got anxiety as I have it too. But you should know or be able to work out how you got anxiety from one of these two ways or something at least a little bit similar and if your ever going to fix a problem then you got to know what the problem was in the first place


Leave a comment if you have any ideas. Im not familiar with anxiety medications so I wont be able to help you there but what ever floats your boat and helps you through the days with this disorder is what you got to do at times… Is anyone one else impotent with it. Ten Viagra’s are not going to allow sex with me. Im getting a new psych to get off this medication soon and until then . Don’t worry, I got this about to be worked out how you fix this dam anxiety

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