I cant write about ADHD with someone of experience, I think I know how you get it and how disorders work so forgive me for the basic or generalisations they may occur in writing about something I don’t have the personal experience of going through the disorder.

For me ADHD is from issue in the way you learned things at generally a young age where your brain wasn’t able to solve some things it came into thought about and you lost confidence in being able to solve things in life that other people were able to. By that I mean for the brain to learn a lot of things it first has to learn something before hand to get u to that level of thinking or you simply wont know what is being said or taught to you and the brain has no other option but to switch off or find out whats steps have been missed in the learning process.

Now when your a child your not going to be able to do this so your only option when you haven’t been taught the right way is to switch off when there is something that you haven’t learned or seen before. When this happens with too may things your brain has been asked to solve you just switch off more and more. But its not possible you switch off and don’t do anything else and sit there quietly. You will do something else that maybe not is being asked of you and cause disruption. This disruption is meet with negative voice in saying “dont do that” , and you don’t know what to do now as you cant think about whats required as you haven’t been taught right and your ideas of what to do are being met with a big NO. And you go into distress about what you are feeling as a child.

As you become more disruptive you learn less and hear more negative teachings telling you No and to stop all the time, you loose friends and confidence in how to think and even to switch on your mind to start thinking about something as it is too difficult and you get lower and lower your confidence in general and ability to think as well as being told No all the time that you get a disorder to protect you from continuing the distress and going down this path to far.

Its how the brain works. It tries to solve all of your life’s problems that is put in front of it, When there is something that you don’t understand then it isn’t able to think about it on any real level and switches off and tends to think about the next thing it comes in contact with and forgets what it doesn’t understand. I don’t have adhd but I also forget a lot of thing. I was always this maths type individual and not a creative person. You can talk to me about creative things but im not able to process them with my mind and can hear you but not really listening. I will not be able to recall what you said or remember the whole situation again. Its no a problem as the creative stuff is all opinions and your brain doesn’t have to work things out as a matter of neccessatity. When I was young all the rest like maths and how to play in the play ground I was good as that’s all I learned when I was young.

But memory loss from having ADHD is the disorder not taking notice and allowing your brain to process this thought for some reason. Possibly because you don’t understand something and doesn’t want to distress your brain in ways that you do not enjoy so you tend to not be there in thought and not remember something. People can refer to it as selective memory as well, but if there’s something you do know about at your area of expertise then you will never forget what your brain comes in contact with. I can feel it as somethings im really good at and other im terrible and my mind and memory just goes for what it can do. Like mental health and how some people don’t understand your disorder. They cant understand it as there brain hasn’t been able to go through all the experiences that you have been through and when you are to talk about it or explain what you been through they just switch of and there brain comes into thinking about the next relevant thing.

I guess to combat this, you need to go back and learn a whole bunch of things that you not aware you missed learning and wouldn’t be something that’s possible, but being aware that if there is something you aren’t able to do or times you not able to think or have attension span to process thought that there something that has been missed with in your learning of things and don’t even try to think about it as you wont be able to remember it anyway. Then onto thinking why or what have I missed out on in learning something to not be able to understand something my brain is trying to process

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