I’m writing this blog as a look into why there are a lot of teen girls that get into trouble emotionally. There is a lot of research and concern for teen girls as to why there are such high rates of mental illness and suicide. As with all mental illness the biggest concerns are the factors that effects the person way of thinking and what is happening in life around them and effecting there way of thinking.

The main concern is the overall big problem with mental illness in that we don’t know as something of common knowledge how important it is to be emotionally strong and focus on this as a way of bringing up out children. Instead we are concerned with being over careful in life these days and not encouraging people to experience things growing up creating a negative worrying attitude from children instead of a emotionally more rounded person.

When a girl gets to the age of turning into a woman she will go through a period of extreme emotional development. During this time it is important to be as encouraging and understanding of girl to grow as strongly emotional as possible and go out and experience things in life and not create an environment that is confrontational or negative in nature. Girls seem to rebel against authority or from those that are not understanding there frustrations of things while there going through this period of emotional growth.

When emotions are going through a period of big change like this they are extremely weak and take a long time to get strong enough for some people especially those that all ready had weakened emotions due to child hood circumstance. Losing confidence during a period when you have weakened emotions is very likely in general as your more likely to take offences to negative things about yourself while being strong emotionally gives you less concern about the opinions of others.

If you start losing confidence and emotional strength through this period when you need to be getting stronger from your weakened emotions, it is more likely you can take things to heart and treat words friends or family say to seriously and your mind can take over and over think things in a negative manner causing you to lose even more emotional strength and confidence.  Once someone get to weak emotionally then they can slip into depression disorder and to be going through mental illness as a teen girl would be one of the most painful things in life and hard to grow from hear into a women. Not being able to see for an individual how there going to cope through life and having no confidence in how to get through the situation causes the obvious things such as suicide or self harm and a range of other disorders such as eating etc.

Its important that we understand how important it is to be not effecting young women with any kind of negative metal pressures that effect them mentally and hurt there confidence and growing emotionally into a strong women. Small things become big things when they are though of in a mind which happens to people when they are in an emotionally weakened state.

I write about emotions and what happens when emotions are weak causing personality disorders. I don’t have any real knowledge f teen suicide and am a male. I just write from how emotions work and in times of development they are at a weakened state. Its also just an attempt to write something on what is a big problem that isn’t coming up with any real solutions to stop the increase in teen mental illness.

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