MENTAL HEALTH, the greatest misunderstood subject in history……

Its probably the most important subject there is and we as people have the least understanding about.  I can say I had not only a poor understanding of mental illness only 18 months ago, that I had a false understanding of everything about mental health would be a more accurate statement.

I thought like a lot of people out there that some people were crazy and there was this system that we had called mental health that fixed them. That I was just lucky that I was rational thinking and maybe drugs or just bad luck that some people were a little crazy and seemed to be no one I knew about. I probably thought that not being very logical in the way you thought was something to do with it and that even this was some pretty high thought process to know that.

But after 43 years I started to find out that all things to do with the mental health system have nothing to do with anything I had ever imagined or been lead to believe has anything to do with reality and was a case that I had been bought up in a way where I hadn’t been exposed to anything or anyone who had any issues with mental health and the information out there that we receive over time about the system, I thought was just correct but it doesn’t really reflect on the actual system at all.

I didn’t know that most people with mental illnesses had been abused as children. I didn’t know that people with mental illnesses were not crazy. I didn’t know that there was no cure for any mental illnesses and that we don’t even know how someone gets mentally ill. I didn’t know that someone with something as simple as depression has this illnesses for ever and couldn’t help how they got it and there is no way of getting rid of it in most cases.  That it is something serious and you go through life with this negative way of thinking about yourself and situations that you cant help and makes it all so painful. But the main thing I didn’t know about was how the professionals in this field don’t know a whole lot of these things also and it looks like we as humans are ever going to understand anything relevant about the whole of mental health possible for ever and ever.

It is so far off from what I have seen in a short time about mental health.  A more accurate way to describe mental health would be to say, “some people through no fault of there own go through some form of abuse and generally while there children and that abuse, often at the fault of there own parents or people they are dependant on causes them over time to go through things in there mind that no one is able to cope with. That certain mental illnesses come from being abused in a certain way”.

I would also describe the system by saying, “that despite there being a correlation that people who have been abused as having mental illness or personality disorders it isn’t reconized by most that this has anything to do with it and we are looking at every other possible avenue but this one as a cause of mental illness and see no reason to think that something mental could have anything to do with the how going through abuse could possibly effect ones thoughts as a child”.

Those two statements are about as kind as I could be and could have many more along these lines that describe what we call as mental health. It’s feels nearly criminal to not be able to know how you can get mentally ill in a system that I guess has the goal one day of being able to help someone get over a mental illness.

But how are people within mental health even able to know that forms of abuse generally from those someone is dependant on being the cause of mental illness. First to become a doctor you need to be at the top of the class to get into this field. That’s not going to happen if you are faced with adversity at home and being abused from a young age. You are going to be bought up well without the terrible thoughts that some people have got going through there head while there trying to learn. You going to only know about how you could think really clear and learn at a high level. So while it seems rational that a doctor being so well educated is going to be able to understand that of someone who has been through abuse, it is in reality probably the last thing that they have ever experienced and cant relate at all to being abused. Because they have never been abused then no doctor ever get mentally ill and any educated mind in this field doesn’t have any real life experience to what are the real issues of mental health and goes on to not understanding those people who are in its system that it runs.

They are called doctors and everyone in society has this belief in doctors from general doctors being able to fix just about anything these days and a system im sure works very well to fix issues that are not to do with the mind and have breakthrough after breakthrough in advances to the things they find with in research that they are able to visually see in there work. While mental health research does do the same research and looks for what it can find visually about the mind with no breakthroughs ever been seen in an area that by its very name mental, which means what in the mind and is never going to be found something visual but we continue to search as doctors and researches are not  able to understand that abuse causes mental illness as they cant relate to it.

If they were to ask the actual person with various mental illness what they went through mentally before they had mental illness they would all get the same response and the only response I have ever got from people with mental illness. If they were to ask things like what effect did it have on your thinking when you were being abused they would all be saying the same thing. No one would say that it wasn’t equivelant to going through the unimaginable or it didn’t bother them that someone they were dependant on for there lives was doing something that effected them either mentally or psychically that really played on there mind growing up and now have this mental illness as a result. There is no people out there with mental illness saying that they had a great up bringing and now have a mental illness. It doesn’t even make sense to have a mental illness with happy thoughts of your life banging around in your head and that’s called being emotionally strong when you do.

People with voices in there head or schitzophenia are always the result of being psychically abused and there is never a case of being caused from anything else. The effect it would have on your mind would be terrible and laying there at night as a child not feeling safe scared out of your mind is a rational thing the mind may do to have voices in your head.  Its even rational for this person to turn to drugs or alchohol, if if its going to give there mind a rest from the pain there been through. It doesn’t mean that’s what has caused the schitzophenia. Its just something that they tried to help them through there life mentally and hitting the psych ward after going through the worst  possible kinds of abuse and it not even being on the minds of those that are there to help would be the biggest kick in the teeth imaginable. People need to think, imagine what its lie when your a child to be scared out of you freaking mind while you lay there at night with the light off or trying to learn something in school while your mind is being pounded with bad experiences and that in 2 more hours you have to step back into this war zone with more bad news from your results at how your doing at school as it being possible for you to be that doctor you are or the good night slept that some of us can have.

The way the human mind works is that it learns from what it is taught and also through life experiences. When your not taught about how abuse causes mental illness and everything you have learned from life experiences as being from a fun childhood with happy memories its a bit hard to be able to think along these lines of the effect that abuse could be having on someone’s mind. When you don’t know about something and you haven’t been taught the brain or what we are able to think about isn’t able to understand and ignores the issue all together and thinks about the next thing. In this case it ignores the actual issue at heart and its a big one for most.

I would describe the system by saying “it is a place where abused people end up that we cant relate to and don’t see this as an issue, A place where abused people go and we try to hide them and ignore the fact that what there been through mentally could possibly be a reason for there mental illness. A place where we can prescribe them medications that can ease the pain with side effects that are not the best. ”

But from what I have seen to ever claim to understand how you get mental illness or an understanding of what people go through prior and also having these disorders on to there being any therapy that has any relevance in dealing with anything people have actually gone through isn’t something you could ever describe the system that I have seen. If you want any therapy that works, you write a blog to get your words out on paper and the thoughts out of your head. That’s the only system I have seen from where im from in Sydney australia



Author: Linking up the mind emotions abuse illness and recovery

Sydney Australia, My blog is about what i have learned and been through emotionally when you loose you kids to a disorder that goes way beyond the realms of what is possible to believe. It looks into what comes after psychopathy and to a place i consider the end. It is a fight that doesn't end until the kids are safe and loosing is not an option. I blog so people can understand how certain disorders cause wide spread suffering and mental illness to many. I write constantly to get the emotion and thought out of my system. Bottling up what im going through is not an option. I come from a world where there was no suffering and no understanding of mental illness and the spectrum of psychopathy into a world of child abuse, manipulation and broken people that cause suffering and they enjoy it. I blog about abuse, i blog about the system, i blog about the evidence i have , i blog about psychopathy type disorders, i blog about how abuse causes mental illness and current methods of recovery being irrelevant. I encourage comment and conversation and a raised awareness to my two boys who are going through what is considered the worst know abuse known to man. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIS ABUSE. The one known evil. It doesn't tell the truth ever, it doesn't believe its doing anything wrong, but waits till doors are shut and goes about it, then comes out like all people who abuse children. Like nothing happened. What people dont seem to ever understand is that psychopaths don't walk around with a big sign pointing out there crimes. They never did. You cant spot em, you wont even know someone that knows one. But everyone knows more than one. They are everywhere they just blend in. But i know how to spot em, its easy and it has nothing to do with there look or there eyes

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