Emotions, dogs, people and mental illness….

Perhaps the key to understanding mental illness one day is from a simplified version of human emotions and that is of mans best friend the dog. You get a puppy and look after it well and treat it good and you end up with a great companion for life that will do you no wrong and provide you with endless love.  Same a with a child, you look after it well and treat it good they will give you the same love. Teach it the right way and your child will be well educated and trained as well as the teachings they have had. The more you put in the more you get out kind of thing.

With a dog though it is much more obvious when it has been mis-treated. You can tell if a dog has been mis-treated as they become scared of people and its obvious. They wont run to the gate when they hear the owners footsteps and more likely hide under the house.  That’s because it is reacting to its environment emotionally while at the same time having that inbuilt way of surviving in its own environment. It wont run away or try to escape as it know’s where to get food from nor will it show any love as it hasn’t been taught that emotion from a young age. It just knows to survive it gets feed from its owner and then to not be beaten it cowers for cover when it see’s a person and will know where to hide when that person is angry and virtually depending on how you treat a dog will be how a dog turns out.

With a person its a lot more complicated but the same principles apply. We develop much slower and have the ablity to learn so much more. But if you treat a child right then they grow up into how they have been treated emotionally as well. If you treat someone bad with violence they to will act similar to a dog, they will be scared of who has beaten them and not trusting of people, they will have there place they can go and hide and not run away as this is how they know how to survive and get feed and have no other options.

But if a dog is lucky enough to find a new home with good owners it will often be still scared of people, often just the man and take a long time to gain the trust of a person. It still remembers the bad old days and never totally recovers from being mistreated as a puppy or younger dog. Its in effect got a mental illness from being mistreated.

Like with a child who has been mis-treated from there developing stages. They never forget the bad old days if there situation has taken a turn for the better and will carry the scares for life. Often this is in the form of a mental illness though. What people don’t recognize or don’t know about with people is that emotionally like a dog we are a product of our environment and how we are treated from birth is how we turn out to be. In the case of being abused will turn out to be that mental illness that matches up with a certain form of abuse.

I’ve done a bit of research over the last little while and depending on what type of mental illness in a person you talk to generally matches up with the type of abuse they have suffered. Nearly all schitzophrenics  were all abused physically and while people abused sexually all seem to be either bi-polar or borderline personality disorder.  To end up with one of these mental illnesses is virtually a guarantee that this sort of abuse has happened to them at some stage.

There are no dogs out there acting the same as a mistreated dog when it has gone through a life of being loved. You wouldn’t even believe someone if a dog was behaving like it had been abused when young if someone told you that he is just scared of people for no reason. It doesn’t even make sense to have a dog acting like it had been beaten when it has not. It would of been like a child, was probably just trying its best to please its owner but wasn’t well enough trained at the time to know what to do and did the wrong thing and its owner, whether was having a bad day or just someone cruel laid into the dog and copped a beating. Then for the rest of that persons or dogs days remember that beating and plays on its mind over and over again effecting them mentally and on to becoming mentally ill one day.

But with people its so much different the beliefs of where mental illness comes from, but if you really think about it that doesn’t make much sense at all. When you go through psychical abuse as a child and how it must be on your mind your whole life until you end up with a mental illness as bad as schitzophrenia. This person now has voices in there head probably due to being so alone in there mind from what there been through that they developed these voices in there head to keep them company while laying there scared out of there mind as a young defenceless child. So for me it doesn’t make sense that anyone could develop this mental disorder unless in there mind at least they have gone through some sort of similar pain. This is a mental illness and if you had just a good life with no adversity then that’s what will be in your mind and not any of the bad stuff that causes these extreme kind of mental disorders. Happy thoughts and good life mean strong emotions and at the other end of the spectrum is week emotions, mental illness and the bad life.

This is a simple extreme kind of example of violence but it goes on to other lesser forms of mental illness as well. Depending on the dog. Think about how much certain dogs like going for a walk and then denying them of this. It wouldn’t be seen as abuse, but a dog doesn’t always turn out happy if it is left alone by its self all day with nothing to do.  Im not even sure where im going with this,  but boredom and neglect over excitement and love are complete opposites and will be a major factor in out comes emotionally. Also the way you train a dog to the way a child learns. You can teach a dog to lead the blind when its done right and that’s the same for a person. You put in the effort and do it right you will get the right outcomes, You shout and scream at someone or put them down and they will go the opposite way.



Author: Linking up the mind emotions abuse illness and recovery

Sydney Australia, My blog is about what i have learned and been through emotionally when you loose you kids to a disorder that goes way beyond the realms of what is possible to believe. It looks into what comes after psychopathy and to a place i consider the end. It is a fight that doesn't end until the kids are safe and loosing is not an option. I blog so people can understand how certain disorders cause wide spread suffering and mental illness to many. I write constantly to get the emotion and thought out of my system. Bottling up what im going through is not an option. I come from a world where there was no suffering and no understanding of mental illness and the spectrum of psychopathy into a world of child abuse, manipulation and broken people that cause suffering and they enjoy it. I blog about abuse, i blog about the system, i blog about the evidence i have , i blog about psychopathy type disorders, i blog about how abuse causes mental illness and current methods of recovery being irrelevant. I encourage comment and conversation and a raised awareness to my two boys who are going through what is considered the worst know abuse known to man. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIS ABUSE. The one known evil. It doesn't tell the truth ever, it doesn't believe its doing anything wrong, but waits till doors are shut and goes about it, then comes out like all people who abuse children. Like nothing happened. What people dont seem to ever understand is that psychopaths don't walk around with a big sign pointing out there crimes. They never did. You cant spot em, you wont even know someone that knows one. But everyone knows more than one. They are everywhere they just blend in. But i know how to spot em, its easy and it has nothing to do with there look or there eyes

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