This could help with your DEPRESSION

If you have depression your life can be not so good. It is a common mental illness where there is no known reason for getting it and no known cure. But if you think about it logically and try and breakdown this disorder you might be able to work it all out.

Ask yourself, “when are the times in my life where I seem to be the least depressed” and then work on a strategy from there. The answer should basically be that I felt least depressed when my mind was occupied with some sort of activity and it took my thoughts away from these constant negative thoughts I usually have..

So then think to yourself what has basically happened here.. And an answer to this question should reflect something like, when I was distracted from my usual thoughts I was able to think clearly about some stuff and for a while there I didn’t have my usual negative or cyclical thoughts and for that time I didn’t feel or notice that I was depressed and for that period I felt alright.

So being distracted from your usual thought is a time when you don’t think about being depressed then distraction is a thing you need to expand on and become better at and more knowledgable about as this is a time when your depression is not causing you as much of a problem.

Now think again about what is really happening here. You have this depression, it is a disorder that has given you this ability to be able to think negative thoughts on a frequent occurance that does not feel good and sometimes when im not having these negative thoughts it is while I have been distracted doing something and at this time. I was just in the moment and I would of been thinking more about something relevant to what I was doing and didn’t notice for that period of time my depression. When I wasn’t thinking negative thought it felt like I was ok for that period, not that you would of been thinking about it at the time.

Now if your got depression your negative thought will feel like your usual thought and the times you feel good or when your distracted the times your more just not thinking at all, but what is really the way to see it is that when you were distracted you didn’t have thes depression type thoughts and you were allowing your brain to think its usual natural thoughts that don’t cause you to feel bad. And that your usual negative thoughts are not your thoughts, but these thoughts you have from something called your depression or your depression disorder. Then try to separate the two identities of thought that you have into either your depression having this thought for you or your own good brain having your thoughts for you.

Try to see it as two different people even. The disorder you have that makes you have these negative thoughts, and your own brain as having the more normal thoughts. Now look further into this distraction word a bit more. When your distracted your often just doing something that your mind finds stimulating and is happy to think about whatever it is and those things associated with it. You are basically doing something that is allowing your natural thoughts to occur. While your normal thoughts are occurring your depression takes a back seat for a while.

So if you want your depression to be a lesser factor in your life you need to be better at doing something that provides you with a distraction from allowing your depression to take over your thought process. Now the answer is simple this way and its to lead a busier life and do more things and that’s true to some extent and a lot of the battle you could say, but not all of it. Often you can be doing something while your having depressed thoughts at the same time so its not so much the fact your doing something, you need to get better about thinking something that distracts you from your negative thought.

And its not easy to do but you need to have some type of go to thought or activity that focuses your mind on this and stops the negative thoughts, They don’t feel good and are doing you no good. It can be anything from listening to something you find interesting to calculating sums in your head. You may already have a few trick up your sleeve.

Overall I think if you have depression and you look at it like that you have a disorder that is not the real you and causing you to have to much of a certain thought that doesn’t feel nice. That when you start to have this thought then you need to figure out ways to stop it and not allow this disorder to roam free in your head. The negative thought don’t feel good and it is positive thoughts or just normal thoughts that will make you feel good and stronger. When you get stronger then you can fight even harder your depression and hopefully one day you can beat it.

Falling asleep possibly listening to something or a youtube or a show where you have to think about what is going on or even a game on your phone that provides a distraction from time to time might be a help, Its hard to have to much activity planned for a day to distract you and you will burn yourself out. Have as many distractions as you can and try to have them that don’t cause any other bad effects that cause you to feel bad, keep it positive. Some people gamble and have addictions to distract themselves but I recommend you do something easy and non-distructive and hopefully positive for the best effect..    ummmmmm…. good luck if you understand this, I was just distracting myself by writing something I felt like doing, it may not of turned outl, is the feelings I am getting as I finish writing… good luck,

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