These days everyone’s going to the gym. You think its because there trying to be fit and look good and that’s one of the main reason’s but I don’t think its the main one. I think what keeps bringing people back to the gym day after day is something there not even aware of and that’s that it feels good emotionally and when you feel good on the inside everything in life feels good.

Lets look at what you really getting from a gym workout and how it effects you emotionally. On the surface it looks like all your getting is a better body but your getting so much more and I think this is what keeps bringing you back where you put yourself through pain and for some is there addiction in life.

First lets look at how emotions work. Your emotions are that feeling inside you get telling you if something is good or bad. Emotions get there information from what goes through your mind or your thoughts. When your emotions get thoughts that are good or positive then they give off a feeling inside you that you enjoy and is the basis of what makes us tick. When things feel good it encourages us to do that sort of activity and when emotions feel good it gives us mental strength of person.

Going to the gym, yes makes you look good but your emotions don’t care how you look they are what’s inside. But they love things positive and you looking at yourself and thinking with your mind positive things makes you feel good on the inside, Having people look at you more and getting complements are all things your emotions enjoy and positive stuff. Having your mind exposed to nice thoughts hits your emotions and they enjoy it.

You also expose your mind to a whole new massive learning process for it to think about, all the diet and science of how a body transforms is a big area of learning and your emotions enjoy the feeling of your mind thinking of new and interesting things. Anything new and interesting is good for your mind and hence your emotions. What they don’t like is the same old thoughts racing around in your head from being bored or thinking about negative things that easily creep into peoples minds when there mind is not active enough.

Giving your mind a lot to think about is also a good thing. Emotions love the feeling of hard work and in your mind you are proud of what you are achieving and you feel this on the inside. Your day is filled with an activity you know is benifical and the whole gym process from getting ready to back to life takes a few hours. Your day is being filed with positive activity that you mind and emotions enjoy. They don’t like being bored or doing some timewasting activity. When you mind is active and learning it is healthy and again takes away down time where you can have less positive thoughts or over worry things that you have in life.

Often as you become more educated with nutrition as its a constant topic of conversation in gyms you begin to expose your self to better foods. You feel better psychically from this, but your emotions get all the feeling from your thought where you this positive feel is on your mind.

You are also part of a big social setting where you meet and greet lots of people all with a similar interest. Meeting people exposes your brain and emotions to more new and interesting things that you may talk or joke about. All this is being felt by your emotions and giving you strength as a person. When you feel good you think positive and thinking positive means you look good and this whole upward spiral of things occur and it has you feeling good all over.

When your day is full and mind is exhausted from all the activity it tends to be able to sleep well. When you sleep well you get well rested and wake up feeling good for a new day. Because you are strong on the inside and positive you go into that day with a feeling of how good life is starting again at looking in the mirror and your emotions getting something positive in thought from your brain. So you might think that your going back to the gym so you can look good but your emotions don’t care how you look and only care about how you feel and there dragging you back there time after time as its the feeling they give you that have you wanting more and more of that.

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