Everyone has there own personality. Overtime the life we live and the experiences we go through shape our mentality into who we are. Everyone goes through a different life influenced by those who are closest to the most. But I have noticed that people with a certain personality disorder are very similar in how they think about things. It doesn’t matter the age sex or where you are from your mentality becomes similar to those who have the same personality disorder.

I think getting a mental illness means that you have an extension onto your real personality that at times overtakes your own thought. For depression your thoughts are negative about you or your life and anxiety makes you worry about anything and everything. When you emotionally get to weak a personality disorders seems to attach it self to your way of thinking. Once you get this disorder you stay at this constant level of emotional weakness that is not nice and quite low, but it stops you continuing your slide emotionally that would end up in the unbearable category.

The human mind or brain is a pretty amazing thing that can adapt to any kind of life and learn the most amazing things. It can analyse and solve things and is so much more advanced than other species brains.

Human emotions are also an amazing thing that have developed inside of us. They give us a feeling on the inside weather something is good or bad. Things that are good for us will give us a good feeling inside and they make us stronger. They also give you a bad feeling inside when they sense something is bad for us. They get there signals from the thoughts you have with your brain.

So emotions you could say are always trying to do us good and lead us in the best possible path in life as we are supposed to follow the feelings we have inside that feel nice. Mental illness and personality disorders make a person feel bad and to think emotions are always doing us good might be a bit hard to believe if you have one or a few.

But its even more hard to believe that the human mind has this great fault that is out to make our life a living hell. There would be no point of evolution to develop such a great thing like emotions and the mind that have this major flaw. And also give it to those people who seem to have gone through some form of abuse as well. Things in life simply don’t work like that. Every part of our make up has its uses and mental illness does as well. We have just developed as human’s in a direction that doesn’t understand what personality disorders are trying to tell us.

It could be a range of things. First one that humans don’t seem to take any notice of is that its not ok to abuse another person. Its not ok to effect another person life by effecting them either psychically, sexually or emotionally in a negative way. It needs to be realised that as humans we do not react emotionally well to others effecting us and the people that effect others the most and onto mental illness are those that are closest to that person. It needs to be far less accepted in people life that are abused by those they are often dependant on. At present this is just swept under the mat and for those who go through a bad life as a child are ignored and no one held responsible. This is of personal opinion and probably not what mental illness is trying to tell us but if you look at each disorder I think its trying to tell us something.

With depression it’s about having low self esteem and confidence along with negative thoughts that are cyclical and over thinking things. And this is what depression is trying to tell you, fix your self esteem and confidence and clear your mind of thoughts and don’t over think things. Fix your self esteem by being positive and your confidence by not listening to those that effect you, clear your mind by solving what is in your head as thought and to not think about things like abuse that just circle around in your mind.  Think about things that end up in an answer and don’t swirl around in your mind cluttering up your thoughts.

Distract your mind so you don’t have these negative thoughts that you don’t like by doing things in life that don’t allow you to be bored and allow this disorder you have to take over your mind and give you this depressed feeling. Its also telling you to remove any toxic people from your life or at the very least to not have these people affect you. Depression is telling you to fix yourself emotionally or your life is not going to be as enjoyable as it is for others or what you expect.

But people with depression often do the opposite of this and stop doing a lot of things in life as the disorder is not interested. They do less and allow for more stagnant time to be bored and for depression to take over their thoughts. They can also cling to those that are no good for them as other don’t seem to understand them any more and they don’t want to loose everyone. Try to do things that distract your depression and do things to repair your self esteem and confidence and it should lessen the time depression has to be your way of thinking.

Anxiety makes you worry about everything. So that’s what you got to not do. You have to take care of all the things you worry about and face life head on. To not avoid others and constantly worry. Again that means living a full life that doesn’t allow for stagnant thoughts and onto worrying about all life’s problems. If you have anxiety from you continually going into a bad situation that you don’t enjoy such as a toxic person in your life try to remove that problem also from your life. Again do things positive and new and fun to strengthen your emotions and lessen the effects of your anxiety.

But the most important thing is to know that this is an extension on to your mentality and that its trying to tell you to fix yourself by fighting against what it seems to be trying to do to you. That negative and cyclical thoughts or worry is how these disorders became part of you and to change.

Your emotions and your mind are there for you to enjoy your life and always trying to do you good. Listen to them and not your disorder and you will one day get better and rid of these disorders


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