Mental Illness, emotions and the mind

I have found that ones mental state whether strong or weak is determined from what your mind has gone through. That a mental illness is a result of particular emotions being in such a weak state that a mental illness or a personality disorder becomes an attachment to the thought process of the mind to stop the decline in the state of ones emotions. It keeps you at a low state emotionally but stops the decline of a person mind to dangerous levels that would be unbearable to live with. A person emotional growth primarily occurs early in life and mostly determined by those closest to the person and often dependant on. Mentally strong people being raised in ideal and loving circumstances that allowed for emotions to get strong over a long period of time down to people with a variety of disorders that have gone through less than ideal up bringing and onto being abused as children. How emotions are effected in a person is from thoughts from there mind and the mind gets its thoughts from what it is exposed to. The mind is our brain and it learns from what it is exposed to and try’s to solve life’s problems that we encounter naturally. It can only learn from what it is taught and depending on its strength will determine how well it is able to solve and learn and how we go through life.

That a humans emotions are part of our human instincts that give us a feeling if something or really a thought we are having is good or bad. This feeling we feel inside if we like something or not is our instincts trying to guide us through life in the best possible way by being attracted to the good feeling we feel from things. We should go to those good feelings as that is what makes us emotionally stronger.

Our mind is naturally learning and solving problems all the time and living a full life exposes our mind to new and interesting things which makes us stronger emotionally as we enjoy the feeling. Being bored and experiencing negative things in life gives us a bad feeling and makes us emotionally weaker. It makes our mind try to think through these low times and causes a cyclical negative thoughts to be had which damage us emotionally over and over and closer to a level emotionally where a disorder can take effect.

Emotions and the mind at birth are virtually blank with just our human instincts to rely on. That how we grow emotionally has to be learned from those we are dependant on and factors that relate to how we are mentally will be from our life experience. That we are all born the same emotionally and they are just that feeling of good or bad every time we go through something. How we are and what we believe is determined from what we experience in life and not from how we are born or any hereditary things. We can be like our parents because we have learned from them and its not a natural occurrence.

There is currently no reasons for mental illness or cure for mental illness the above is not established and we look for causes of mental illness in any area except for what we go through mentally and how it effects us emotionally. We known there is a correlation between being mentally ill and those who have been abused but there is much stronger correlations present. And that is that our whole mentally will correlate to what we have been through whether good or bad.

To fix someone with mental illness will require a strengthening of them emotionally and that will have to come from there own mind. Also this is difficult because a disorder has attached itself to there way of thought that often is negative in nature. Possibly working out ways to distract a disorder is the only way of repair and that means living a fuller and more active life if that’s at all possible.

The reason why it is obvious that a disorder attaches it self to ones mind and becomes a set way of thinking for some that isn’t logical is the similarities in people thoughts wheather man or woman and from any culture being the same while others with out any type of disorder having completely different thought process. Also those with the more extreme kind of disorders having children and these children all turning out the same emotionally often with many of the same mental illness.


Mental illness is always going to be too hard to figure out.

Ive been writing this blog for about 6 months now and it revolves around figuring out what is the cause of mental illness. I feel I know the cause and its always how our mind processes some form of abuse that makes us emotionally weak to a level where a personality disorder becomes part of our mentality to protect the mind from getting so weak that it dangers our very survival. I think I know every step of the way and to go into detail would require books of writing. But a lot of the learnings I got to how the mind works and personality disorders and abuse works comes from personal experience or life experience that took me years to understand and if I didn’t go through it then I don’t believe I would of had the interest for one to ever give it thought or the care to want to understand something as complex as mind and mental illness.

To understand that our minds and emotions at birth are virtually completely blank and we have to develop both  mentally and emotionally from what we go through in life and that our steepest periods of learning both emotionally and mentally occur at a time before we can even remember anything is far beyond what anyone is able to take in to there mind and process. That’s because there are millions of things possible that we go through and being flexible enough to determine what things are going to hurt us emotionally and what makes us stronger is way too hard for our minds to do. And when a lot of the issues come from before anyone can recall then its just impossible.

We understand how we work in general and think this is how people work. But some types of personality disorders don’t work like that and can work in reverse to how a normal mind works. But it takes years of being with a personality disorder to understand how they work and to not apply normal logic to them in thinking about how they work. One of the most common ones basically feels good about the suffering of others and a major cause of mental illness. That it targets its own children to suffer and that’s the opposite to how people can think about there parents and from what they have learned through personal experience. And at the same time doesn’t show to up to anyone that there is anything wrong or ever come into contact with mental health. It’s not even possible to believe how this disorder is unless you have been around it for years. That its possible for someone to have no feelings and how that effects those close to it.

There is a reason why there is more research into mental health than you can believe possible and that there has never been the smallest break through into cause or the cure and that’s because its just to hard to understand on so many levels. And that what you learn about mental illness is not even correct and leaves a person researching mental health with a base knowledge of fact that wont take it any where.

Its fine to analyse normal minds and that’s what psychology does and try to help people who don’t have mental illness increase there quality of life and is a field massive in its self. But if your talking about proper mental illness from ADHD to depression, anxiety, all the obsessive compulsive right through to psychopaths then its going to be a case that piles of research will not go anywhere and mental illness will increase as time goes on.

Personality disorders are extremely hard to understand but also the disorders them selves don’t want to be fixed. The people that have them do but the disorder which is like an attachment to the mentality of a person will try and avoid getting help. Like little things like this you can say but unless you have personal experience of seeing this and that’s never going to happen to nearly everyone than how can you genually believe such thing.

Every step of the way might be a dead end to trying to understand mental illness enough to be at a level of thought to be able to help someone with mental illness. its kind of depressing to get so far in thought and see the dead end sign at the end. Im just glad I don’t get depressed and see just moving on as the only option. I never thought that working out something to do with mental illness would go any where anyway but I thought there would be at least information there if anyone ever wanted to look at it or add it to there knowledge but its all too hard. Im not saying it arrogantly either as I think ive got my head around it, but some was from personal experience and in the beginning some of the thought behind it to work things out required the clearest of clear heads and often days to go through what I was working out mostly with no idea where I was going and had the motivation of the kids as there was possible problems for them to feed off, but that went no where as well

Im a terrible writer but I see a few doctors and people with mental illness reading the blog and em nearly embarrassed at how I explain things but I hope they got something off it to make up for the pain of trying to understand what I was getting at. Writing is a great way for the mind to express it self and I needed it going through a tough period of my life but I could never put down my own feeling. I think I can handle them without expressing them out loud but I wouldn’t recommend it


Currently there is no way to fix a mental illness and its still hazy on how you get mental illness. Its one of the most funded areas of government and we could be going backwards in our knowledge and research into this area as mental illness rates go up.

But I think if there was ever some hard core logic applied to the task we can find what ever answers there are possible without any other form of study and research. This is mentality we are talking about here and with all things mental there is nothing to see or touch so research as well can only be from an opinion preferably from someone knowledgable as possible on mental health who can analyse something with very high logic and compare from person to person where differences are pointed out and determined if logically process was used or pre-conceived ideas or beliefs . It sounds simple but it might be impossible.

The people who are in mental health don’t seem to be able to find the solutions that are having any impact and possibly some things taught with in mental health are not correct and undermining the fight to find answers about mental health. Everyone thinks there logical or they wouldn’t think that way if they thought they were not making sense.

This will sound about as arrogant as you possible can be, but I think i’m logical and can logically analyse the mind to determine how we are mentally and onto how you get mental illness and the possibilities of fixing mental illness. My first thought is that someone to agree with such finding who would have to be some what involved in mental health would require a change in what is already believed and that’s not easy to do with someone but at least its a good place to start. There are new discoveries being made all the time in all areas of life except mental health but those within mental health are taught what they know and nothing is experienced in the form of personal experience of being mentally ill. They can only apply what knowledge they have gained through learning and there are millions of people who have tried to solve the mental health pie all to nothing and maybe if the current approach was the way forward then some sort of tiny result that helps the problem would of been made by now.

So i’m going to try and write down a logical process of thought to how the mind works in a human and see where it can go. I will try and use only logic and knowledge from experience with nothing learned from others. There is no point to the exercise. I had an interest in how abuse in children is the main cause of mental illness that started from personal experience. I  entered the world of mental health at 43 and couldn’t believe what I saw.  There is nothing that makes sense to the whole system and it’s not something that is ever going to change and better I focus on something else.  Mentally I don’t think it is the best to focus to much on one thing or you just annoy yourself and everyone else to. There are heaps of things in the world that are not right or true and just what people believe in or have been taught and all of them are of no interest to me and I don’t mind what you believe in as long as it don’t hurt others.

I think its fair to say that where we a brought up will determine how we are culturally. That our mentality will reflect where we are from. You could be from another country and a billion years of ancestors from there and no matter where you were plonked at birth and raised you would know only that as your home. Your mentality would be governed by what you have been through. You will talk the language that you have been taught and you will believe in what you have learned. I think you could say logically that mentally you will reflect how you were raised and what you have learned. Other cultures even from where you originate will be completely foreign to you and some of their beliefs you wont even be aware of net alone feel the same way about. There are hundreds of different religions and ways to be brought up and all seem reasonable to them while you think it doesn’t make sense at all and they will feel the same about your culture. I think its fair to say that ones mentality is governed from what there mind or they have been through. That a human mind works very simple and that it reacts to what it is confronted with and adapts to those surrounds.

Only what experienced or learned will what we be aware of and our mind can only react to what it has encountered. Our mind can react in anyway depending on what it goes through and wont react to what it doesn’t know about or experience. I think it can be assumed even that given the same experience and teaching will result in a very similar out come mentally. There will be differences as there wont even be close to the exact experiences gone through by each person that cause us all to be very different but the end outcome will be our mentality coming from what our mind has been through.

If you have been exposed to aggression and violence you will be used to this and in some way will reflect how you deal with situations while if you have been exposed to patients and calmness you will reflect this. You may be a trained fighter and only ever feel that it  is a sport and it not be part of your mentality. Every little thing you have been exposed to will reflect on your mentality. But  it is scewed heavily to the age you were when you experienced or learned something. At a certain age you are able to use your brain to make opinions on what your brain encounters and that base knowledge you gained from the youngest of ages where learning was the major focus is the more engrained type knowledge and not from what you have been able to work out. Taught young enough you can believe anything and it become part of your knowledge base. Or possible you can be brainwashed into thinking anything. But its also the time we are getting most connected to our surrounds and family.

Personally myself and all my brothers and sister don’t have many beliefs as we were not taught them. We were not taught religion or to hate on it and my only opinions are from what I have had through my own thought and that’s not much. All my life I didn’t know about mental health or met anyone mentally ill and I knew nothing about it. But pretty much my mentality and how I am is what I have experienced with it being heavily scewed to my earliest days. Whilst I am very similar to my brothers and sisters as we had similar up bringings, I was the only one who was not blood related to our mother. I wasn’t loved the same and never had that connection the others do. She is my mother as that all ive ever known but emotionally it reflects how I was treated and there was nothing bad, but its something I have always been aware of.

Very slight differences in what we go through from the earliest of ages make big impacts on us for the rest of our lives. What we are learning in these earlier days before we can possibly remember are what is engrained in our mind as our mentality for the rest of our lives.

A lot of our emotional strength may come from the early interactions from our parents before we are even aware of what we have been through. But no matter what we have been through our emotions and mentality have to come from something that they have encountered or they simply can not be even aware of it and we all work the same, not including those with disabilities due to defects I guess.

I think its logical to say that mentality can only come from what experienced and that mentality reacts to what ever experienced. And that we all experience different type up bringing so we are all different.

But some people who are very similar mentally are people with personality disorders. When you have a personality disorder it seems like there is an attachment to your personality that is in a way a much more set way of thinking and those with personality disorders can act in very much the same way. Now this is not known so much but I learned it from personal experience that people raised by a parent of a particular personality disorder end up the same mentally.

Online I was in a support group for those who had been through narcissist abuse. I was able to help a few people out and for some reason decieded to check out some other support groups for those with mental illness. It was a group for depression and anxiety where people post what there thinking and others comment and try to support them. You can see that people with depression and anxiety are very similar and that a mental illness is clearly a disorder doing the thinking for them and not possible that people from all walks of life can be so similar in there thought.

But every so often there was a post always from a girl that was completely different and they were in real bother mentally with at least half a dozen mental illness that were completely different to the rest. They were something I could relate to and what I knew about and that was narcissist personality disorder. Basically they were in a bad way mentally and were looking for answers and psychiatry wasn’t able to help them. They would all write something very similar describing there situation to perfection in about 200 words and were super desperate to find out what was going on with there minds as they had got Major depression disorder on top of all the others, but this was too much for them. About twenty women I must of chatted on line to about them being narcissistically abused from day one and all conversations went the same way. It was like I was talking to the same person each time and they all had a similar lot of mental illnesses. Each one would find out what they needed and then be off and wouldn’t here from them again. They had all been through the same emotionally and all ended up the same with all the same illnesses. They were basically the nicest kindest people on the planet whilst having the most mental illnesses and they turned out that way from what they had been through. But emotionally they are treated like scum and are called black sheep and there emotions are weak and end up with all kinds of mental illness. They all lived good lives with families and jobs and had everything but no matter what they did they had all types of mental illness and couldn’t do anything more to fight it as all there life they had had to fight it. They were super strong and logical but from basically being hated and out cast from there parent they were emotionally weak and it caused them to all react the same and onto many mental illnesses.

It is where I first started to see that what you go through emotionally as the cause of your mental strength or weakness. Some people go through things emotionally and there not even aware of it and its not seen as abuse but certain things you go through emotionally as a child can make you weak and subseptable to mental illness later. Especially things like depression and anxiety and other disorders.

I ended up joining all the groups and the type of mental illness in them reflected mostly that they had been through long term abuse as a child and the type of abuse reflected in the personality disorder they had.

Now for me the world is out there researching mental illness and not researching the actual people with illness. They are looking at what they can see visually in the mind and there has never been an image taken of a mental illness nor of some ones mind.

Your mentality surely has to be what you have been through or its not possible for you to have such thought. There has never been any imagery taken of the mind and it simple doesn’t exist and that out mentality is our thoughts. We clearly also have emotions that when weak or if we have been abused cause certain mental illness and the rest or what we are trying to work out is the emotional abuse or things missed emotionally by children that cause mental illness when there young and onto later in life as well. There are disorders including common mental illness that have an effect on a childs emotions and there not able to grow strong and mental illness results.

If we are ever going to work this out and help them then its all bout trying to identify what you have been through and how to combat this later in life. Having maybe missed out emotionally certain things when we were at a given age changes us emotionally and can explain all sorts of disorders and illnesses. its not enough to be able to work out there was some issue with inconsistent parenting or some broad thing someone has been through or you wont be able to solve any mental illness. There needs to be people who know how emotions work and can work out what happened and then on to see if its possible that what happened emotionally can be substituted later in life so the person gets out of mental illness.

What people don’t realise is the increase in mental illness and how big this area is. If its not the biggest challenge we face as a human race it soon may well be.  I think I should say sorry if you read this. Im sure it was too all over the place to understand but if you got something out of it then great… Writing is my mental illness.


DEPRESSION, what is it, how did I get it, can I fix it ….why why why

When your trying to fix something that is difficult, it helps when you know all about the problem.  But what is out there in terms of what depression is, how you get depression and how you beat depression is all a bit hazy to say the least. Basically we don’t even know how you get depression and that’s not a great starting point if your willing to try and beat depression.

I feel I know how you get depression but that is not going to give you enough confidence to believe me. Its different to anything that you may have learned as the causes of depression and you will have your own beliefs. Once you believe in something it is very hard for you to change your view or beliefs as that is what you have learned and that’s just how the human brain works. Your taught something and you generally believe in it. For example people in India believe the cow is sacred and something to do with it being a god and they don’t eat it. While people In the west don’t know what the hell there on about and think it is great to eat. People in India think this as that is what they have learned from others and the people who never learned this don’t even give it much thought as there been chowing down on cow all there lives and just see them in paddocks doing next to nothing with a blank look on there face.

So the first challenge for me to be able to help someone with depression is to be able to communicate information that you can relate to that outweighs your beliefs in areas of how you got depression and how you feel your depression works inside your mind. Like a trust that this person knows what he is talking about and the way forward may be at least consider this information due to it being relatable to my circumstances over what else I have heard or even what my current beliefs are on the issue.

I don’t have depression but I feel I know how it works. I’m sure I know how you get it but I cant say I know how you fix it. I can only assume I can possibly lead you on the right track to fix it as I know how you get it and how this disorder works in the minds of people and I’ve just worked out that certain things should be able to fix the problems you face.

Knowing how depression works means that I know this disorder doesn’t make it easy for you to try and get help to want to fix it. You don’t want depression as the thoughts it gives you from your mind don’t make you feel good about things and yourself, but are hesitant to part take in things or listen to advice about what might help. Firstly this may be because you feel that you are not understood and someone without depression doesn’t get what its like to have depression. And that for sure is true, unless you have it, people don’t understand that you are virtually not in control all the time of what you think in your mind and simply cant snap out of it. But also depression is like this thing. Its a mental disorder living in you mind that can take over your thoughts and like everything in this life it does not want you to get help as that may mean it is gone and doesn’t exist anymore.

Ive seen it many times where a person seems to be reaching out for help and when the help is there then the person disappears and is not willing. Its for sure something that you have to be determined to do and not let the depression disorder get in the way of your true thoughts of wanting to get well and live a good life mentally.  More than likely you were not looking for help in the first place and just wanted to talk to someone who understood what you were going through which is fair enough and how everyone is.

What I think someone with depression should be able to relate to though is that your not always in control of your thoughts and that you cant help that you feel low about your self and have confidence issues. And its not a situation where you can just snap out of it or go get help. Your more in a situation where you cant control your thoughts at time that make you feel low and try to manage the situation the best way you can and others cant understand why your thoughts are so negative. They might not even feel that negative and you feel that your thoughts are totally rational and the way you see things is correct. But I can tell you that this is the thoughts of depression that have taken over your real thoughts at times and depression is very negative and hurts your self esteem.

Try to understand those that don’t understand you. They cant possibly understand how you feel as its a disorder doing the thinking for you at times and this way of thinking is not a way how others think. When you are negative about something it doesn’t make you feel good emotionally. When your discussing depression with someone that might want to help your take on what your trying to describe is negative and hurts there emotions to hear such talk. They will try and get you to think about things from how they feel and you will think that they don’t understand you. And they don’t and will avoid you or avoid the talk of being negative as its something that people in general try and stay away as it doesn’t make them feel good inside and there always trying to stay positive and your depression is being TOXIC in effect to them.

I think people don’t understand someone with depression, but more over someone with depression doesn’t understand that this is a disorder that is an attachment of your real self and way of thinking and that its the disorder making you think like this and at times when your not feeling depressed is when that is the real you and that the disorder is distracted from your thoughts but waiting to take over again when your mind becomes idle.

The main thing someone should be able to relate to when discussing depression that seems to be virtually forgotten by professionals and literature is how you got it. People don’t get depression for no reason, there is always something in life that is not right and its this that plays on the mind of someone and eventually your mind spirals down and into depression. No one is happy and carefree in life and then gets hit with depression disorder. Life doesn’t work like that. Its when you become weak emotionally due to some sort of situation that your mind didn’t enjoy and you got bad feeling on your insides and this is your emotions making you feel bad trying to tell you that this kind of attack is not something you should be exposed to.

You should be able to relate to something in your life that made you feel emotionally weak and loose confidence. Someone caused you to think negative about your self and over time you ended up with depression. Your mind become confused and you were thinking negatively and like then same thing over and over and now your got depression. That your mind has been abused in some way.

You should be able to relate to this as that how you get depression. Your emotions get to a level of weakness where a disorder takes over as the human body tries to protect it self from going even further down emotionally. Emotions get effected from thoughts from the mind, If your mind encounters a situation where it continually is confronted with negativity or a person being put down then this type of thoughts spin around in the mind effecting you emotionally and making you weak. You drop confidence because the thoughts in your mind are negative about your self and your mental well being deteriates to low levels. Unless you got depression from before you remember you should really be able to relate to having been through something bad emotionally or for some a life of straight up mental pain. Mental abuse or any type of abuse especially when your a child and your emotions are trying to develop wil make you weak and onto mental illness depending on the type of abuse suffered.

People with other mental illness have all been through other types of abuse that effected them emotionally. You may have more than one mental illness yourself and that will be due to your mind enduring different types of abuse. It can be even psychical or sexual abuse, it doesn’t matter, it is all felt through the mind and your emotions get there messages from the mind and if there not got thoughts then you get emotionally weak.

People with schitzophenia have all been psychically abused,  sexual abused people all have borderline personality disorder and people with anxiety all have had there emotions put into a situation that they did not enjoy over and over that they worried about and now worry about ever thing. Emotions for everyone work the same and if your got mental illness then its because your been put through something in real life.

Understanding and being able to relate to what was the cause of getting depression and how you would of spiriled down to this depth emotionally is the key as it what going to be required to get out of depression. You need to get emotionally strong.  You need to know what are the things that make you weak and limit them in your life and you need to know what are the things to make you strong. The first starting point is to know that negative will make you feel bad and positive will make you feel good.

The next most important thing to know is that your emotions get there information from your mind and that negative thoughts onto negative cyclical thoughts hit your emotions over and over again and how depression works sometimes and that a way needs to be thought of how to limit the times when the mind does this to you.

I was going to go into how this is done but it is such a big topic and will leave it for another blog, but there is a lot of thought and determination that would go into getting out of depression. everyone has been through different stuff and each person has to get better in there own way. Understanding the why and how you get depression over time can give your mind the tools to be able to think along the lines of how you can reverse what has happened. Its not easy and what you been through was not easy, but the only way is positive and living with depression is always going to be the hardest thing you do and the easy way might be to fix it. I have some good ideas of some of the things that may help and all focus on the disorder and a life where there is no abuse and your mind can think of new things and be free….



On first thought there can be no positives to having a mental illness but it has always been a thought of mine that it must serve some purpose. Humans have been created so well and every part of us seems to have some purpose that is benifical. Our brain it seems like is the best part of us compared to all other species. It doesn’t make sense that it just gets a mental illness and makes your life a misery after that. Mental illness also works the opposite to how emotions work. Our emotions are in a way like our human instinct. They give us a feeling inside of what’s good or bad that we are experiencing. They make us enjoy nice things and warn us from things that do us no good by giving you a feeling that you don’t enjoy.

I’m certain that emotions are only there to do us good and when emotions are low in strength then mental illness is likely. So for me it has always been a case of figuring out what benefit mental illness has to out mind and like all things how does it benefit us in our will for survival.

At first I thought maybe its like a warning system to tell the mind and others that there emotions were under attack and were spiralling down to level that were dangerous and its time to fix your mind or your life situation that is causing your mind to be in pain. Like a system where a mental illness would make you stop and evaluate your situation due to the severity of the pain to your mind and you supposed to fix yourself emotionally or risk further mental illnesses that are even more servere.

But this didn’t really make that much sense and it seems like the type of mental illness one gets reflects the type of abuse they have been through whether its psychical, mental , emotional or sexual.  And also what kind of human has been made from the billions of years of evolution that would have it that a life time of abuse is also hit with mental illness on top to really have this person having the worst life possible. Nothing is as sinister as that in this world and is the opposite of emotions doing us good.

There is a reason somewhere why mental illness or more over personality disorder take over our mind when our emotions and our mind are subject to abuse and being emotionally weak.

Im guessing a little bit and that all it can be but the intensity on the mind from some sort of abuse as a child often from someone there dependant on must be so intense and hurt emotions so hard that there quality of life mentally drops so low that a disorder steps in where life stays at this extreme low level but doesn’t drop even lower than this level. Its like once you get a personality disorder that everyone with this disorder is of similar low emotionally and it may stop going to depths that the mind cant handle.

Why this might be the case as disorders like psychopathy and narcissism that are caused by the most extreme forms of abuse completely protect the person’s emotions by giving them a positive feeling about themselves that they are great and complete loss of feeling to others. They don’t have other disorders like depression effecting them and while being the most weak emotional people there are they don’t feel this to the pain anymore of those with other mental illness.

There is a reason for mental illness, it happens to those who have gone through abuse and there is no way that the human mind has been built to destroy certain people. One day we will work out the cause of mental illness and start to understand how these disorders are within our mind. We will understand the purpose of mental illness and then on how to fix someone with mental illness. It will all make sense somehow. Until then I guess it will be much of the same research that doesn’t go anywhere with not even the bare minimum of understanding how some sort of abuse usually during early life is the main cause of getting a mental illness. Its a case for some that they were abused and now mentally ill with a system that discriminates against them and doesn’t understand any part of there mental illness nor the people that tend to abuse. There seen as crazy by the general population and for the life of some its tough from the start and then there blamed for not turning out normal. Its a bit harsh but for me understanding how abuse causes mental illness is something that is known but mental health chooses to ignore it and look for anything but that as a reason for mental illness and personality disorders

Dogs are so much like people.

In the world today one of the challenges we face is to find out why people get mentally ill. We have no clue and its increasing despite the increase in money spent on it. The is no cure and to any mental illness and we may be completely off the mark as to where we are looking for the cause of mental illness.

I think mental illness is caused by emotional abuse of some type that effects the emotions of a person in a way and depending how, will eventuate in the resulting mental illness. We don’t know how emotions work in people and think the way someone turns out mentally for all sorts of reasons generally that have nothing to do with how we have been raised.

If we were to look at dogs, it seems to be a bit more known about them mentally than people. From what I have noticed in my life is that if you treat a dog good then it will be a good dog. My dad was great with dogs and both our dogs were great dogs. Neither of them ever showed any aggression to anyone or anything. They were always keen to play or go somewhere and would be always happy to see you and never knocked back any attension, love, a pat or a scratch. If you wanted to muck around and play then so did they. There were five kids and the dogs were always playing with us . There favourite was dad who feed them and treated them both as good as us. Basically what im trying to say is that they were treated good and turned out good.

Over the years i’ve seen thousands of dogs and all the ones treated good all turned out to be great dogs and I think we all know that dogs will always turn out good if they are well looked after.

A few years ago I got a big dog that I got from the country side and called her shaya. One of the reasons I got her was because my son at the age of 3 was scared of all animals and very careful in general. A cat sleeping under the steps would scare the hell out of him and I don’t know why but it gave me the idea to get a dog. My other boy was only 6 months old at the time.  Shaya was a cross breed and was bread to hunt pigs. Her father was a pig hunter and the owner said she was the best dog they had ever had and wouldn’t hurt anyone.  He was breed with a faster smaller dog as the breed was a bit slow for chasing down pigs. Coming from the city it was all very interesting that a family dog also hunted pigs on the side and the owner said that when the ute is packed and ready to go hunting she changes gear and becomes a pig killer and loves nothing more than hunting pigs. Shaya was never going to get the chance but despite being the most non aggressive animal I have ever seen she was attracted to cats and rabbits but didn’t know what to do with em besides chase em.

So we got shaya when about 10 weeks old and wasn’t long before the oldest boy wasn’t scared of animals anymore and they became best friends. But how she was with the six month old boy was quite amazing. I never really had to tell her to not be rough with the baby and as soon as she got near was careful not to even bump him. She just knew some how that he was too small to play. By the age of six months she was pretty much full grown and trained pretty well as well. She seemed to play as rough as my boy would play with her and just naturally stepped it up as he played harder. Your would see em in the cubby house and on the trampoline together all the time and with all the wrestling they did together my boy began to love the rough stuff and was always condfident around the rough kids despite never being rough with them. He would just want to get in even with older kids for a wrestle and as long as they were playing fair and no cheap shots then he could take whatever they dish out.

The youngest one liked to push out a poo over ten minutes first thing in the morning. You would get him out of bed and he would go over to where the dog would lay for him in a quiet part of the living room. Shaya would lie down and not move and he would crawl all over her pulling her fur, ears and what ever he could get hold of to make him push out his daily poo. Some how she just knew to go and lay down and not move while he climbed all over her. If it took an hour the dog would lay there still for that time.

I never walked her on a lead as she needed the exercise and to be running around fast sometimes as that what’s her breed needed to do. She was road trained and you could trust her around all kids, people and dogs. She got roughed up a few times in the dog park but thought it was fun for her and never retailiated. She had been introduced to other dogs early and a loving life style and that’s all she had running through her now. There a smart breed and the amount of training reflected how good she got. She needed at least one walk a day and that’s all she had on her mind until she got one. It was easier to take her for a walk than being stalked. She hated when you left and would show you how sad she is. She definetly had separation anxiety and for a good while through the day would destroy something.  And it was always something that i didn’t want destroyed and mostly required just one chomp. When you come home you knew straight away she had done something as she would give herself up.

One day I totally lost my rag with her for chewing the things I told her not to and got the hose and wet her for it while screaming at her. After that I couldn’t go near the hose without her disappearing. She loved the water and was her favourite thing to go down the river or the beach but the hose was her worst nightmare.

Overall shaya turned out just as she was treated. She reacted to everything in some way and is a great dog.   Basically shaya turned out exactly how she was treated. Every step of the way. And it seems like all dogs do.

But it works the other way to, dogs that get beaten are scared of people, dogs that don’t get introduced to other dogs don’t like other dogs. Certain dogs depending on there breed if they don’t get enough exercise and play they become depressed and other things wrong with them right down the way to being hosed with water always reflect how there been treated.

Mentally they need enough stimulation per day or you risk them not turning out well and being harder to manage than if there treated right. They wont give you all the happiness that you get from a dog treated well. And I think its possible to see that how you treat your dog will be the direct way that they turn out. But also on to how poorly you treat them will reflect how they turn out  and be like that for all there years. Basically abused dogs whether psychically or emotionally through boredom and not enough love end up not happy or basically with mental illness and not able to change. I think what they go through emotionally is how they end up and the things that there emotions need is enough love, attension, food, play and exercise so they are happy mentally and live a life of happiness.

So this is how a dogs emotions work and it seems like human have very similar emotions to that of dogs and for me work the same. They react to what ever is put in front of them to feel and that’s the only way they can. The same way as a well treated dog turns out hapy is the same for a human and the same way a mistreated child ends up the same way a mistreated dog. With problems mentally in life and not a happy carefree person that is strong and able to deal with what’s in front of them for the rest of there days.

Emotions are emotions and depending on the animal and how they are by nature that any mistreatment will see them react emotionally to deal with there lives they have given. Dogs work emotionally the same as children, they just want love and praise for the things they do and to not be left in any boredom type situations for too long or they become destressed emotional and problems with behaviour can appear.

It may seem like someone is treating another good but like a dog if there not putting in the effort in all areas like even exercise and play then there not being treated how they mentally need to be. Studying how a dog reacts to what they encounter in life should lead the way to how humans as well react to there surrounds and become like they have been treated and onto the cause of mental illness.

Done right you can get labradores which are hard to train as being guide dogs for the blind and all dogs seem to learn things like people when its done the right way. Shout and threaten a dog and they never train right and become scared of you, Encourage and praise an animal and feed and love them and they will do all most anything for you and provide you with undying love the same way we are built as humans. Don’t look after a dog or when there wild then they can become savage as well like humans. Mistreat a dog and they carry the scares for ever just like humans as well with becoming mentally ill. To think of someone or an animal as becoming something they were not bought up like is not really possible and when people work out the same way you can with dogs that how someone is treated will reflect on how they are emotionally all through there life. That the main person in a childs life is there parents and will have the greatest influence in there life and if treated right will make them strong enough to handle there life mentally. Also that not mentally stimulating a child the required amount could also result in mental illness onto the way you teach someone things is going to reflect how well they are trained or educated.

All things from birth are either learned from experience or taught to you. And its not possible to just become something you have not been through and experienced in life.  A mistreated dog will always show you that there is something wrong the same way a child will but we don’t listen to them when they show us abnormal behaviour and blame them for being bad which will never be the case.

DEPRESSION. A completely different look at one of life’s mystery’s

Depression is a disorder a person can get and we don’t know why. We don’t know how you get it and we don’t know how to fix it. It makes sense that we don’t know how to fix something when we don’t know the cause of it. There is billions being spent on the fight against the increase in depression in society and there is no progress in stopping the increase in this disorder that leaves the person in a state of mental suffering that only the person going through the pain is able to know such suffering. Finding the cause of this disorder is the key to ever knowing how to stop it. There needs to be a complete step back in what is being looked at in the research and some logic injected into what could possibly be the cause of something that has become just as important or more important than anything the human race has been confronted with.

I think I know the cause of depression and I will go through some logical steps that one should go through if there is ever going to be an advancement in our knowledge and then on to the fixing of anyone with this disorder. I think if you go back to basics and completely start again as the only possible approach and disregard all known knowledge of this disorder as possibly not being correct as to date it is not providing any help in the cause of this disorder.

The place I started to gain a real in site into depression is from an online support group for people with depression and anxiety. The group had about 200,000 members in it and for me is a logical place to start with getting some form of new knowledge about this disorder.  Learning what there is to know about depression from those who have it I believe is the key to finding out the cause of depression. There is a mass of people that can be studied from there posts they have made and the comments other people with this disorder have also made, that if ever looked at and thought about enough will find the cause of how one gets depression. There is lots of these groups all with massive numbers that total into the millions able to be looked at. To do research with these kind of number in a life study of actual people would never be practical and take up more time than what could possibly be practical to even think about.

I don’t have depression and at the time when I first looked at these groups of people with depression I noticed lots of things that stick out from people with this disorder and a knowledge of depression eventually gained through those that have the disorder and not through any book that may or may not even be right. This is the first logical step that needs to be taken. Analyse those people with the disorder as they are the issue and see what can be made of them from the available information they have documented trying to get through there life with this disorder.

The first thing to note is the size of these groups, it shows how serious and big this problem is. Why are all these people going to these support groups is one question that is easy to figure out. They are going there for support and knowledge of depression that they have not been able to get from standard mental health practices or people like friends or family. It looks like people with depression are very frustrated that they are not being understood from others and find some solace in the groups of people that understand what they are going through.

The next thing that is really obvious to see that sticks out and hits you hard is how people with depression and anxiety don’t think like what would be considered normal or logical in there thoughts about life. When you got depression you have such a negative view on all things and how bad your life is and that others in the group agree with your negative thoughts and that no one is offering much help in trying to see things from a more positive or reasonable point of view. It seems like everyone in these groups is in agreeance in some way to any negative thought process that just rings of gloom in any thought they have in there life.

For me it showed how people with depression have a disorder that could only be something that makes people think in a negative manner and not the real thoughts of the individual as the similarities in what people were saying were just to similar from such a broad range of people from all over the world. You can see quite clearly that depression is some kind of disorder that changes the thoughts in your life to being negative and similar from person to person that are not what any person would think like with out the disorder. That possibly this is a disorder that is an attachment to the way one thinks and not the actual thought process of the person but the thought process of a disorder that has attached it self to the person way of thinking is what I could see from what people were writing about.

Thinking logically the question that needs to be thought of is how did this disorder that seems very similar to those who have it become part of there way of thinking. Finding the cause of depression would require one to look at what happened in the lead up to someone getting this negative way of thinking attached to its thought process and examine if there is a correlations from those who were able to give good information as to what there lives were like before they had depression. But most importantly is to look at the situation from what a person was going through mentally as a result of there life experienced as mental illness is from problems from the mind and the mind is really just what is going on in side our head in the way of thoughts.

It is pretty obvious and easy to see especially if you are aware of the possible reason for some one getting depression as there being some form of trauma or emotional abuse that they have been through and there is definetly not the feeling of people that have been through a good life with a loving family that provided them with a childhood full of nice experiences.

Whilst we don’t know the cause of depression we have some type of knowledge that there is a correlation of there being a greater likelihood of mental illness if you have been through some form of abuse. But also we know how it is important to think positively and have a clear mind and to experience things in life as being things that emotionally make us feel good inside. And we also have a bit of knowledge that being negative and having toxic people in our lives is going to bring us down in someway and feel bad and effect our happiness as people. I think the key to understanding the cause for depression and all mental illness is to expand on this basic type knowledge of how emotions work with in humans. How certain things can make us stronger and how some things make us weaker. And then on to the possibility of a disorder becoming present with in our minds when a certain level of low self esteem we are feeling as a result of what we are going through in our lives… Then also examining the difference to what a person with depression has gone through in there lives to someone who has had a good life all the way through and how strong they are emotionally. Looking into areas of psychology of the mind as to why some people negatively effect others and what a person who has endured a life of not ideal emotional up bringing and onto what there minds would of been through and other differences in how there life was.

We need to logically be able to think on a level that if someone in the life of someone causes there emotions to react negatively then there may be lots of other little differences that are experienced emotionally from someone who has not had toxic people in there life. That over time are some people due to others in there life able to getting emotionally weak and more chance of them becoming mentally ill as a result of what they have been through emotionally.

I could just feel from what I was reading in the support groups for depression that just reading such negative type posts with others agreeing as being toxic and giving me a feeling that I didn’t like and didn’t want to be exposed to such negative type posts and on to even these thoughts as being toxic or some negative out take of what would be considered rational way of thought. And this was just from a few minutes of reading comments from someone with depression. Is it possible that if we are exposed to much to even just negative or discouraging type thought in our life as possible causes for our emotions to develop in a manner that could mean a mental illness is possible.

I think emotions really need to be examined in how they work in finding a cause for depression. Are emotions effected by our environment that we live in and how do our emotions get effected. How is the way we think or the thoughts our brain has going to effect our emotions. Are our emotions just a way of experiencing the thought we have in our lives that is surely governed by what is around us.

There are people all around the world in these depression groups, men and women with nothing in common as far as culture or what they have done in life and all able to think the same shows there is a real possibility that this disorder thinks for a person in a set kind of a way. Just establishing that a disorder is not a persons actual way of thinking and a set way of thought from the actual depression disorder may provide some sort of new way to look at mental illness.

I think research has in general spent a massive amount of time looking for imbalances and things that could cause mental illness from a nature kind of stand point and nothing has been found. I think if there was something there then it would of shown up in a microscope in some way with what we are able to analyse these days and look into what emotions have been through as a possible cause to mental illnesses.

I looked at other types of mental illnesses other than depression and some of them had only victims of certain type of abuse with a disorder and was easy to see that what they had endured mentally was the likely cause of mental illness. Ask anyone who has no history of mental illness if they went though a life that corelates to being happy a  child and go into how likely a person gets depression as a result of having a happy childhood. Does a toxic parent or someone effect a person or how much that effects someone in there ability to be strong emotionally.  Look at depression from with in families. Is it more likely that sibling both have depression. The hereditary link for mental illness has been exhausted and nothing ever proven.  If something was heridatary I think that logically science would of found that link in the shaped of DNA passed down but there isn’t even images of what’s in a persons mind especially a mental illness being looked at visually.

It makes sense that if a parent has for example depression that they would teach there children from what they think and that is of a disorder that is negative, not encouraging and very limited in what you are open to experiences in your life and avoiding all types of life situations that might be how a child develops its emotional strength and is learning a way of thought that effects its emotions to the point of having depression all so.

We have some understanding of how “put down’s” don’t make us feel good. Is there more of a link between this in our lives compared to comments of encouragement and compliments being a cause for mental illness. Some people really cant handle being put down in any way while others don’t take any notice. Is there a level of mental or emotional strength where put downs or negative remarks begin to take a toll on a person thoughts process.

It seems like our brain is not able to process this kind of abuse and maybe our brain in general is not meant to experience such forms of information and just confuses the mind of a person. Do we have human instincts that make us gravitate to family or friends and take to heart from certain things from certain people which may just be toxic but hurt us emotionally even though we know there not true. Is there a bigger influence to what is the influence of a toxic person over someone who may be dependant on them. There are many things that could be the issue emotionally and the blog could go on forever I suppose.

I know about mental abuse and the effects it has on someone at a young age, I have seen it with my own eyes. Is there a type of parent that is seen as good but hurting a child emotionally and onto depression in there life. Is this the main thing being missed within current research as researchers are coming from a background where mental illness is not an issue and don’t understand what a mind goes though when going through some form of abuse as a child. Because they see a parent as the protector of children emotionally they cant even look into the likely hood of abuse being the issue that seem logical for there being issues when a child’s mind goes through tough times that they are not able to know any different to what they are experiencing.

With in the support groups there is definetly that feeling that a lot of people have experienced a terrible up bringing from parents that are not able to understand them emotionally. Is it time for people to step back and try to understand what someone goes through in there mind when things at home are not right. Is there a huge difference in playing happily and watching the wiggles to experiencing shouting and long periods of boredom because the parents are not able to be there for the kids on a level that may be needed. I can see that any type of problem is going to effect a child in some way and that it can only be mentally. If it can only be mentally then how much are problems able to hurt some one. Maybe a lot of things would not happen in the lives of people if there was a knowledge out there that it hurts the emotional strength of someone. I think there is on a lot of levels but it doesn’t go far enough to include the possibilitity of mental illness being the long term result and at present once you have a mental illness then you are stuck with it for ever.

But if we a humans are ever going to work out depression then we have to know how it is caused. A person may be able to help themselves if they actually knew why they had got it and maybe workout what they need to do to get emotionally stronger or stay away from toxic people etc as something that would be benifical.  But im sure over time as if the cause of depression was able to be worked out and understood that it would lead to people being able to work out ways or what’s needed for someone emotionally if they are ever able to fix there depression. As a human race it seems like we are able to solve almost anything as long as we know the cause and with normal health its like breakthoughs are made daily while mental health goes backwards with people in general not knowing anything at all about how we work emotionally and mentally which I guess in reality is our happiness in life and the thing we are all trying to achieve.