Mental Illness, emotions and the mind

I have found that ones mental state whether strong or weak is determined from what your mind has gone through. That a mental illness is a result of particular emotions being in such a weak state that a mental illness or a personality disorder becomes an attachment to the thought process of the mind to stop the decline in the state of ones emotions. It keeps you at a low state emotionally but stops the decline of a person mind to dangerous levels that would be unbearable to live with. A person emotional growth primarily occurs early in life and mostly determined by those closest to the person and often dependant on. Mentally strong people being raised in ideal and loving circumstances that allowed for emotions to get strong over a long period of time down to people with a variety of disorders that have gone through less than ideal up bringing and onto being abused as children. How emotions are effected in a person is from thoughts from there mind and the mind gets its thoughts from what it is exposed to. The mind is our brain and it learns from what it is exposed to and try’s to solve life’s problems that we encounter naturally. It can only learn from what it is taught and depending on its strength will determine how well it is able to solve and learn and how we go through life.

That a humans emotions are part of our human instincts that give us a feeling if something or really a thought we are having is good or bad. This feeling we feel inside if we like something or not is our instincts trying to guide us through life in the best possible way by being attracted to the good feeling we feel from things. We should go to those good feelings as that is what makes us emotionally stronger.

Our mind is naturally learning and solving problems all the time and living a full life exposes our mind to new and interesting things which makes us stronger emotionally as we enjoy the feeling. Being bored and experiencing negative things in life gives us a bad feeling and makes us emotionally weaker. It makes our mind try to think through these low times and causes a cyclical negative thoughts to be had which damage us emotionally over and over and closer to a level emotionally where a disorder can take effect.

Emotions and the mind at birth are virtually blank with just our human instincts to rely on. That how we grow emotionally has to be learned from those we are dependant on and factors that relate to how we are mentally will be from our life experience. That we are all born the same emotionally and they are just that feeling of good or bad every time we go through something. How we are and what we believe is determined from what we experience in life and not from how we are born or any hereditary things. We can be like our parents because we have learned from them and its not a natural occurrence.

There is currently no reasons for mental illness or cure for mental illness the above is not established and we look for causes of mental illness in any area except for what we go through mentally and how it effects us emotionally. We known there is a correlation between being mentally ill and those who have been abused but there is much stronger correlations present. And that is that our whole mentally will correlate to what we have been through whether good or bad.

To fix someone with mental illness will require a strengthening of them emotionally and that will have to come from there own mind. Also this is difficult because a disorder has attached itself to there way of thought that often is negative in nature. Possibly working out ways to distract a disorder is the only way of repair and that means living a fuller and more active life if that’s at all possible.

The reason why it is obvious that a disorder attaches it self to ones mind and becomes a set way of thinking for some that isn’t logical is the similarities in people thoughts wheather man or woman and from any culture being the same while others with out any type of disorder having completely different thought process. Also those with the more extreme kind of disorders having children and these children all turning out the same emotionally often with many of the same mental illness.



In mental health the cause of mental illness is still not known to the human race. I guess PTSD is known as the name suggests. Its a disorder caused from the mind going through a major trauma that it couldn’t cope with. But this disorder should give us good insite into how other personality disorders come from as well. I guess what happens with PTSD is that the mind is witness to a major trauma and that trauma plays out in the mind over and over and effects the emotions of a person to the extent that there is danger for them with the mind living out this trauma over and over and a disorder occurs to protect the mind and emotions from becoming to damaged and making life to unbearable both mentally and emotionally.

People with this disorder will be able to tell you of what they went through mentally after the trauma and if research properly there would be some point depending on how strong they were emotionally in the first place where a disorder occurs and changes the thought process to include PTSD as part of how there mind thinks.

Other disorders also come from something our mind is not able to cope with and in each disorder it is basically telling us what that is and is a simple way to work out the cause of mental illness right across the board. Im no expert on all the symptoms of each disorder,  but the symptoms often give away what the actual problem was in the first place.

Depression is basically thinking negatively and lacking confidence in ones self. So when the mind thinks over and over about ones self in a negative way it effects your emotions and lowers self confidence until you get to a certain level and a disorder occurs. It appears then that you still think like this and even more often but its kind of a set way of thinking and your emotions don’t keep dropping to lower and lower levels from your continued depressed thought. The level you feel is by no way an acceptable level to be feeling but it doesn’t continue any more to slide at such a rate before you had the actual disorder depression. Before you had the disorder your thoughts would of been of constant depressed type things about your self that were going over and over in your mind lowering your emotional strength before you realized or it was determined by a doctor that you have depression. Some one without the constant depressed thought rolling around in there mind and is a happy person will not be able to get depression unless they go through a process where the mind continually thinks about basically a negative outlook general about ones self giving them a bad feeling inside.

Anxiety is basically worry about things to much. To get anxiety the mind has to go through a period of constant worry that is not sustainable to ones emotions until a disorder takes over and while the worry continues and possibly intensifies emotionally your emotions are protected by the disorder from dropping to levels far beyond what the disorder is able to make one feel like.

ADHD is basically not being able to think as there is problems in the way your mind has been taught and you lost confidence to solve lifes puzzles. Your emotions couldn’t handle the loss in confidence in your ability to think properly and a disorder occurred protecting you from what your going through with loss of condfidence, self-esteem, attention span and from being negatively affected from those around you.

And its the same for all disorders. Things happen in life that can affect ones mind to the point where constant thought about something occurs that effects your emotions negatively and a disorder occurs. Every disorder can be accounted for in this way. Its usually something to do with the mind being abused in some way through actions of another person but that a different blog and called abuse.

It also works the other way, when the mind is exposed to positive and new thoughts all the time it makes a person emotional stronger and there life is happy and enjoyable. This occurs when that person does good and has good people affecting them in a way that is positive.

The mind and emotions can only be affected from what they come into contact with or they simply wouldn’t know about it. You can’t think about things you don’t know about. How to reverse what has happened emotionally is also another blog and im sure possible but you need to know the cause if your going to fix the problem.

Mental illness is always going to be too hard to figure out.

Ive been writing this blog for about 6 months now and it revolves around figuring out what is the cause of mental illness. I feel I know the cause and its always how our mind processes some form of abuse that makes us emotionally weak to a level where a personality disorder becomes part of our mentality to protect the mind from getting so weak that it dangers our very survival. I think I know every step of the way and to go into detail would require books of writing. But a lot of the learnings I got to how the mind works and personality disorders and abuse works comes from personal experience or life experience that took me years to understand and if I didn’t go through it then I don’t believe I would of had the interest for one to ever give it thought or the care to want to understand something as complex as mind and mental illness.

To understand that our minds and emotions at birth are virtually completely blank and we have to develop both  mentally and emotionally from what we go through in life and that our steepest periods of learning both emotionally and mentally occur at a time before we can even remember anything is far beyond what anyone is able to take in to there mind and process. That’s because there are millions of things possible that we go through and being flexible enough to determine what things are going to hurt us emotionally and what makes us stronger is way too hard for our minds to do. And when a lot of the issues come from before anyone can recall then its just impossible.

We understand how we work in general and think this is how people work. But some types of personality disorders don’t work like that and can work in reverse to how a normal mind works. But it takes years of being with a personality disorder to understand how they work and to not apply normal logic to them in thinking about how they work. One of the most common ones basically feels good about the suffering of others and a major cause of mental illness. That it targets its own children to suffer and that’s the opposite to how people can think about there parents and from what they have learned through personal experience. And at the same time doesn’t show to up to anyone that there is anything wrong or ever come into contact with mental health. It’s not even possible to believe how this disorder is unless you have been around it for years. That its possible for someone to have no feelings and how that effects those close to it.

There is a reason why there is more research into mental health than you can believe possible and that there has never been the smallest break through into cause or the cure and that’s because its just to hard to understand on so many levels. And that what you learn about mental illness is not even correct and leaves a person researching mental health with a base knowledge of fact that wont take it any where.

Its fine to analyse normal minds and that’s what psychology does and try to help people who don’t have mental illness increase there quality of life and is a field massive in its self. But if your talking about proper mental illness from ADHD to depression, anxiety, all the obsessive compulsive right through to psychopaths then its going to be a case that piles of research will not go anywhere and mental illness will increase as time goes on.

Personality disorders are extremely hard to understand but also the disorders them selves don’t want to be fixed. The people that have them do but the disorder which is like an attachment to the mentality of a person will try and avoid getting help. Like little things like this you can say but unless you have personal experience of seeing this and that’s never going to happen to nearly everyone than how can you genually believe such thing.

Every step of the way might be a dead end to trying to understand mental illness enough to be at a level of thought to be able to help someone with mental illness. its kind of depressing to get so far in thought and see the dead end sign at the end. Im just glad I don’t get depressed and see just moving on as the only option. I never thought that working out something to do with mental illness would go any where anyway but I thought there would be at least information there if anyone ever wanted to look at it or add it to there knowledge but its all too hard. Im not saying it arrogantly either as I think ive got my head around it, but some was from personal experience and in the beginning some of the thought behind it to work things out required the clearest of clear heads and often days to go through what I was working out mostly with no idea where I was going and had the motivation of the kids as there was possible problems for them to feed off, but that went no where as well

Im a terrible writer but I see a few doctors and people with mental illness reading the blog and em nearly embarrassed at how I explain things but I hope they got something off it to make up for the pain of trying to understand what I was getting at. Writing is a great way for the mind to express it self and I needed it going through a tough period of my life but I could never put down my own feeling. I think I can handle them without expressing them out loud but I wouldn’t recommend it


On first thought there can be no positives to having a mental illness but it has always been a thought of mine that it must serve some purpose. Humans have been created so well and every part of us seems to have some purpose that is benifical. Our brain it seems like is the best part of us compared to all other species. It doesn’t make sense that it just gets a mental illness and makes your life a misery after that. Mental illness also works the opposite to how emotions work. Our emotions are in a way like our human instinct. They give us a feeling inside of what’s good or bad that we are experiencing. They make us enjoy nice things and warn us from things that do us no good by giving you a feeling that you don’t enjoy.

I’m certain that emotions are only there to do us good and when emotions are low in strength then mental illness is likely. So for me it has always been a case of figuring out what benefit mental illness has to out mind and like all things how does it benefit us in our will for survival.

At first I thought maybe its like a warning system to tell the mind and others that there emotions were under attack and were spiralling down to level that were dangerous and its time to fix your mind or your life situation that is causing your mind to be in pain. Like a system where a mental illness would make you stop and evaluate your situation due to the severity of the pain to your mind and you supposed to fix yourself emotionally or risk further mental illnesses that are even more servere.

But this didn’t really make that much sense and it seems like the type of mental illness one gets reflects the type of abuse they have been through whether its psychical, mental , emotional or sexual.  And also what kind of human has been made from the billions of years of evolution that would have it that a life time of abuse is also hit with mental illness on top to really have this person having the worst life possible. Nothing is as sinister as that in this world and is the opposite of emotions doing us good.

There is a reason somewhere why mental illness or more over personality disorder take over our mind when our emotions and our mind are subject to abuse and being emotionally weak.

Im guessing a little bit and that all it can be but the intensity on the mind from some sort of abuse as a child often from someone there dependant on must be so intense and hurt emotions so hard that there quality of life mentally drops so low that a disorder steps in where life stays at this extreme low level but doesn’t drop even lower than this level. Its like once you get a personality disorder that everyone with this disorder is of similar low emotionally and it may stop going to depths that the mind cant handle.

Why this might be the case as disorders like psychopathy and narcissism that are caused by the most extreme forms of abuse completely protect the person’s emotions by giving them a positive feeling about themselves that they are great and complete loss of feeling to others. They don’t have other disorders like depression effecting them and while being the most weak emotional people there are they don’t feel this to the pain anymore of those with other mental illness.

There is a reason for mental illness, it happens to those who have gone through abuse and there is no way that the human mind has been built to destroy certain people. One day we will work out the cause of mental illness and start to understand how these disorders are within our mind. We will understand the purpose of mental illness and then on how to fix someone with mental illness. It will all make sense somehow. Until then I guess it will be much of the same research that doesn’t go anywhere with not even the bare minimum of understanding how some sort of abuse usually during early life is the main cause of getting a mental illness. Its a case for some that they were abused and now mentally ill with a system that discriminates against them and doesn’t understand any part of there mental illness nor the people that tend to abuse. There seen as crazy by the general population and for the life of some its tough from the start and then there blamed for not turning out normal. Its a bit harsh but for me understanding how abuse causes mental illness is something that is known but mental health chooses to ignore it and look for anything but that as a reason for mental illness and personality disorders

ADHD. The cause and the cure.

Im going to explain in the most simplex way I can that can be hopefully understood as the cause of why a child can get the disorder ADHD. I think I know how the mind and emotions work of a young child and in short is a breakdown in the confidence of the mind being able to think and solve life’s little puzzles that a child comes across. I think you have to try and put yourself in the shoes of a young child and think of how they are developing at a rapid rate both emotionally and what they are learning and how you learn things from that young age.

A young child learns things very fast, but there starting at a point that is pretty much from zero. The basic things that an adult can do and thinks of as just knowledge are all completely foreign to a young child. Learning the thousands of little things that as an adult come completely natural started off as having to learn lots of the basics from before an age that we can even remember. Before the age of 4 or the time we remember anything would be our steepest learning curve of our life both for our brain and our development emotionally.

With in mental health its not known the cause of ADHD or any personality disorder but I feel like I have discovered the cause and its always something to do with our emotions being weak in a certain way depending on the mental illness. And how do our emotions get weak. Answer. From the thoughts and signals it receives from our brain that are negative or confusing to a person and puts there emotions in distress and potensial problems of mental illness.

A brain works the same in a child as an adult just that a child’s brain is learning far more things and from a wide range of topics. It gradually is learning the basics of all things foreign to them that would number in the thousands of things to learn at all the same time.  To learn something you generally have to start off with the complete basics and the easiest thing first. Then step by step you go further and further until you get to a certain stage where you are able to for example know not to cry when you don’t get what you want.

But to get to this stage requires a lot of learning and understanding of many concepts that all take time to learn. From the language you speak and to understanding the words in it right the way through to forgetting the first things you actually learned as a new born child and that was to cry and you will gain attension and get what you want and that was probably food or to be just held by your parent. Crying and being held by your parent was not only something that you learned to do but also that it satisfied you emotionally and was the beginings of your emotional development. You cry, your parent comes to you and you feel good that your being comforted and the good feelings you feel are your emotions liking the fact that you have been comforted from your parent who is in essence your life line to even survival onto your everything and are totally dependent on them.

Learning things in a step by step manner requires one thing to be learned and understood before the next thing you learn or that will not be understood. An example of how we learn things that we can relate to is mathematics. You have to learn numbers then addition, subtraction, multiply, divide then on to fractions, bigger numbers, percentages and many more things until you get up to being able to calculate the interest on your bank account for example. But what happens to some in this learning process is that for some reason one of the steps was not learned properly and understood before moving on to the next and you have got up to learning how to calculate interest and you cant do it because some of the concepts being put to you are not understood. You brain loses interest in this type of thing and your ability to concentrate on what is being taught diminishes. You also start to loose confidence in your ability to learn and solve what life has put in front of you and your brain shuts down and wonderers off into areas of thought that you at least understand. Somehow you have to go back and learn the steps you have not yet understood or you are never going to go on with further learnings in this area, you fall behind, you miss out on all the praise that goes with learning things and getting them right and your confidence drops, as well as your emotional strength and your attession to be able to sit and think and learn. Your condfidence in you ability to think and solve also drops and may be confronted with negative type talk directed at you as your not doing well. This makes you retract further and loose interest more in the learning and a big cycle of this all keeps occurring and none of it addresses the fact that you simply didn’t learn all the steps properly and now you don’t understand something.

That a simple as I can put it example for mathematics and that’s all things for a much older child who may even be able to express themselves and say they don’t understand something. But when your young there are thousands of little things you are learning and many things you don’t understand. Your always thinking why and what for. Your brain is like a sponge and soaking up everything the best it can and constantly learning. If you don’t understand something there is often something else that takes your mind away from this and onto something else, but over time if there are lots of little steps missed over a range of lots of things you have learned start to catch up around the age of 4 and 5 and if you haven’t been taught the right way from a range of possible reasons you get to a point in your life where you not able to think about a lot of things and what is being taught to you is often something you don’t understand and you can go into this spiral of losing confidence in you self and your ability to think and solve and your attension span suffers along with you getting negative feedback or getting in trouble all the time while all your doing is your best and that’s not getting what you require emotionally from the people your dependant on still for everything. When you loose attension span and your ability to think about what you need to be learning and a less willingness of those that you are dependant on for your learning and entertainment creates larger and larger times for you to be bored along with longer time for your mind to be dormant and your brains doesn’t get the practice it needs to be able to continually solve life little problems. You loose even your ability to be able to quickly switch on your brain to think about what is being now taught. You can get into a rut of doing the wrong thing as you haven’t learnt what not to do properly and get constantly in trouble along with negative type learning to stop doing this and that along with reduced praise for doing things good . Also a parent whom your dependant on losing patients with you and basically everything working against a little child who can only still do his best in the circumstances and doesn’t understand what is happening overall because they are still to young. All there doing is what they best know how to do from what they have learned over the course of there life and its added up to them now being at risk from getting  disorder like ADHD.

Emotions react when they get strained enough in this way and for your body to defend it self from further spiralling down and feeling that you cant endure as a child a disorder like ADHD to defend itself from going further down. Its a tough break for a kid and not his or her fault but as the person who now is not learning good and often misbehaving they are on the end of all the negative feedback that goes along with someone who misbehaves and doesn’t do that well at things. Im also a bit hesitant in a lot of situations to put the blame on a parent as well. How can one be blamed when the reason for ADHD is not even established by professionals and all very complex how disorders work. Along with a fast paced changing environment with a lot of parents being more and more busy to often be able to survive and do the best for family. It can become a loose loose situation with the poor child having a disorder that there is no cure for and suffering throughout there life with parents also suffering from a family life not as ideal as they would like or can handle with no solutions from psych or mental health to what was even the cause onto the cure for them and just having to battle through it all the best they can is all a tough pill to swallow for everyone.

I got my boy early on into him looking like he had ADHD and never even knew what was wrong at the time. He just had no confidence, ideas, friends and couldn’t even think for himself along with misbehaving is what I thought he had a the time. But I focused on him and taught him things right and praised him and took the time for him and he was good again in no time. I think that is all you can do is to teach them right and praise them for doing the right things and lead by example and limit the discipline side of it with anything negative. A child will all ways follow your example and try to get encouragement eventually and is the best way to go anyway with a child.


Human beings have emotions. Emotions are effected from the thoughts we have from our brain. The thoughts we have from our brain are from the experiences and what is taught to us through out our life. When we experience something in life we feel this in some way that to some small degree makes us stronger or weaker. If our life takes us on a journey where the thoughts we have are scewed in such a manner that our emotions get weak enough then a mental illness or disorder becomes possible. It may be the humans mind protecting it self from getting to weak emotionally. At the high end of those with mental illness are those who have gone through some form of abuse during those years of developing emotions causing negative and cyclical thoughts that they didn’t enjoy emotionally and caused them to be weak in some way emotionally where a mental illness or personality disorder became part of there mental being. At the high end of those that are mentally strong are people that have gone through experiences where there thoughts have been of fun, love and new experiences they enjoyed that have positively effected there emotions and made them mentally strong.

It sounds complicated. Put simply, your level of emotional strength reflects what your emotions have been through. Emotions are just human instincts that guide us though our lives by giving us feelings of what is good or bad inside trying to protect us and lead us down the path of what feels good or what gives us the most joy. Due to circumstances of life we do not all ways have a choice to evade situations where our emotions can be negatively effected from other people who we may be dependant also in some way.  Some people do not have an understanding that there actions effect others in negative ways due to issues in themselves emotionally from what they have been through often referred to as being toxic.

I first started to realise that mental illness comes from what your emotions have been through due to personal experience where I joined an online group for victims of a certain kind of abuse. Cutting a long story short, I ended up chatting with some people that had many different mental illnesses or disorders and they had all been through the same life from the start where one of there parents had NARCISSIST personality disorder (NPD). They were all the second child in the family and refered to as scapegoats. You could say they were abused emotionally from birth and the result is not very nice with what they go through mentally.  It seemed like they had all ended up quite similar or virtually identical to each other mentally as a result of them going through a similar life.

The reason why they were the second child is that someone with NPD abuses the first child in a different way and they end up becoming this same disorder as the parent. For me it was an introduction into a world I could barely believe to be true and not possible for anyone to believe exist unless you have experienced it for your self. I tried to explain it to others but no one gets even 2% into understanding how the world of narcissism works so I wont go on to much about it. But I had the experience of my kids at a young age suffering quite bad mentally and later even found the emotional abuse that they were going through as my partner had actually secretly filmed it. It was nothing even that bad and just a load of little things that were all just a bit odd in reality, but all things that would do you no good emotionally.

But this sparked a bit of an interest or obsession from with in me a while back that you basically are emotionally what you have been through life experience wise and how these emotions we have work with in us.  I joined other types of support groups for those with other types of disorders and it seemed like other mental illnesses had been through different kinds of abuse generally from that young age. Eventually after much more research from with in these support groups and a lot of logical type thinking about how the human brain works pieced together this puzzle of the mind that I think ends up with there being this direct correlation of what you go through mentally or emotionally will be the resultant strength of the person or disorders that may eventuate.

What I didn’t know was that with in mental health this was not really documented as being the reason for mental illness. It was more of that a certain percentage of people abused got mentally ill and the rest was some mystery of what ever anyone wanted to believe was how you got mentally ill. But from what I had noticed was that the percentage was closer to 100 and it didn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me that going through abuse as a child and how bad that would be on a child but also on developing emotions and what they would of been through mentally and onto them getting a mental disorder possible for say someone like myself to become mentally ill who had a good child hood and was mentally strong. I thought that there is no comparison possible to be made in what I had been through mentally to someone abused throughout there child hood and being dependant on that person at the same time.

I cant think of anything bad that happened as a child against a poor kid laying awake at night not being able to sleep due to having racing thoughts of some type of incidents he might of been witness to at the very least. Going through mental illness at a young age and not knowing why he is so troubled from the earliest of ages as that was the only life he knew is nothing I can relate to but I also thought it was definetly such a painful thought and reasonable to now have a personality disorder as a result.

After a while and lots of thoughts about this I felt as though the whole mental health thing made sense and was sure how human emotions worked and the cause of mental illness was some sort of situation where a persons emotions had been through experiences that ended up in them being weak as the cause of mental illness. Beside there not being a reason for mental illness documented in any certain way, there is also no cure for any type of mental illness and this would probably be a result of there not being a cause of mental illness. Then onto how is it possible that I felt I knew the cause and why did no one else in this industry have these ideas when it seems a bit obvious that abuse causes mental illness at a certain percentage at the very least. I’m not someone special and have no training in this area so I couldn’t see it possible that I worked out something others could not and looked for possible reasons in how it possible that there are probably millions of professionals all researching into possible causes of mental illness and none looking at some form of mental abuse being the reason. It is called mental health for a reason and its all got to be mental as the only rational I could think of. There was no image ever taken of someone with mental illness that come up different so maybe there is not this chemical or just unluckyness type situation where people got mentally ill.

The only explanation I could come up with is that to feel the intensity on the mind of what its like to go through abuse is something you have to go through or you just cant even relate to it. When the human mind cant relate to something then it tends to not be even able to think about it. Doctors or those looking into mental health research are all highly intelligent and well educated and not mentally ill, hence not from an abusive back ground, so there mental health knowledge is from what has been taught to them and not from any life experience. They are not taught that mental illness is a result of what someone has been through emotionally so they cant know it as a result I think is the only possible thing I can think of. Up until a couple of years ago I thought I knew a little about mental health but I really knew nothing. I hadn’t been exposed to any type abuse or persons with mental illness and my thoughts just started and ended with that some people are just crazy like most people. But because of personal circumstances and what my children will be exposed to I dove into an area where there are people who have been through and going through virtual hell and no sign despite what people think in general of there being any help for them or even understanding. And its not like there are just a few, there are millions with mental problems and billions being spent and no results of any progress being made in any direction, only increases in the numbers of people with mental illness. I don’t think anything will ever be worked out within mental health now. There is just to much teaching out there that are probably wrong and no one who can relate to those with mental illness. I know myself and how people are, once you believe one thing or you have been taught something its virtually impossible to change your opinion especially if you don’t experience it for yourself.


Ever wonder why some people are addicted to gambling. It cant have anything to do with it hurting you physically like a drug might be able to, so it must be some form of mental addiction. I used to be addicted to poker machines and its got nothing to do with wanting money or easy money. I think even gamblers know that you are not going to win any money from gambling. I think I used to play until I was poor. I wasn’t happy till I had lost all my money it felt like at times. When I really needed money for something are the times I wouldn’t play as I knew to have money I needed to work and save and not to play poker machines.

So why would so many people be throwing there money away and causing themselves all kinds of issues from being broke that would be easy fixed by simply not playing these machines. Well the answer is really simple. Gambling is a distraction in life that allows a person who might have some problems or issues in life relief from dealing with them. it provides an instant forget to your everyday life problems and clears your head to enjoy other thoughts from your reality that you are not happy with on the inside.

You may not even be aware that you have any problems in your life but there will be something. In my case I was in a boring job that provided me with not enough mental stimulation nor was I working hard enough. I was a prison officer without any problems but I could never stop this addiction to gambling no matter how hard I tried. I tried many times to just stop and I just never could. I didn’t understand the problem and it didn’t feel like I was that addicted to it even.

I quit my job and started working for myself and got that mental and psychical stimulation and quit gambling with out even trying. What I done effectively was solve the real issue that was causing me to be addicted to gambling. My mind didn’t need the distraction from everyday life that was my life and I was now satisfied in my own skin and broke away from the need of this distraction that I had deep down inside of me.

Poker machine addiction works like this and probably a lot of addictions that don’t seem that bad on the surface. You don’t feel there is that much of a problem as you are not hanging out for a fix like a drug for example. But you are drawn to them and will promise yourself to maybe only put 20 bucks in them. But once you start your mind is distracted from your reality and your mind is now thinking about other things. Your thinking about all sorts of things at a rapid rate and its something your mind enjoys the feeling of. You have a brain that enjoys these quick thoughts that don’t cause it to worry about what ever the worries are in your life.

It may feel like on the surface that you don’t have to think much playing a poker machine and you don’t, but your brain or mind is enjoying this sensation you are providing it with. There is the constant calculation of each win and the calculation of what you nearly won against the calculation of what you just lost as well as the hope of the feature. The hope of winning money and the worry of losing it with your thoughts of how you going to make the money back and that you shouldn’t be doing it and will stop after say 50 more dollars and a whole heap of little things your mind goes through while your simply just pushing the button. Your brain enjoys all this thoughts it is having and in my case was distracted away from being left dormant in a life I had set up that required very little thought or effort and something deep down I was not happy with.

When your finished and your lost all your money is also part of the addiction. Now your mind or your brain has to click into action as you now do have a few problems and worry’s in your life caused by the fact that your have blown all your money. And even this is a better feeling for your mind that having it feeling like it is not being used enough or your thoughts being a bit dormant and not even aware of what your real problems are in life.

It works the same for a lot of addictions. The trick is to become addicted to things that cause a positive effect in your life. Become addicted to things that fulfil the needs of your brain and you will be happy. Fix the deep underlining problem or issues you have in life and you wont feel have the need for distractions that are nearly impossible to even know what they all mean and leave you dismayed as to why you are doing something that is causing you harm and a problem in life that you do not want.  Fix the issue, understand what is the problem, take care of that problem completely and it will be the solution. Take shortcuts and not being aware of the real problem will mean your solution to trying to solve a problem doesn’t work and your pushing that button again and going no where in life.