In mental health the cause of mental illness is still not known to the human race. I guess PTSD is known as the name suggests. Its a disorder caused from the mind going through a major trauma that it couldn’t cope with. But this disorder should give us good insite into how other personality disorders come from as well. I guess what happens with PTSD is that the mind is witness to a major trauma and that trauma plays out in the mind over and over and effects the emotions of a person to the extent that there is danger for them with the mind living out this trauma over and over and a disorder occurs to protect the mind and emotions from becoming to damaged and making life to unbearable both mentally and emotionally.

People with this disorder will be able to tell you of what they went through mentally after the trauma and if research properly there would be some point depending on how strong they were emotionally in the first place where a disorder occurs and changes the thought process to include PTSD as part of how there mind thinks.

Other disorders also come from something our mind is not able to cope with and in each disorder it is basically telling us what that is and is a simple way to work out the cause of mental illness right across the board. Im no expert on all the symptoms of each disorder,  but the symptoms often give away what the actual problem was in the first place.

Depression is basically thinking negatively and lacking confidence in ones self. So when the mind thinks over and over about ones self in a negative way it effects your emotions and lowers self confidence until you get to a certain level and a disorder occurs. It appears then that you still think like this and even more often but its kind of a set way of thinking and your emotions don’t keep dropping to lower and lower levels from your continued depressed thought. The level you feel is by no way an acceptable level to be feeling but it doesn’t continue any more to slide at such a rate before you had the actual disorder depression. Before you had the disorder your thoughts would of been of constant depressed type things about your self that were going over and over in your mind lowering your emotional strength before you realized or it was determined by a doctor that you have depression. Some one without the constant depressed thought rolling around in there mind and is a happy person will not be able to get depression unless they go through a process where the mind continually thinks about basically a negative outlook general about ones self giving them a bad feeling inside.

Anxiety is basically worry about things to much. To get anxiety the mind has to go through a period of constant worry that is not sustainable to ones emotions until a disorder takes over and while the worry continues and possibly intensifies emotionally your emotions are protected by the disorder from dropping to levels far beyond what the disorder is able to make one feel like.

ADHD is basically not being able to think as there is problems in the way your mind has been taught and you lost confidence to solve lifes puzzles. Your emotions couldn’t handle the loss in confidence in your ability to think properly and a disorder occurred protecting you from what your going through with loss of condfidence, self-esteem, attention span and from being negatively affected from those around you.

And its the same for all disorders. Things happen in life that can affect ones mind to the point where constant thought about something occurs that effects your emotions negatively and a disorder occurs. Every disorder can be accounted for in this way. Its usually something to do with the mind being abused in some way through actions of another person but that a different blog and called abuse.

It also works the other way, when the mind is exposed to positive and new thoughts all the time it makes a person emotional stronger and there life is happy and enjoyable. This occurs when that person does good and has good people affecting them in a way that is positive.

The mind and emotions can only be affected from what they come into contact with or they simply wouldn’t know about it. You can’t think about things you don’t know about. How to reverse what has happened emotionally is also another blog and im sure possible but you need to know the cause if your going to fix the problem.



On first thought there can be no positives to having a mental illness but it has always been a thought of mine that it must serve some purpose. Humans have been created so well and every part of us seems to have some purpose that is benifical. Our brain it seems like is the best part of us compared to all other species. It doesn’t make sense that it just gets a mental illness and makes your life a misery after that. Mental illness also works the opposite to how emotions work. Our emotions are in a way like our human instinct. They give us a feeling inside of what’s good or bad that we are experiencing. They make us enjoy nice things and warn us from things that do us no good by giving you a feeling that you don’t enjoy.

I’m certain that emotions are only there to do us good and when emotions are low in strength then mental illness is likely. So for me it has always been a case of figuring out what benefit mental illness has to out mind and like all things how does it benefit us in our will for survival.

At first I thought maybe its like a warning system to tell the mind and others that there emotions were under attack and were spiralling down to level that were dangerous and its time to fix your mind or your life situation that is causing your mind to be in pain. Like a system where a mental illness would make you stop and evaluate your situation due to the severity of the pain to your mind and you supposed to fix yourself emotionally or risk further mental illnesses that are even more servere.

But this didn’t really make that much sense and it seems like the type of mental illness one gets reflects the type of abuse they have been through whether its psychical, mental , emotional or sexual.  And also what kind of human has been made from the billions of years of evolution that would have it that a life time of abuse is also hit with mental illness on top to really have this person having the worst life possible. Nothing is as sinister as that in this world and is the opposite of emotions doing us good.

There is a reason somewhere why mental illness or more over personality disorder take over our mind when our emotions and our mind are subject to abuse and being emotionally weak.

Im guessing a little bit and that all it can be but the intensity on the mind from some sort of abuse as a child often from someone there dependant on must be so intense and hurt emotions so hard that there quality of life mentally drops so low that a disorder steps in where life stays at this extreme low level but doesn’t drop even lower than this level. Its like once you get a personality disorder that everyone with this disorder is of similar low emotionally and it may stop going to depths that the mind cant handle.

Why this might be the case as disorders like psychopathy and narcissism that are caused by the most extreme forms of abuse completely protect the person’s emotions by giving them a positive feeling about themselves that they are great and complete loss of feeling to others. They don’t have other disorders like depression effecting them and while being the most weak emotional people there are they don’t feel this to the pain anymore of those with other mental illness.

There is a reason for mental illness, it happens to those who have gone through abuse and there is no way that the human mind has been built to destroy certain people. One day we will work out the cause of mental illness and start to understand how these disorders are within our mind. We will understand the purpose of mental illness and then on how to fix someone with mental illness. It will all make sense somehow. Until then I guess it will be much of the same research that doesn’t go anywhere with not even the bare minimum of understanding how some sort of abuse usually during early life is the main cause of getting a mental illness. Its a case for some that they were abused and now mentally ill with a system that discriminates against them and doesn’t understand any part of there mental illness nor the people that tend to abuse. There seen as crazy by the general population and for the life of some its tough from the start and then there blamed for not turning out normal. Its a bit harsh but for me understanding how abuse causes mental illness is something that is known but mental health chooses to ignore it and look for anything but that as a reason for mental illness and personality disorders


Human beings have emotions. Emotions are effected from the thoughts we have from our brain. The thoughts we have from our brain are from the experiences and what is taught to us through out our life. When we experience something in life we feel this in some way that to some small degree makes us stronger or weaker. If our life takes us on a journey where the thoughts we have are scewed in such a manner that our emotions get weak enough then a mental illness or disorder becomes possible. It may be the humans mind protecting it self from getting to weak emotionally. At the high end of those with mental illness are those who have gone through some form of abuse during those years of developing emotions causing negative and cyclical thoughts that they didn’t enjoy emotionally and caused them to be weak in some way emotionally where a mental illness or personality disorder became part of there mental being. At the high end of those that are mentally strong are people that have gone through experiences where there thoughts have been of fun, love and new experiences they enjoyed that have positively effected there emotions and made them mentally strong.

It sounds complicated. Put simply, your level of emotional strength reflects what your emotions have been through. Emotions are just human instincts that guide us though our lives by giving us feelings of what is good or bad inside trying to protect us and lead us down the path of what feels good or what gives us the most joy. Due to circumstances of life we do not all ways have a choice to evade situations where our emotions can be negatively effected from other people who we may be dependant also in some way.  Some people do not have an understanding that there actions effect others in negative ways due to issues in themselves emotionally from what they have been through often referred to as being toxic.

I first started to realise that mental illness comes from what your emotions have been through due to personal experience where I joined an online group for victims of a certain kind of abuse. Cutting a long story short, I ended up chatting with some people that had many different mental illnesses or disorders and they had all been through the same life from the start where one of there parents had NARCISSIST personality disorder (NPD). They were all the second child in the family and refered to as scapegoats. You could say they were abused emotionally from birth and the result is not very nice with what they go through mentally.  It seemed like they had all ended up quite similar or virtually identical to each other mentally as a result of them going through a similar life.

The reason why they were the second child is that someone with NPD abuses the first child in a different way and they end up becoming this same disorder as the parent. For me it was an introduction into a world I could barely believe to be true and not possible for anyone to believe exist unless you have experienced it for your self. I tried to explain it to others but no one gets even 2% into understanding how the world of narcissism works so I wont go on to much about it. But I had the experience of my kids at a young age suffering quite bad mentally and later even found the emotional abuse that they were going through as my partner had actually secretly filmed it. It was nothing even that bad and just a load of little things that were all just a bit odd in reality, but all things that would do you no good emotionally.

But this sparked a bit of an interest or obsession from with in me a while back that you basically are emotionally what you have been through life experience wise and how these emotions we have work with in us.  I joined other types of support groups for those with other types of disorders and it seemed like other mental illnesses had been through different kinds of abuse generally from that young age. Eventually after much more research from with in these support groups and a lot of logical type thinking about how the human brain works pieced together this puzzle of the mind that I think ends up with there being this direct correlation of what you go through mentally or emotionally will be the resultant strength of the person or disorders that may eventuate.

What I didn’t know was that with in mental health this was not really documented as being the reason for mental illness. It was more of that a certain percentage of people abused got mentally ill and the rest was some mystery of what ever anyone wanted to believe was how you got mentally ill. But from what I had noticed was that the percentage was closer to 100 and it didn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me that going through abuse as a child and how bad that would be on a child but also on developing emotions and what they would of been through mentally and onto them getting a mental disorder possible for say someone like myself to become mentally ill who had a good child hood and was mentally strong. I thought that there is no comparison possible to be made in what I had been through mentally to someone abused throughout there child hood and being dependant on that person at the same time.

I cant think of anything bad that happened as a child against a poor kid laying awake at night not being able to sleep due to having racing thoughts of some type of incidents he might of been witness to at the very least. Going through mental illness at a young age and not knowing why he is so troubled from the earliest of ages as that was the only life he knew is nothing I can relate to but I also thought it was definetly such a painful thought and reasonable to now have a personality disorder as a result.

After a while and lots of thoughts about this I felt as though the whole mental health thing made sense and was sure how human emotions worked and the cause of mental illness was some sort of situation where a persons emotions had been through experiences that ended up in them being weak as the cause of mental illness. Beside there not being a reason for mental illness documented in any certain way, there is also no cure for any type of mental illness and this would probably be a result of there not being a cause of mental illness. Then onto how is it possible that I felt I knew the cause and why did no one else in this industry have these ideas when it seems a bit obvious that abuse causes mental illness at a certain percentage at the very least. I’m not someone special and have no training in this area so I couldn’t see it possible that I worked out something others could not and looked for possible reasons in how it possible that there are probably millions of professionals all researching into possible causes of mental illness and none looking at some form of mental abuse being the reason. It is called mental health for a reason and its all got to be mental as the only rational I could think of. There was no image ever taken of someone with mental illness that come up different so maybe there is not this chemical or just unluckyness type situation where people got mentally ill.

The only explanation I could come up with is that to feel the intensity on the mind of what its like to go through abuse is something you have to go through or you just cant even relate to it. When the human mind cant relate to something then it tends to not be even able to think about it. Doctors or those looking into mental health research are all highly intelligent and well educated and not mentally ill, hence not from an abusive back ground, so there mental health knowledge is from what has been taught to them and not from any life experience. They are not taught that mental illness is a result of what someone has been through emotionally so they cant know it as a result I think is the only possible thing I can think of. Up until a couple of years ago I thought I knew a little about mental health but I really knew nothing. I hadn’t been exposed to any type abuse or persons with mental illness and my thoughts just started and ended with that some people are just crazy like most people. But because of personal circumstances and what my children will be exposed to I dove into an area where there are people who have been through and going through virtual hell and no sign despite what people think in general of there being any help for them or even understanding. And its not like there are just a few, there are millions with mental problems and billions being spent and no results of any progress being made in any direction, only increases in the numbers of people with mental illness. I don’t think anything will ever be worked out within mental health now. There is just to much teaching out there that are probably wrong and no one who can relate to those with mental illness. I know myself and how people are, once you believe one thing or you have been taught something its virtually impossible to change your opinion especially if you don’t experience it for yourself.


rrrrThis is how to fix a mental illness. Im not saying its possible to achieve the end goal. I think it is possible  to see the way to actually fix any disorder that exists though.  There are a lot of variable that need to be defined in a new way to even get an understanding of how to fix a mental illness.

The two most important concepts are emotions and thoughts. When you have a thought in your head you get a feeling inside. This is your emotions telling you if the thought you had is good or bad for you. If the feeling is good you get a strengthening of your emotions and a bad feeling will weaken your emotions. People who are strong emotionally are characterised with a life where they have had there thoughts being mostly positive. A good life from an early age develops a person emotions to be strong and able to handle occasional negative thoughts. On the flip side someone weak emotionally will be characterised with a life of too many negative thoughts weakening them emotionally with occasional positive thoughts providing relief from there suffering of feeling weak emotionally.

Possibly it is best explained by your childhood. Lets say that is from the age of 0 to 18years old. I had a good child hood. Im 44 now and every thought of my life as a child is a good thought. Sure there were moments or things that happened that would of effected me negatively but are so out weighed by the positive that its impossible for me remember them as bad times and only have good feelings of my childhood. Now put all these positive thoughts over my life time against a child who had a violent upbringing for example. Remembering things like laying in your bed scared out of your brain un able to sleep or even make sense of it all as the thoughts you have when your mind thinks about your past will be a constant negative feel you will have inside emotionally making you feel weak emotionally.

While your awake your brain is constantly thinking about something on some level. It would be millions of thoughts. I estimate up until the age of 42 my brain would of had 10 million positive thoughts versus half a million negative thoughts and I was very strong emotionally and basically never had a bad day in my life. Those negative thoughts were nothing super intense and I was way to strong emotionally for them to be an issue anyway. Reverse that equation with a child from a violent upbringing and magnify those negative thoughts with a 100 time magnitude and feel how a person emotions would of taken such a beating negatively that you would be emotionally so weak that allows for some type of mental illness or many to be encountered. Emotionally strong people don’t get mental illnesses, its only for people who have had negative thoughts on a level that weakened emotions to a certain level that a disorder presented itself as a way of protecting them against there own mind destroying themselves emotionally. Children who had violent upbringings often have various mental illness like ADHD, depression, anxiety and schitizophrenia amongst others. Simply put a human is not able to emotionally go through adversity as a child and develop strong emotions due to having negative thoughts of there life constantly making them emotionally weak. Emotions simply do not work like that. You go through something bad and it effects your emotions and that’s just how they work.

It doesn’t have to be something as serious as violence. Something as simple as a parent not being encouraging enough or a bit negative will cause an emotions in a child to be exposed constantly to something negative and making them weaker emotionally. Weaker emotions can spiral downward with constant negative thoughts they are easily had when there are negative things to think about of the past. A person may even be able to remember a childhood they didn’t enjoy and cant see that anything even bad happened to them in there childhood. Maybe they had depression from an early age and cant even know why. But the answer is simple always. For some reason your mind had negative thoughts on a level that made you emotionally weak to the point where you took on emotionally depression disorder. Now its hard not to have negative thoughts as the depression has these thoughts for you weather you like it or not and turning this around might be or seem like mission impossible.

But over the last little while due to a bit of bad luck you could say, i’ve had more negative thoughts about issues that my brain is not able to cope as there are a lot of negatives and emotionally I am getting weaker. Every negative thought im aware of and spend most of my days now trying to distract myself with things that don’t allow me to just think about all the negativity that im going through. Its nothing I can control and just put out of my mind, its just something i’ve got to go through and hope I get through it.

Without going into the whole long story, I was basically diagnosed with a delusion disorder where I believed my ex-partner is a malignant narcissist. You could say that there not the nicest thing to have a relationship with and can make up things that other people including psychiatrist believe and you end up on anti-psychotic medication that is compulsory and has a side effect of servere anxiety that gives you constant negative thoughts and worries in life where I have to literally try to spend most of my time distracting myself from negative thoughts, mainly about the medication that is hurting me emotionally so much.   Going from being strong emotionally straight into anxiety disorder is a hard jump to have to go through. Im having all these negative thoughts and worry’s about this ridiculous situation I find myself in instead of being able to go through the normal thought processes of my real life drama’s that I would of been able to cope with as I was strong enough emotionally.

Im able to feel this weakening of myself emotionally and basically have got to hang on and not get to emotionally weak before I get off this medication and able to repair myself emotionally. But its made me aware of how emotions work and I think they work the same for everyone.

But this is the key or the theorem in how to fix a mental illness.  For those with some sort of disorder are you able to somehow be able to stop your mind having thoughts that weaken your emotions and turn it all around and get strong emotionally. Im not sure how possible that is when you got some type of disorder in a way doing the negative thinking for you on top of being emotionally weak and a past that has your mind remembering bad times is not a way to get emotionally strong.

I guess I see a fairy tale type solution of being able to fix a mental illness of developing some sort of life style that has a positive direction and so interesting that your distracted from whatever mental illness on such a scale that doesn’t allow for your mental illness to do the thinking for you or for you to remember  things in the past that hurt you emotionally and get constant new positive thoughts from a lifestyle that some how miraculessly comes around that is of constant excitement and positivity while being able to un confuse your mind that has all these built up thoughts and remember such bad times that are impossible to forget as the overall theory to how you fix a mental illness or a disorder.  Not saying its possible but I guess anything along these lines is the way to at least feel better. For me its hang on to my hat time and try not to fall to hard.  Writing is a distraction for me and allows for me to think clearly and a break from the negative thoughts that is my new life that im desperately trying to avoid.


MENTAL HEALTH, the greatest misunderstood subject in history……

Its probably the most important subject there is and we as people have the least understanding about.  I can say I had not only a poor understanding of mental illness only 18 months ago, that I had a false understanding of everything about mental health would be a more accurate statement.

I thought like a lot of people out there that some people were crazy and there was this system that we had called mental health that fixed them. That I was just lucky that I was rational thinking and maybe drugs or just bad luck that some people were a little crazy and seemed to be no one I knew about. I probably thought that not being very logical in the way you thought was something to do with it and that even this was some pretty high thought process to know that.

But after 43 years I started to find out that all things to do with the mental health system have nothing to do with anything I had ever imagined or been lead to believe has anything to do with reality and was a case that I had been bought up in a way where I hadn’t been exposed to anything or anyone who had any issues with mental health and the information out there that we receive over time about the system, I thought was just correct but it doesn’t really reflect on the actual system at all.

I didn’t know that most people with mental illnesses had been abused as children. I didn’t know that people with mental illnesses were not crazy. I didn’t know that there was no cure for any mental illnesses and that we don’t even know how someone gets mentally ill. I didn’t know that someone with something as simple as depression has this illnesses for ever and couldn’t help how they got it and there is no way of getting rid of it in most cases.  That it is something serious and you go through life with this negative way of thinking about yourself and situations that you cant help and makes it all so painful. But the main thing I didn’t know about was how the professionals in this field don’t know a whole lot of these things also and it looks like we as humans are ever going to understand anything relevant about the whole of mental health possible for ever and ever.

It is so far off from what I have seen in a short time about mental health.  A more accurate way to describe mental health would be to say, “some people through no fault of there own go through some form of abuse and generally while there children and that abuse, often at the fault of there own parents or people they are dependant on causes them over time to go through things in there mind that no one is able to cope with. That certain mental illnesses come from being abused in a certain way”.

I would also describe the system by saying, “that despite there being a correlation that people who have been abused as having mental illness or personality disorders it isn’t reconized by most that this has anything to do with it and we are looking at every other possible avenue but this one as a cause of mental illness and see no reason to think that something mental could have anything to do with the how going through abuse could possibly effect ones thoughts as a child”.

Those two statements are about as kind as I could be and could have many more along these lines that describe what we call as mental health. It’s feels nearly criminal to not be able to know how you can get mentally ill in a system that I guess has the goal one day of being able to help someone get over a mental illness.

But how are people within mental health even able to know that forms of abuse generally from those someone is dependant on being the cause of mental illness. First to become a doctor you need to be at the top of the class to get into this field. That’s not going to happen if you are faced with adversity at home and being abused from a young age. You are going to be bought up well without the terrible thoughts that some people have got going through there head while there trying to learn. You going to only know about how you could think really clear and learn at a high level. So while it seems rational that a doctor being so well educated is going to be able to understand that of someone who has been through abuse, it is in reality probably the last thing that they have ever experienced and cant relate at all to being abused. Because they have never been abused then no doctor ever get mentally ill and any educated mind in this field doesn’t have any real life experience to what are the real issues of mental health and goes on to not understanding those people who are in its system that it runs.

They are called doctors and everyone in society has this belief in doctors from general doctors being able to fix just about anything these days and a system im sure works very well to fix issues that are not to do with the mind and have breakthrough after breakthrough in advances to the things they find with in research that they are able to visually see in there work. While mental health research does do the same research and looks for what it can find visually about the mind with no breakthroughs ever been seen in an area that by its very name mental, which means what in the mind and is never going to be found something visual but we continue to search as doctors and researches are not  able to understand that abuse causes mental illness as they cant relate to it.

If they were to ask the actual person with various mental illness what they went through mentally before they had mental illness they would all get the same response and the only response I have ever got from people with mental illness. If they were to ask things like what effect did it have on your thinking when you were being abused they would all be saying the same thing. No one would say that it wasn’t equivelant to going through the unimaginable or it didn’t bother them that someone they were dependant on for there lives was doing something that effected them either mentally or psychically that really played on there mind growing up and now have this mental illness as a result. There is no people out there with mental illness saying that they had a great up bringing and now have a mental illness. It doesn’t even make sense to have a mental illness with happy thoughts of your life banging around in your head and that’s called being emotionally strong when you do.

People with voices in there head or schitzophenia are always the result of being psychically abused and there is never a case of being caused from anything else. The effect it would have on your mind would be terrible and laying there at night as a child not feeling safe scared out of your mind is a rational thing the mind may do to have voices in your head.  Its even rational for this person to turn to drugs or alchohol, if if its going to give there mind a rest from the pain there been through. It doesn’t mean that’s what has caused the schitzophenia. Its just something that they tried to help them through there life mentally and hitting the psych ward after going through the worst  possible kinds of abuse and it not even being on the minds of those that are there to help would be the biggest kick in the teeth imaginable. People need to think, imagine what its lie when your a child to be scared out of you freaking mind while you lay there at night with the light off or trying to learn something in school while your mind is being pounded with bad experiences and that in 2 more hours you have to step back into this war zone with more bad news from your results at how your doing at school as it being possible for you to be that doctor you are or the good night slept that some of us can have.

The way the human mind works is that it learns from what it is taught and also through life experiences. When your not taught about how abuse causes mental illness and everything you have learned from life experiences as being from a fun childhood with happy memories its a bit hard to be able to think along these lines of the effect that abuse could be having on someone’s mind. When you don’t know about something and you haven’t been taught the brain or what we are able to think about isn’t able to understand and ignores the issue all together and thinks about the next thing. In this case it ignores the actual issue at heart and its a big one for most.

I would describe the system by saying “it is a place where abused people end up that we cant relate to and don’t see this as an issue, A place where abused people go and we try to hide them and ignore the fact that what there been through mentally could possibly be a reason for there mental illness. A place where we can prescribe them medications that can ease the pain with side effects that are not the best. ”

But from what I have seen to ever claim to understand how you get mental illness or an understanding of what people go through prior and also having these disorders on to there being any therapy that has any relevance in dealing with anything people have actually gone through isn’t something you could ever describe the system that I have seen. If you want any therapy that works, you write a blog to get your words out on paper and the thoughts out of your head. That’s the only system I have seen from where im from in Sydney australia


How you get ‘ANXIETY’

There are two main ways you get anxiety. I also know a third way and that is how I got it and what I have now. Its a not very fun illness and is the second time I have had it. You may say how can you get it twice as there is no real cure for anxiety if your in the anxiety game.

I got anxiety as a side effect from the medication I was mis-prescribed aand got it that way. I was forced to take anti-psychotics due to what they thought was a delusion disorder. There was no delusion and they were taking the word of someone who said she was terrified of me. Its a different type of disorder that becomes terrified of someone when they try to get them help for there disorder. It called manipulation and a long story but I’m 44 and had no mental illness until I took these anti-psychotics and got anxiety.

Life is not very fun with anxiety like I have it, the first time round I was suicidal and worrying about every little thing and was the most restless person on the planet I think. I got it the second time the same as the first time and still have it now. I usually write about mental health and depression as I understood that lllness more and how you get it and how you get rid of it, but I worked out how you get anxiety the main two ways.

I don’t know if it can be classes as proper anxiety as it a side effect from medication and went away when the medication wore off the first time but for sure it was a bad anxiety that I’ve experienced and still experiencing. I can tell you that when I came out of anxiety disorder I knew immediately it was gone and text some people in relief at 2 in the morning when I woke up on the sofa. I can tell you how you can get rid of it but im not sure its that possible as its about how you think and its not easy to change that but I see the two main ways that you get anxiety are from the following.

The first way is from some form of abuse whether psychical or mental abuse where you went back into an unpleasant environment that your emotions were giving you a feeling inside that was negative and you continued to expose yourself in this environment. Generally that is when you got it bad at home and over and over you go back into an abuseive environment you are not enjoying and you become more and more anxious at the very thought of it. Your brain thinks over and over about the unpleasant situation and the constant repeative worry about something puts a strain on your emotions and you develop a disorder called anxiety.

The other way is that you are taught to be anxious by someone, I guess your parent as that who teaches you thing when your growing up. Instead of beig encouraged to do things you are always told to not or to be careful or this and that will happen from a young age and you develop this worry about everything kind of attitude and end up not doing all the fun things out there and experiencing life for yourself. Your kind of taught to worry about things in your mind instead of just doing things and experiencing them and you develop anxiety, from again too much worrying and a weakening of your emotions by the over thinking process.

At this low level of emotional strength and high repeative thought process you emotions become to strained and you develop the disorder anxiety where you stay in this more constant type worry even if the issue that caused you anxiety is gone. Often adults can get it as well from being in an abusive relationship and there emotios not wanting to be in that environment and sometimes not that easy to get out of that situation due to financial pressures or just that you are a two forgiving of a person. Or they may get it from going into a state of constant worry about everything in life due to just the pressures of day to day activities.

Look out for blogs in the next few days about how you get rid of anxiety. Im sure you have been told before to not worry and it will be along those lies but I will think of ways not to worry and wont just tell you not to. I know that not possible when you got anxiety as I have it too. But you should know or be able to work out how you got anxiety from one of these two ways or something at least a little bit similar and if your ever going to fix a problem then you got to know what the problem was in the first place


Leave a comment if you have any ideas. Im not familiar with anxiety medications so I wont be able to help you there but what ever floats your boat and helps you through the days with this disorder is what you got to do at times… Is anyone one else impotent with it. Ten Viagra’s are not going to allow sex with me. Im getting a new psych to get off this medication soon and until then . Don’t worry, I got this about to be worked out how you fix this dam anxiety