Mental Illness, emotions and the mind

I have found that ones mental state whether strong or weak is determined from what your mind has gone through. That a mental illness is a result of particular emotions being in such a weak state that a mental illness or a personality disorder becomes an attachment to the thought process of the mind to stop the decline in the state of ones emotions. It keeps you at a low state emotionally but stops the decline of a person mind to dangerous levels that would be unbearable to live with. A person emotional growth primarily occurs early in life and mostly determined by those closest to the person and often dependant on. Mentally strong people being raised in ideal and loving circumstances that allowed for emotions to get strong over a long period of time down to people with a variety of disorders that have gone through less than ideal up bringing and onto being abused as children. How emotions are effected in a person is from thoughts from there mind and the mind gets its thoughts from what it is exposed to. The mind is our brain and it learns from what it is exposed to and try’s to solve life’s problems that we encounter naturally. It can only learn from what it is taught and depending on its strength will determine how well it is able to solve and learn and how we go through life.

That a humans emotions are part of our human instincts that give us a feeling if something or really a thought we are having is good or bad. This feeling we feel inside if we like something or not is our instincts trying to guide us through life in the best possible way by being attracted to the good feeling we feel from things. We should go to those good feelings as that is what makes us emotionally stronger.

Our mind is naturally learning and solving problems all the time and living a full life exposes our mind to new and interesting things which makes us stronger emotionally as we enjoy the feeling. Being bored and experiencing negative things in life gives us a bad feeling and makes us emotionally weaker. It makes our mind try to think through these low times and causes a cyclical negative thoughts to be had which damage us emotionally over and over and closer to a level emotionally where a disorder can take effect.

Emotions and the mind at birth are virtually blank with just our human instincts to rely on. That how we grow emotionally has to be learned from those we are dependant on and factors that relate to how we are mentally will be from our life experience. That we are all born the same emotionally and they are just that feeling of good or bad every time we go through something. How we are and what we believe is determined from what we experience in life and not from how we are born or any hereditary things. We can be like our parents because we have learned from them and its not a natural occurrence.

There is currently no reasons for mental illness or cure for mental illness the above is not established and we look for causes of mental illness in any area except for what we go through mentally and how it effects us emotionally. We known there is a correlation between being mentally ill and those who have been abused but there is much stronger correlations present. And that is that our whole mentally will correlate to what we have been through whether good or bad.

To fix someone with mental illness will require a strengthening of them emotionally and that will have to come from there own mind. Also this is difficult because a disorder has attached itself to there way of thought that often is negative in nature. Possibly working out ways to distract a disorder is the only way of repair and that means living a fuller and more active life if that’s at all possible.

The reason why it is obvious that a disorder attaches it self to ones mind and becomes a set way of thinking for some that isn’t logical is the similarities in people thoughts wheather man or woman and from any culture being the same while others with out any type of disorder having completely different thought process. Also those with the more extreme kind of disorders having children and these children all turning out the same emotionally often with many of the same mental illness.



rrrrThis is how to fix a mental illness. Im not saying its possible to achieve the end goal. I think it is possible  to see the way to actually fix any disorder that exists though.  There are a lot of variable that need to be defined in a new way to even get an understanding of how to fix a mental illness.

The two most important concepts are emotions and thoughts. When you have a thought in your head you get a feeling inside. This is your emotions telling you if the thought you had is good or bad for you. If the feeling is good you get a strengthening of your emotions and a bad feeling will weaken your emotions. People who are strong emotionally are characterised with a life where they have had there thoughts being mostly positive. A good life from an early age develops a person emotions to be strong and able to handle occasional negative thoughts. On the flip side someone weak emotionally will be characterised with a life of too many negative thoughts weakening them emotionally with occasional positive thoughts providing relief from there suffering of feeling weak emotionally.

Possibly it is best explained by your childhood. Lets say that is from the age of 0 to 18years old. I had a good child hood. Im 44 now and every thought of my life as a child is a good thought. Sure there were moments or things that happened that would of effected me negatively but are so out weighed by the positive that its impossible for me remember them as bad times and only have good feelings of my childhood. Now put all these positive thoughts over my life time against a child who had a violent upbringing for example. Remembering things like laying in your bed scared out of your brain un able to sleep or even make sense of it all as the thoughts you have when your mind thinks about your past will be a constant negative feel you will have inside emotionally making you feel weak emotionally.

While your awake your brain is constantly thinking about something on some level. It would be millions of thoughts. I estimate up until the age of 42 my brain would of had 10 million positive thoughts versus half a million negative thoughts and I was very strong emotionally and basically never had a bad day in my life. Those negative thoughts were nothing super intense and I was way to strong emotionally for them to be an issue anyway. Reverse that equation with a child from a violent upbringing and magnify those negative thoughts with a 100 time magnitude and feel how a person emotions would of taken such a beating negatively that you would be emotionally so weak that allows for some type of mental illness or many to be encountered. Emotionally strong people don’t get mental illnesses, its only for people who have had negative thoughts on a level that weakened emotions to a certain level that a disorder presented itself as a way of protecting them against there own mind destroying themselves emotionally. Children who had violent upbringings often have various mental illness like ADHD, depression, anxiety and schitizophrenia amongst others. Simply put a human is not able to emotionally go through adversity as a child and develop strong emotions due to having negative thoughts of there life constantly making them emotionally weak. Emotions simply do not work like that. You go through something bad and it effects your emotions and that’s just how they work.

It doesn’t have to be something as serious as violence. Something as simple as a parent not being encouraging enough or a bit negative will cause an emotions in a child to be exposed constantly to something negative and making them weaker emotionally. Weaker emotions can spiral downward with constant negative thoughts they are easily had when there are negative things to think about of the past. A person may even be able to remember a childhood they didn’t enjoy and cant see that anything even bad happened to them in there childhood. Maybe they had depression from an early age and cant even know why. But the answer is simple always. For some reason your mind had negative thoughts on a level that made you emotionally weak to the point where you took on emotionally depression disorder. Now its hard not to have negative thoughts as the depression has these thoughts for you weather you like it or not and turning this around might be or seem like mission impossible.

But over the last little while due to a bit of bad luck you could say, i’ve had more negative thoughts about issues that my brain is not able to cope as there are a lot of negatives and emotionally I am getting weaker. Every negative thought im aware of and spend most of my days now trying to distract myself with things that don’t allow me to just think about all the negativity that im going through. Its nothing I can control and just put out of my mind, its just something i’ve got to go through and hope I get through it.

Without going into the whole long story, I was basically diagnosed with a delusion disorder where I believed my ex-partner is a malignant narcissist. You could say that there not the nicest thing to have a relationship with and can make up things that other people including psychiatrist believe and you end up on anti-psychotic medication that is compulsory and has a side effect of servere anxiety that gives you constant negative thoughts and worries in life where I have to literally try to spend most of my time distracting myself from negative thoughts, mainly about the medication that is hurting me emotionally so much.   Going from being strong emotionally straight into anxiety disorder is a hard jump to have to go through. Im having all these negative thoughts and worry’s about this ridiculous situation I find myself in instead of being able to go through the normal thought processes of my real life drama’s that I would of been able to cope with as I was strong enough emotionally.

Im able to feel this weakening of myself emotionally and basically have got to hang on and not get to emotionally weak before I get off this medication and able to repair myself emotionally. But its made me aware of how emotions work and I think they work the same for everyone.

But this is the key or the theorem in how to fix a mental illness.  For those with some sort of disorder are you able to somehow be able to stop your mind having thoughts that weaken your emotions and turn it all around and get strong emotionally. Im not sure how possible that is when you got some type of disorder in a way doing the negative thinking for you on top of being emotionally weak and a past that has your mind remembering bad times is not a way to get emotionally strong.

I guess I see a fairy tale type solution of being able to fix a mental illness of developing some sort of life style that has a positive direction and so interesting that your distracted from whatever mental illness on such a scale that doesn’t allow for your mental illness to do the thinking for you or for you to remember  things in the past that hurt you emotionally and get constant new positive thoughts from a lifestyle that some how miraculessly comes around that is of constant excitement and positivity while being able to un confuse your mind that has all these built up thoughts and remember such bad times that are impossible to forget as the overall theory to how you fix a mental illness or a disorder.  Not saying its possible but I guess anything along these lines is the way to at least feel better. For me its hang on to my hat time and try not to fall to hard.  Writing is a distraction for me and allows for me to think clearly and a break from the negative thoughts that is my new life that im desperately trying to avoid.


How to fix your mental illness. Here is a quick example for Depression

I will use depression as a simple example but the principle will be the same. When you need to fix something, the best way is often to know exactly what the problem is and then have a plan that fixes the problem. Also how you got the problem and what is needed so you don’t get this problem again.

Currently in mental health or in this example none of these questions can be answered and as a result there is no way to fix any mental illness. I’m not even sure there is a plan besides taking medication which does seem to work to a degree but doesn’t fix anything. I will try and answer all the problems hear that might give you some answers to help you try and fix your mental illness.

The problem is you have depression. So what is depression? Depression is a disorder that makes you think in a negative way about things in general. What will fix the problem? Remove the disorder from your personality by repairing your emotions? How did you get it? You got depression because your emotions were at a low level of strength that was declining and a disorder appeared as a backstop point that your emotions could not drop below to protect you from getting to weak emotionally. How do you not get this problem again? Keep emotionally strong and be aware of what are the things that can effect you positively and negatively.

This is a lot of things to digest from where you may be at. And if you have depression you might not be able to think in a completely rational manner that allows you to get the answers to all the problems thrown up here that will put you in the best positison for you to be able to fix your mental illness.

I will try and pile it all together into a succession of answers that may be different to your beliefs or what you know. They are all questions your brain probably wants to know and when you understand what the problems are more sometimes you can think up your own way to fix yourself which will be more suited to you than just a general look into how you fix mental illness. Understand that a brain can only solve your problems in life when it has enough information that is correct to use so it can have the required level of thought that will find an answer that you are capable of achieving. It may take a while even but I think it is best to look at fixing mental illness more from a stand point of you heading in the right direction mentally or your emotions getting gradually stronger until you reach the point that a disorder no longer needs to be part of your make-up.

It may-be one of the hardest things to understand that depression is a disorder that is this kind of set way of thinking that attaches itself to your personality and not the real you. That it occurred for a reason and that was to protect you from declining to far along a path you were heading emotionally that would of made you feel much worse that being in depression and life being harder than what you presently know it to be.

You may not be in a position to know or remember when you got depression but it would of been something to do with something that was effecting your emotions in a negative way. Your emotions get effected from messages it receives from your brain in the way of thoughts and that the thoughts you were having were negative and most likely cyclical effect where your emotions kept getting struck over and over from the negative thoughts and lowering the level of you emotionally until you reached a point where depression set in.

This point where depression sets in is like a stronger warning to you to repair your self emotionally that the usual small warning that your emotions are constantly giving you from each thought that you have with your brain that are guiding you on the best path through your life. Try to understand how this feeling you get inside when you experience something effects you with a positive or negative feel. This is your emotions that are purely reactionary to what they go through in your life and how the feeling of thinking the same negative thing feels in you is the best way I can describe emotions.

But also understand how getting to a point where you are thinking over and over about something that is making you feel bad is also stopping you from experiences positive things in your life as your brain is pre-occupied in its current thought that is going no where and only lowering you emotionally.  That to stop thinking the same thought is as easy as going and experiencing something else to get your mind from this same thought as a solution and not just trying not to think about an issue you have.  To understand that your brain is always going to think about something, and you need to expose yourself to things that will have you thinking about new and interesting things instead of negative things that may be present in your life.

There is generally something or even more likely someone that is effecting you and you need to find a solution so that doesn’t effect you and have you thinking about something said, that your brain goes over and over effecting you so much. Try and understand how certain things being said or that you experience just make your brain think about them because its not something you are able to solve in your mind because they may not be true or they are just words or opinions that have an negative effect on you causing you to think about them and experiencing prolong feelings of negativity and missing out on positive thought. Try to lead your life in a way where you think about positive things and things where your mind is able to have a thought and come up with an answer or something you are able to act on instead of just thinking about it or worrying about it. For some also straight up be aware if someone around you is basically a toxic person and constantly effecting you emotionally.

This might mean not being involved involved in your life or if that’s not possible then try to process there words in a different way that doesn’t effect you emotionally. It can help to know that the reasons you may be thinking about things and not able to get them out of your mind is because they are just ones opinions or thoughts on something that your brain isn’t able to rationalise and giving you this thoughts that you cant get out of your mind. That it cant rationalise it because they are not true and you need to think about something else and distract yourself from this in some way.

I think it is also important if you have depression disorder to understand it is an attachment disorder from your true personality that is what needs to be removed. And that it will be giving you negative thoughts when your brain is idle and not experiencing something in life. That the way to stop the disorder from effecting you emotionally is to distract it from being able to take over your thought process by doing more things in life, hence giving it less and less time to be in control of your life and more time experiencing other thing that will effect you in a positive way. They will virtually be anything that you experience that is not negative in nature that allows for you to be in a state of thought that you feel is positive. If you are able to go through a period or live a life where you don’t give you depression the opportunity to effect you emotionally and able to repair your emotions mainly through living a life where your brain mainly process thought that is new or positive is the way out of depression.

If you are able to experience this and see how repairing your emotions while limiting the time for negative thought gives you a feeling inside that is better than overthinking negative thoughts then this is also going to protect you from going back into depression.

Another factor with depression is confidence. Try to do things that give you more confidence and a big part of confidence is confidence in the way you think. You need to feel that the your way of thinking is going to fix the problem and that you do know what your doing and be able to re-assure yourself if doubt creeps in by way of knowing the process that you are going through and that is how emotions work and you are targeting them as it is the problem at hand. Also know that there are going to be lulls in your progression and that it is only natural to experience ups and downs and that you will come out of each down and not to worry about that or to take action and have a paln to distract yourself in times that you might get down.

To know certain things you are able to do if you are thinking poorly that always stop this. It might be something as simple as surfing the web or keeping busy cleaning something or taking care of the issue on your mind.

Another attitude to take into a process of fixing mental illness is to be able to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For example this might seem like an impossible task to do or you could look at it in the way that its just an easier life to live and staying in depression is the hard way to live life.

People often say to plan a lot of the day as well. This just gets you moving and not able to just think and not do things. Have a routine if that works for you and have a range of things that you can also do that take up a lot of your time and get you experiencing something new. Like going to the gym or cooking something new and fresh where you are able to go out and get what you need and spend some time cooking something and experiencing something you enjoy that wasn’t easy and made in a good state of mind with music on for example is something that comes to mind or watching shows that are funnier than maybe some current affair show that may have a negative spin on stories. It’s more up to the person. Possible the best idea is something that keeps you occupied and your brain active for long periods that you can immerse yourself in like a game or similar on a computer like the way you see people on there phones at every possible moment, see if there is something that just keeps you distracted when you have time to think if you are likely to fall into negative thought every time you have idle time. Or like me I write what is on my mind as I’ve now got way to much time on my hands and get bored and agitated when I got nothing to think about.

Lastly I think its important to know that we are all built emotionally the same and you have been through something where you have learned this negative way of thinking from possible someone that would of been best encouraging you instead of what happened and that you now have just got to repair the damage that was done and that its all mental. And that when something is all mental then its your brain that has to do the work and that is via your thoughts and your current way of thinking has been taught to you in a way that is not positive enough and you have to adjust it by yourself in order to head in the right direction and a negative way of thinking is not the way and positive thoughts are the more rational way of looking at things.

Hope that helps someone!



My blog is about solving some things in mental health that have never been documented before. I know how you get mental illnesses right through to how you recover. So who am I? How come I  think I have solved something as big and important as mental health.

Im Neil from Sydney Australia, and yes I have worked out some things in mental that may or may not be discovered one day. I went through a variety of things and was able to work out how the mind works. For sure no one has gone through what I have to be even able to work it all out in the past and will never happen again. I will describe what happened from the very start and talk about all things relevant.

I had a good child hood and good at school, despite giving it no effort. I was the top at maths from the start and just always like numbers. I was poor at English and have no creative side. I think and always have in terms of mathematics. By that I don’t think about things that cant be solved and don’t like the feeling of thinking about the same thing over and over. My head has always been clear this way and have enjoyed the feeling of being clear headed and emotionally strong. I have always been happy and was never abused and at the age of 42 didn’t know about mental illness or any part of that field.

The only thing I had go wrong in my life was a gambling addiction for 10 years from the age of 18. I tried to get over it many times but was only able to when I really got to the bottom of the issue and fixed my life up and haven’t gambled since with out even trying not to. Since then if I have a problem I just take care of it on the spot or nearly die trying to. I don’t think about things and I just do them. I don’t worry about anything.

After a few years of being with my ex partner and mother of my kids, I started to see there was something seriously wrong with her and it ended up being the worst disorder there is known to man. She had just taken the kids away and now I have a real problem on my hands. I didn’t feel like there going to mentally safe with her and its always been something so important to me, so I put in a huge effort to try and expose her disorder and get the kids safe.

I tried and I tried to prove she had this disorder but nothing worked, I also have the mental abuse she was doing to them as she filmed it all in secret. I would go through the video’s many time trying to piece together what she was doing and how this causes mental illness. I would be the first person ever to have such video. I also start to learn about mental health and other illness through support groups on facebook. I had no mental health knowledge previously and was able to get all information from people with disorders right from ADHD/dep/anx all the way through to psychopaths and had no pre-concived thought on how you get mentally ill to how you can fix disorders.

I was working on this about 18 hours a day for 12 months and just developed more and more knowledge and this big general direction I was heading that I had worked something out within how the mind that works in with emotions and different forms of abuse to become mentally ill. Depending on what you have been through abuse wise will be the the personality disorder you end up with

I  had put a lot of effort  with no distractions and a very clear mind to be able to think on this level. I also was in a pysch hospital for 2 months with nothing wrong and went into anxiety disorder when I came out. I was able to fix my self and before that had fixed my boy from having ADHD.

Everything I did all ended up pointing to how the brain learns and thinks about things and process information that is felt by your emotions and at a certain level of emotional low a disorder kicks in that is a set way of thinking and cant be altered and to remove the disorder requires the repair of yourself emotionally which is hard to do as it will be hurting you emotionally at the same time


I’m not to sure if that title makes sense, so I will explain it a bit more. I’m a bit of a self proclaimed expert on personality disorders. I’ve talk to many and read thousands of posts in the closed support groups on face book. And if two or even ten people have the same disorder, they will all virtually think the same.  Male or female, young or old and doesn’t matter what country there from.  You as a person have a way of thinking and who you are. Then there is the disorder that has its own way of making you think and it cant be changed.

Its often posted in the groups “no body understand me” and everyone will comment that it is the case as well. Its not that people don’t understand you. They don’t understand the disorder that at times is making you think in a certain way that is nothing like the rest of us. Getting up set as no one understands, is like sticking up for the disorder and not even you. It not possible for someone to understand how this disorder is making you think if they have never had it.

About a year ago I first joined the support groups on facebook. If you have a mental illness check them out. They are massive and will find heaps of like minded people on there. My ex-partner was a bad type narcissist and I joined a group which is for victims and not for people with the disorder. I didn’t have any mental illness but there were plenty on there that did and after a little while I could see how some people were saying exactly the same thing.

I felt good still and was on there as support more than anything to help people get over there abuser. I didn’t know anything about mental illness before this but after a while I worked out a few things on how to stay mentally strong and could help people with anxiety and depression a bit. I didn’t know at the time that there was no cure for either and its a bit haisy in how you even get it, but on these support sights its very clear. It’s from the mental abuse 100% of the time.

I joined a depression and anxiety support group, which are even bigger than the narc groups and it was like everyone was the same. And then I would see a post that I could relate to and every time it was from a victim of narcissist abuse and they didn’t even know it. They had more the ten disorders from a life time of all kinds of abuse and they were all the same as well. They were needing help big time and they were good to help, but someone with depression or anxiety would go missing if you were going to help em.

It really stood out early to me as the posts in depression groups are so negative and not even close to being rational, and that its not really the person saying it, it was the disorder and could pretty much predict answers and how things would go with someone with depression or anxiety. I even joined some other groups and they all would think the same depending on the disorder.

As I worked out more and more how you get these disorders and how they are, I began to think of ways how to fix them. Well you can fix the person and the disorder will go, but you cant do anything with the actual disorder. It is like a set way of thinking and is  a complete waste of time to even try.

Its a long story but I ended up with anxiety from being in a mental hospital for 62 days as my ex partner had convinced the psychs that she was terrified of me. It was as bad as it gets and was struggling to even hold off the suicide thoughts which I had never had before. But I had helped fix a couple of anxiety disorders before and new exactly what to do. I assume it was easier for me than anyone else as I only had it for less than 2 months but I remember the difference in how I felt the minute I woke up and the anxiety was gone and instantly all the worry and thoughts I was having were gone as well.

Its clear to me how a disorder is like an addition to your thought process and not really you doing a lot of the thinking. I had keep telling my self that when I had anxiety and it was true 100%. Its not that big of a deal, but if there is ever going to be any recovery out of mental illness for people and it sure as hell doesn’t look like there will ever be that a big part of it will be understanding on the person to want to get rid of the disorder that isn’t really them


You will never get mental illness or personality disorders in a hereditary fashion. When you delve into the causes of mental illness, its actually impossible.  For something to be passed from generation to generation requires there to be something tangible to be passed on, but all things mental are not tangible. Mental illness are a result of what’s happened in ones life.

How can something be passed through generations like mental illness when there is nothing to be passed on.  Your mentality doesn’t possess any DNA. And if it did, then they have never been able to show it. There are probably a million people trying to find mental illness or doing some type of research where there seeking out answers to mental illness by looking for something tangible or psychical and nothing has ever been found.

But if you go onto faced book there are massive support groups of each mental illness or disorder and every one on there is a victim of abuse in one way or another. They all don’t know how they got mentally ill, but there all been abused. All the skitzophernia people have been subject to servere psychical violence and abuse and generally as children. All the Borderline personality disorder people have been subject to sexual abuse, most of the BI-POLAR people had been subject to sexual abuse at a younger age, all the children of narcissistic parent are narcissist for the first child or golden child and many mental disorders for the second child. Depression and anxiety all seems to come from some type of abuse from with in the family and ADHD even all comes to young children in less than ideal parenting arrangement or from issue that the parent have.

I’ve talked to thousands of people in the support group and every person with a certain disorder all had a similar style of abuse they have been through and vice versa that the type of abuse resulted in the same disorder and there is no body saying they had a good childhood and now have a mental illness… Even people with 5 or ten mental illness or disorders all have been abused in all the different ways that result in those illnesses. I have been in mental institutions and everyone in there were all abused as children as well..

So what going on where everyone is being abused that has mental illness, there are no known link or anything ever found that would ever lead anyone to believe that mental illness is hereditary, the word mental is saying that its all in the mind, certain abuse definitely causes certain mental illness and logic tells you that someone who has had a good up bringing and not a bad memory as a child will not be able to replicate an illness as someone who has been through ten different forms of hell as a child. Seriously they would be like a happy mentally ill person not able to recall any negative in there life. That doesn’t even make sense as a possibility of happening.

Mental illness and disorders are caused by emotions being strained to a certain point that causes mental illness and that is often from what is being suffer from with in the family unit to children in the form of psychical, sexually, mental abuse or a combination of the three and when research targets this area then we get one step closer to finding the cause of mental illness and taking our first step ever in the right direction to working out ways to fix some mental illness and maybe even stopping a little bit of child abuse.


Im a self proclaimed expert on disorders. Well im not that big of an expert in reality, but i think im the first person ever to understand how they work and will explain in detail,,,,” basic depression disorder” and what you need to do to fix this PAIN IN THE ARSE disorder and move on with your life. As i understand this disorder, this concept of HOW TO FIX might not be possible, and will require the inner person to shine through and not the DISORDER to try and annalyse this information…
The things that you need to do to get rid of depression are.
1. Understand “HOW THE BRAIN WORKS” and sends signals to your emotions. How a brain processes mental abuse.
2. Understand HUMAN INSTINCTS are what they are trying to do.
3. Understand that you need to be feeling a certain low level of emotional strength before DEPRESSION DISORDER takes effect.
4. Understand that depression disorder is a disorder that is an ATTACHMENT to your way of thinking and not anything to do with your real self.
5. That you cant CHANGE the disorder, you can only DISTRACT it while you repair your emotions
6. what are the things that can repair your emotions
7. what are the things that lower your emotions
8. Understand how you went into depression, think reverse the processes and the reasons for going into depression are now gone or when removed, you could attempt this process
This is my first draft and there are a thousand ways of doing all this, but here is the concept and replace whatever sections with something similar relevenat to your life. This is just for depression disorder, but similar processes for any disorder, but what happened or the abuse suffered will vary greatly for each disorder. Also understand there is a reason why a blue print for getting out of depression disorder has never been written about, and thats because this stuff is extremely hard to understand and virtually all your learned knowledge about depression has to be thrown out. I mean pre-concived ideas of depression that are not factual and thats the whole lot in my book. Also removing beliefs from your brain is nearly impossible unless you understand something and can work out for your self how it works and be having those it moments where you understand things and not believe in things… really hard to get past this sort of thing, buit all this is completly new and i havent seen any material that i can say is relevent to this process. Remember there is a reason why they dont know how you get depression and how to get rid of it. AND THAT IS BECAUSE THEY DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS AT ALL…..GOOD LUCK IN EVEN UNDERSTANDING THIS. IT WAS A MIRACLE times TEN TO WORK OUT THIS, BUT NOT ONE THING WILL BE DISPROVEN HERE OUT OF HUNDREDS OF NEW FINDINGS… maybe reading this half a dozen times will be of greatest benifit…….

1. HOW THE BRAIN WORKS…… This is super duper important everything you read here should somehow reflect on how the brain processes information. While a brain is something you can examine with the right technology and disorders or anything mental can’t be seen, touched or examined, try to zone in on how it is your brain is the focus and all there is to focus on.
Every time you have a thought, you get a feeling from your emotions…. it will be a good or bad feeling of some degree. Good feelings are what is going to make you stronger. Bad feelings are what makes you weaker. The SAME thought gets a feeling from your emotions everytime you have that thought. You think the same thing a hundred times and you are battering your emotions with this FEELING. Thats great if its something positive, but you not depressed if you feeling great all the time. Its going to be something negative and generally thoughts of yourself or something that will be making you loose confidence slowly every time you think about this one thing. Or list of negative things.
Also start to get to understand that you brain, your mind, you thoughts or what ever the heck you thinking about in your head can only squeeze so much in there before it it all CLUTTERED UP or tangled. How a cluttered mind will avoid new experiences as it will not want to add new thoughts to an already confused way of thinking……… And there is not room for new thoughts. Start to understand that to UNTANGLE and SOLVE old thoughts in the head is a process you need to undertake and more to the point learn how to unclutter your mind to make room for you brain to start thinking new thoughts that you are going to have to be positive in nature, so your emotions can start feeling good and start repairing.
Understand and this is a key element of recovery, that there are TWO types of thoughts the brain can have.
1. where you have a question that is put to your brain that requires thought and then an ANSWER is attained and that answer will stop your brain trying to SOLVE this thought in your MIND.. examples are, a calculation, decieding on your dinner and all things you think about and then do. Your brain needs more and more of these types of thoughts to give you an increased clarity of thought and an unscrabbling of your mind….. Also do this so you believe it…. Try to cyclical thought 100 plus 100, you get the answer and you CAN’T just keep thinking about this question your brain has SOLVED. And i mean actually try it and then try it with some other things you are strong in knowledge of. Try to worry about something you have already taken care of making dinner, going to the gym, paying back money owed or millions of things. You worry when you NOT doing things.. But also feel this general concept of………….. there is always going to be worrying in everyones life and most of your worries are taken care of, going to be taken care of in time and that worrying isnt doing anything and will go away when you do the job that is of concern… OR it will get done when you do it and you have CONFIDENCE that you will do it……… if you keep worrying then ITS YOUR BRAIN TELLING YOU “its time to prioritise this and get it out of your mind”
2. … WHERE YOUR BRAIN IS TRYING TO SOLVE SOMETHING THAT THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER TO AND IS THIS CLUTTERING UP YOUR MIND.. There are many examples of this but the ones that really hurt you are put downs and people confusing you. If someone puts you down, you BRAIN can only think about it and not find an ANSWER and move onto its next problem to solve . Its fine if you strong emotionally as you will just see it as a put down and not truth and thats the brains answer and you move on.
Being aware of what you are thinking about and what that does to your emotions is the key and then trying to CUT this thought FROM YOUR MIND or those people from who you listen to. Reconize and know what things are ABUSE and know that there not true.. Even to the stage of reconising them straight away and thinking why this person is trying to hurt you, what are they getting out of it and that there is something wrong with them. That its there opinion and why are they giving you opinions that are not helpful and making you think and clutter up your mind…… And then getting your mind to think to its self that its just abuse and not true and move away from this kind of person as the answer. Also not to rationalise with this type of person as you are trying to rationalise something that is not true and hence will probably go no where…
An extreme example of i can think about is where TWO parents where calling there teen daughter a FAT CUNT. After everyone telling her to not take notice, to do more exersize and trying to discuss her weight, i gave her an answer that helped her. I said “that just abuse, there is something wrong with your parents to say that to you and there just trying to put you down for some reason as it takes there mind off there issues” She replied “im not even fat” and i replied” emily, it would be worse if you actually were. They keep saying this as its what hurts you, not that its TRUE. It will go round and round in your mind that type of abuse and is why you have depression and anxiety……. What there really saying is that there got issues and hurting you is there way of dealing with them and if there to stupid to be giving you an opinion that actually matters.”
Also just simple things in life like saying for ages you have something that needs doing and not doing it. Or stupid questions like “why are we here”, “i wonder if this person likes me”,”is god true.” Try not to have too many thoughts that there is no answer to and just stuff you thinking about all the time.

Remember thinking the same thing over and over is hitting you emotions with each thought in a negative way will make you feel BAD. And also that the same thought is using nearly no brain power as its just going round and round and that your brain is virtually switched off and learning nothing but what is going round in your mind which there isnt an answer to.. Also that it is missing out on all the new thoughts it could be having and chances of feeling good through new experiences, fun things and positive thoughts.

2. HUMAN INSTINCTS is just how people are… The reason we get this good feeling inside when we do certain things is that its our emotions telling us that this is good and do things like this… Its our human instincts trying to draw us into what is good for us and the bad feeling when we do or think things is our human instincts trying to tell us not to go there, or this is not true…… sending us a warning to not go there………
We are also drawn to people close to us like parents, partners and friends. That its completly normal that we listen and learn from them. Its just how we are… BUT human instincts were developed many millions of years ago, before anyone close to us was doing us any harm and have not developed to be able to cope with people who we are drawn to, doing us harm. So its up to the person to be aware of there human instincts are taking notice of abuse which is normal, but you got to now counter that by being aware that some opinions or people are doing me harm and making me feel bad…. Remember that a millions of years ago when we developed into what we would still be now was when things were very simple… We probably didnt even talk more than a few grunts and signals to this rapidly changing enviroment moving a way faster than ever before while our knowledge of depression is vertually going backwards and depression and mental illness are increasing at an increasing rate.

3. What i mean by “A certian low level of emotional strength before depression disorder takes effect” is that things would of been on the downward spiral with your confidence, your cyclical negative thought, self esteem and life in general and that once you reach a certain low level and that you are continuing to drop and getting continued negative messages from your brain is when you got depression…… You dont get it if everything is rosey in your life and you havent a worry in the world. Its very often straight up abuse and things like being taught things negative and you mind just being in overdrive of confused thoughts that are making you feel bad.

So i feel it is important if you are going to fix something to at least know why you got it. You may believe you always had it, you mum may have told you THIS AND THAT, but depression disorder can only be attained when a perons mental state reaches a certain low level of confidence and bad feeling that depression kicks in so you dont continue to spiral to a never ending low level…. Its possible and i can only see depression as this certain low level that kicks in as a set way type of thought process, to save you going even lower than this and like a warning to the person to fix themselves emotionally OR further mental illness WILL ARISE or breaking emotionally.

4. Everyone with depression thinks the same. Or have you ever noticed how you feel like NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU and everyone with depression understands you… There is a good reason for that and that is due to you having a disorder that thinks not like a normal person and you are trying to tell a normal person at times the thoughts of a disorder that they have no knowledge about and you feel like there not getting you or not there for you.. Like you dont understand that a disorder is in some capacity taking over your thought process, they dont understand its way of thinking as they dont think like a disorder and cant relate to you thoughts… If they were to listen to the distress you are in, is going to only hurt them emotionally and nothing they are going to be able to say will be relevant to helping you… They dont understand or do you that its the disorder making you think these thoughts and not your true self.

5. Trying to CHANGE the depression disorder is completly useless. You can hit it with medications to lessen it and not something i know about. But i have not seen how the disorder changes to much from the time you get it to somewhere down the track. People learn to live with it better and get used to it and have ways to DISTRACT themselves from having the depression be on there mind, but i feel as though its a set disorder that cant be altered so much and its the changing of the person beneath the disordered that is being altered.

Distracting the disorder is a really high level concept. And by that i mean, somehow you need to organize your life so that there is no time for your DEPRERSSION DISORDER to take over the thought process. You need to be busy all day and fall asleep without thinking for a while so you dont allow the disorder to be able to take over the thought process. I did it by playing online poker and listening to podcast all day and working for about a month……. You just have to do anything to keep your mind from having time to think the disordered thought pattern and hurting you emotionally…. Like a plan day of activities and keeping your mind from thinking negative, lots of new things. A more reasonable approach than poker may be getting up and doing some exercise, surfing the net, cooking a new breakfast, going to work, having some cool music that makes you happy, cooking off a reciepe for dinner, kids doing some cleaning, watching a funny movie and crashing out under no pressure to sleep, like with a podcast on or something…. Just having something there to do at all times to not allow you to get down for an extended period of time… Always trying to achieve and feel good about you and everything around you. You will feel the change when you go from having the disorder to when its gone. It was 2 in the morning when i woke up and text my friend and told him i was out of anxiety disorder and could feel the difference right away. And then from then on i continued to get stronger emotionally as i knew how to do that.
Do what ever makes you feel distracted.. if drugs help than use them, if medication helps then use that and reduce it. if playing play station all day works or a long bush walk then do that, but have your life set up with back up plans on how to distract the disorder while you get emotionally stronger.

6. Here is a list of THINGS THAT MAKE ME STRONGER EMOTIONALLY…. It will be different for everyone
-hard work, working hard, exercise
-extended play with the kids with focus on them and them being happy out exploring in nature playing games and learning stuff
-clearing your head from any tangled thought
-helping others
-walking along thinking positive thoughts
-learning new things and discovering nature type stuff, being good to animals
-chatting in a friendly enviroment
-Thinking about good times and anyone who has done you good or is a good person
-cooking cleaning,gardening, blogging, writting
-putting yourself in spots you feel confident about
-music, singing, dancing, laughing

–worry, cyclical thought, boredom, uncertainty,
-hope(this is a personal one i think)
-returning fire with abuse